“Migration = Terrorism:” Hungarian Govt.

The “migration wave” currently being experienced in Europe goes “hand in hand” with the spread of terrorism, the parliamentary leader of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party has said.

Speaking at a press conference in Debrecen, Kósa Lajos asked, “What else must happen for the European Union leaders to recognize that their migration policy is untenable?”


Kósa, referring to terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, and Nice, said that “expressing condolences is no longer sufficient. Europe has changed once and for all.

“Brussels should give up its position focusing on removing barriers to immigrants,” he said, adding that all terrorist attacks in Europe had some links to immigrants and “radical Islam.”

Furthermore, the attempted coup d’état in Turkey, he said, suggests that “the European Union should not assign the task of protecting its borders to others.”

Kósa stressed the need for “viable solutions” in handling migration, for which he called Hungary the best example.


At the same time, Hungarian cabinet office chief Antal Rogán said in an interview on public radio that “Europe must come to grips with the fact that the danger of terrorism is growing with the arrival of more migrants.”

Commenting on the terrorist attack in Nice, he said Brussels must weigh a radical change of the European “refugee” policy at present and stop immigration, because the current one offers “an incentive for immigration.”

“All signs point to the failure of Western Europe to integrate immigrants, which is why more migrants should not be let into Europe, rather migration must be halted,” he said.

“In much of Europe, people are against migration, but it appears that Brussels does not want to hear the voice of the people,” Rogán said.

Hungary is the first EU member state ready to listen to the opinion of the people, which is why there will be a referendum on October 2 in which the country can decide whether to accept Brussels’ ultimatum, he added.

Rogán said migrants continue to push along Hungary’s border in spite of a fence and Hungary being one of the strongest protectors of European borders. “Despite it being hard to cross the border into Hungary illegally, attempts are still being continuously made,” he said.

He pointed out that Hungary still has official channels for submitting “applications for refugee status,” but added that “90 percent of arrivals have no right to make such an application under Hungarian law or EU rules.”

He noted that more than one million people in Libya alone are waiting to come to Europe, while another three to four million potential immigrants are in Turkish refugee camps.

“Europe needs to concentrate on protecting its borders, not on distributing immigrants,” he said.

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  1. Well said Mr. Kosa Lejos. The stupidity of the EU leaders and the leaders of European countries in encouraging mass immigration from North Africa is beyond the understanding of most EU citizens. They see their lives changed and their countries altered beyond recognition, frequent bloody murders and atrocities, and still the mass immigration continues.

    1. It can only be understood by realising that the intention is to exterminate the native, white populations of Europe. It is a massive conspiracy by the Marxiists who over the course of years have infiltrated every Govt, NGO, school, university, research company and MSM outlet in the West, as well as their police and judiciary. It is the biggest betrayal in history.

    2. And, no doubt, the Hungarians will be pilloried for telling the truth. Beginning to be an old fashioned virtue, time the west claimed it back!

    3. Mr Lejos had better be very careful that scum in Brussels will be gunning for him & his government. They will ferment some or other story to discredit & remove him / his government.

      The October rerun of the Austrian election is now critical. If the conservatives win Hungary’s position will be strengthened.

      Please be very careful but never back down. The west depends on people like you!

  2. All Western Marxist politicians should hang their heads in shame..from the nearest lampposts. The blood of innocent western men, women and children flows thicker with each passing attack. When the retribution comes, it will hit with the force of a tsunami.

    1. God, I hope so. Forcible repatriation as a minimum. All that is required, is that we change the politicians, whom we vote for! they’re always quick on picking up themes, will oscillate from left to right, depending where the votes are. Let’s use them instead of them using us. I feel a fulcrum is coming, and we should move the world!

  3. The problem for all the do-gooders who are welcoming these migrants is that they have no actual knowledge of the background these people have come from, nor do they really want to know anyway. They seem to think that if they are seen to be compassionate and welcoming, their status in their community rises. That is a load of wishful thinking. My wife, a Londoner, saw the effects of the big Caribbean influx into London from the late 40’s to the early 60’s, and the original Notting Hill Carnivals were not all peace and quiet. Some of us have good memories of the past and can relate to the slow decline of this country from the 60’s which has now reached top speed, mainly thanks to modern technology where these migrants are in touch with all the other illegal invaders of all the countries within Europe. Hungary is the only country that has so far stood its ground and for that, they are being persecuted by the likes of Juncker and his corrupt outfit. Keep going Hungary, and organise a referendum on leaving the EU if necessary.

