MI Students: “Discomfort of being White”

The institutionalized anti-white hatred which has become endemic in society has been illustrated once again with the news that white students at the University of Michigan were recently subjected to a lecture in which they were supposedly taught on how to “deal with the discomfort of being white.”

The “two-day professional development conference,” held December 4 and 5, was billed on the Michigan University’s official website as the “Student Life Professional Development Conference 2017.”

It advised attendees that by “using the Privileged Identity Exploration Model (PIE), participants will have the opportunity to recognize the difficulties they face when talking about social justice issues related to their White identity, explore this discomfort, and devise ways to work through it.”

The university’s website asked students to “please join us for this session, as we spend time unpacking Whiteness and how to contribute to the work of supporting students and staff related to identity and social justice.”

According to a report in the College Fix newspaper, the “Conversations on Whiteness” session was one of more than a dozen workshops offered at the conference.

The College Fix continued:

First introduced in 2007 by University of Iowa professor Sherry Watt in a College Student Affairs Journal article, the model purports to be a method for understanding how people react to stimuli that alert them of the privilege they hold. The model is to be used by “facilitators” to “engage participants in discussions about diversity,” according to Watt.

Watt states there are eight defenses people use to avoid recognizing their privilege. Examples of defenses include “denial,” where someone simply refuses to admit their privilege, and “minimization,” where someone trivializes the impact of their privilege.

The College Fix asked the three university staff members listed as facilitators of the event: Abby Priehs: associate director of residence education; Steve Bodei: associate director of Student Life Leadership Education; and Nick Smith: director of campus involvement, for comment on the story, and specifically why the “unpacking Whiteness” event was created, and whether or not students at the University of Michigan had complained about the quality of racial discourse on campus.

Only Smith responded to the College Fix’s inquiry, stating that this “is an internal training for U-M Student Life staff,” and refusing to answer any more questions.

Another session, titled “I Don’t Feel Safe Talking About Race,” was devoted to giving staff “tools to create a safer climate to promote dialogue around racial issues.” Meanwhile “The Intersection of Well-being, and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion on Campus” workshop aimed to help Student Life staff “work towards wellness justice for all students on campus.”

The fact that a leading university could even host such a conference is an indication of how deeply ingrained anti-white hatred has become in the establishment. To put this in perspective: no university would consider holding a course discussing “Jewish privilege and how to overcome it” or “dealing with the discomfort of being black.”

The venom and hatred is reserved exclusively for white people—and will only get worse unless the anti-white establishment is overthrown once and for all.

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  1. This is more and more offensive and disgusting every single day. Trying to make young white people feel self-doubt and self-hatred because of who they are and what their skin color is? I thought that was off-limits as “racism?” It’s called a double standard. Its outrageous. The idiots who put this plan into action always push too far, always overplay their hand, and always – always are surprised when they are severely punished or expelled from the midst of their prey. It’s amazing that such intelligent people are so blind to their own faults, and lack such self-awareness, having so little insight into the behavior that drives them. This time they will find themselves living among the weaponized violent populations they had intended for our destruction. We must never let them near us or our societies again because they have only one goal – to prey on us.

  2. Can anyone imagine universities coercing people (especially, but not limited to Indo-European people) into signing statements, guaranteeing the feeling of remorse for loving all people and things Indo-European, the boycott of all people and things Indo-European, and the abstinence from protesting anti-White racial hated and everything that goes with it?

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