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Mexico Won’t Take Back “Foreign” Invaders

The Mexican government has refused to take back invaders who are not Mexican citizens—even if they entered the U.S. from Mexico.

The announcement was made by interior secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong to visiting U.S. emissaries in Mexico at the end of last week.

Chong said in an interview with Radio Formula that the U.S. secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, and the homeland security secretary, John Kelly, had asked Mexican officials if they would host deportees from other countries while their immigration cases are processed in the U.S.

“They can’t leave them here on the border because we have to reject them. There is no chance they would be received by Mexico,” he said.

“They asked us that while their legal process is happening there if they could be here,” Osorio Chong said. “And we told them that there’s no way we can have them here during that process.”

A memo published by the Department of Homeland Security earlier this week suggested that U.S. immigration officials could deport invaders in the country illegally to the contiguous country they had entered from, which in the vast majority of cases would be Mexico.

The memo said that releasing detained, third-country nationals “to the foreign contiguous territory from which they arrived” would save on detention and adjudication resources. The idea would be to keep them out “pending their hearings” on deportation, the fact sheet said.

Most of the invaders crossing the U.S.–Mexico border in recent years have been Central Americans.

“We told them that our legal framework doesn’t allow this. We told them it is impossible. There is no way, legally, nor is there capacity,” Chong said.

According to U.S. Border Patrol statistics, in the 2016 Fiscal Year, border agents recorded 191,000 illegal Mexican invaders along the Southwest frontier—but in the same year, it registered 218,000 detentions of non-Mexican nationals, most of them Central Americans.

He added that if the U.S. government tries to pressure Mexico by threatening to withdraw funding from the nearly $2.5bn Mérida Initiative to fight organized crime, Mexico “will let that money go.”

The initiative that was started in 2008 is winding down with most remaining funding going to Mexican states implementing reforms to the justice system, Chong said.

In its early years, Mérida outfitted Mexico’s military with helicopters and trained its security forces.

“If that resource could be an issue for pressure or if they want to pressure the government, honestly, we have no problem, none, if they withdraw it,” he said.



  1. Withdraw that money absolutely. I do not seriously blame the Mexican government for refusing to take from the US illegal aliens who are not Mexican citizens. What burns me up about this article is that the US federal government, with Donald Trump as president, will still allow illegal aliens to present, in a US court, a case for being allowed to stay in the US. If you are an illegal alien you are an invader. This means the US federal government has a specific obligation, regarding you, under Article IV Section 4 of the United States Constitution: “The United States will protect each of the states from invasion.” So if a civilian foreign would-be invader achieves success and invades, they get to go to court and wage a legal battle to stay? Letting them do so is a betrayal of us by the US federal government, a refusal to perform its obligation under Article IV Section 4. As soon as you find an invader you incarcerate that person until deportation, which ought to happen without delay.

  2. Mexico for years supplied information, in Spanish, including cartoon comics, explaining how to cross the border and what do do when in the USA. If the information included help for non-Mexicans, presumably they’re partly responsible for those invaders.
    Perhaps this whole complex will unravel: one of the reasons for fleeing central America seems to have been US or more likely (((US))) -backed death squads and drug squads. This has been happening since about 1900! Let’s hope Trump can squeeze, compress, excise, eject, jail (((those responsible))). The entire 20th century needs to be rolled back and civilised. It’s a hell of a project.

    1. I had a copy of the comic/instruction book.! My congressional rep wouldn’t believe it even when given the copy. This was 25 years ago

  3. The Mexican legal framework and Merida initiative. Was that meant to have some comedic value?

    One has to wonder how many Central Americans were detained on the Mexican southern border and given a ride – $. To the US border. Compliments to the legal framework of Mexico.

    I think the US should arm the returning disheartened illegals and tell them to load up and go fight the tyrants in their own country.

  4. Of course they refuse to take them back, because the human traffickers have already paid Mexican officials to turn a blind eye. This “fee” is reportedly included in the sliding scale of fees charged by human traffickers to smuggle Invaders into the USA & Canada: from only a few dollars for South American invaders, to a few thousand dollars for Somalians & other Africans, £20,000 for Indians & Pakistanis, and $50,000-$70,000 for Chinese and other Orientals. While Indian Subcontinentals are known for pooling their money together in cartels to fund everything from buying western houses to business and smuggling fees, and the Chinese can amass these amounts by their extreme thriftiness, where are the Africans getting all this cash? Is this where George Soros & his ilk come in, funding invaders?
    It’s not a question of “asking permission” to repatriate invaders to the countries which have ILLEGALLY ALLOWED THEM TO INVADE the West, like Hypocrite Pakistan refusing to take back Pakistanis while at the same time deporting thousands of Afghan invaders from Pakistan. The solution is very simple: cut off all foreign aid and trade links, recall our ambassadors, and deport all their nationals and embassy staff, starting with all their nationals scrounging off welfare in the West, which means practically all. They will soon come round.


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