Middle Eastern Crime Forces Australian Police to Create Special Unit

Crime committed by immigrants from the Middle East has reached such high levels in Australian cities that police have been forced to create specialist “Middle Eastern Organized Crime Squads” alongside an already existing “Asian Crime Squad.”

The official units have been established because police in Australia have admitted that “Middle Eastern organized crime is on the rise” and it is becoming “increasingly difficult to combat.”


The Middle Eastern Crime Squad is currently focused on the outbreak of shootings in public places plaguing Sydney’s suburbs and has halted its “usual covert and active investigations” as part of “Operation Apollo,” a six-month trial targeting the rate of gun crime across Sydney.

According to reports, shootings, extortion, and general violence are so out of control in south-west Sydney that residents and children are seeking medical help for post-traumatic stress disorders.

Gangs from opposing religious sects are also extorting money from restaurants and other businesses in the area.

Detective Superintendent Debbie Wallace, head of the Middle Eastern Crime Squad, was quoted as saying that “victims of these types of crimes are very reluctant to come forward, naturally because of the fear” and that “religion is used by those making the threats.” (This is a reference to Islam.)

One group made up of Muslim men contacts restaurant owners and says they “don’t want their type”—a Shia—operating in the area and try to intimidate them into handing over their business.

“They then offer to buy the business for a fraction of its worth; when they are turned down they get threatened on the phone. If they continue to resist they find their business targeting in other ways. Like being shot at or fires.”

Senior police officers warned that the suburbs in south-west Sydney will again become a breeding ground for Middle Eastern crime gangs whose criminal activities have nothing to do with firearms because the specialist crime squad has concentrated on the shootings.

“Watch Middle Eastern crime start to go through the roof while we run around looking into bullet holes in walls,” one senior officer said. “Car rebirthing, fraud, drugs, extortions—they’re all the crimes we actively investigate on a daily basis, and now they’re going to get ignored.”

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  1. It is now known that the Labour Party is no longer in government, and they have no one to blame but themselves. They keep forgetting that they are the AUSTRALIAN LABOUR PARTY, not the Indian Labour Party nor the Pakistan Labour Party nor the Zimbabwe Labour Party, but the AUSTRALIAN LABOUR PARTY. Charity begins at home and we only have enough “coin” to look after our own people. Sorry no more money go back home. We turned Australia from a wilderness into a prosperous society so you do the same thing in your own country. I was once a member of the Australian Labour Party but now would not wipe my backside on their literature. I have no intention of losing my pension to keep a bunch of overseas freeloaders on Centrelink handouts. I worked hard to get my pension and I am going to keep it, so go back home freeloaders!!!!!!!!!!

    1. perhaps you should still be a part of the party? someone like you who sees the obvious, speaks the truth and doesnt kiss ass is whats needed

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