      1. That’s already been tried and it failed. This Goverment is on record as having been shot down in flames EVERY TIME its representives offered sensible alternatives. But what can you expect? – 27 countries in agreement? It’s not going to happen. So called, “Reform” is Pie in the sky.

      2. Absolutely not, How do you reform a structure which operates on a basis of anti-Democracy, and regards it’s
        National components as chattels, who not only belong to the EU, lock, stock and Barrel, but should not
        be allowed to conduct such things as referenda, as they might, conceivably, vote the wrong way. The EU
        from it’s innocent seeming roots, has always been about a power grab, and the enslavement of a continent!

  4. It is coming very soon be aware your government does not like white people no matter where in the world you live

  5. Kosa Lajos a smart man with a lot of common sense. What a contrast to the leftist chosenite shills. Ask yourselves how many explosions, killings, rapes occurred in Hungary after bezerkel merkel opened.the gates to the nonwhite invaders. NONE

  6. “90 percent of arrivals have no right to make such an application under Hungarian law or EU rules.”
    Methinks it`s better to be on the safe side and make it 100% and get shot of the lot of them
    I`m sure none of us would object to them all seeking asylum in – say – Saudi Arabia or Israel.

  7. All I’ve seen and heard from the mainstream media is, “we have no evidence” regarding the radicalism of the latest terrorist yesterday in Germany…
    Of course they have no evidence, they can’t even know for certain if the “boy” was in fact 17 years old.
    They have no evidence that the name he used to register as an asylum seeker was his real name.
    They in fact know nothing, and the same applies to almost everyone who has been allowed into Europe since Merkel really lost her marbles.!

    1. No one can rely on ANY, ‘Mainstream Media’. They’re all in on the plot to spread chaos and Islam throughout Europe.
      It is interesting to me to observe the split between those who welcome the massive influx of culturally ‘diverse’ peoples and those who reject and resent that same invasion. The recent Referendum in the UK is broadly thought to break up to a natural division the voters and at 48/52 per cent it is roughly ‘half and half’. Breaking it down further, it seems there is another stark division between young and old. The ‘old’ still have a free-thought whereas, the young have undergone decades of brainwashing by the liberal/left to readily accept virtually anything the elite have presented (such as the ongoing invasion). Unless I am mistaken, the demographic division of old/young in support is the same throughout Europe (recent Austrian Presidential elections, again 50/50) perhaps with the exception of countries such as Hungary where the children have not undergone decades of extensive brainwashing to believe that chaos is good but a normal, stable and safe life is abhorrent. Communism did at least shield them from that.
      It is surely shaping up as a ‘them and us’ situation. I suspect reading the comments on TNO that the contributors, like me, are around the “three score years and ten” point. Our greatest fear should be two-fold: the elites manipulation machine which has only just been fired up and the cabal of the ‘Mainstream Media’. The BBC has been busy making mischief since their failure to persuade the Brits to vote ‘Remain’. Indeed, their condemnation of the older generation, whom they hold responsible, has verged on the approach of the Rwandan Broadcasters in 1996 when they supported and advocated the wholesale slaughter of the Tutsi’s. Is there a natural ending to this sort of contrived division and fabricated unrest? Perhaps we will only know when the BBC start handing out free machetes.

      1. The UK should ally / have allied with the Visegrad countries and enforce the Hungarian policies, rather than simply brexiting. We Europeans must unite to fight the invasion. Of course this option was never proposed.

      2. Let’s hope our new government headed by Mrs May deals with the BBC. The BBC is too big for its boots, and since it is funded by UK electorate a large axe needs to be taken to it to cut it down to size. It is supposed to give unbiased news but seems incapable of this and most programmes have a lefty pro EU bias, if not overtly, then certainly subtly. The Culture Minister under Cameron failed miserably in dealing appropriately with the BBC. Mrs May is looking very much as though she means business, let’s hope breaking up the BBC is on her ‘to do’ list.

        1. Don’t hold your breath, Vera. Theres no one person in Government who inspires me to hope that change will take place. But then there’s Farage (who I’m not sure has gone away completely)……………….

  8. Once you have had enough of being raped and blown up by third world hatemongers, we welcome you in Poland. We don’t have that here!

    1. May you Poles continue to respect your Catholic religion, your white race and your European heritage and culture because it won’t survive under the filthy globalists’ goal of universal multikulti.

  9. He’s complaining to deaf (EU) ears.

    The EU would rather see Europe turned into a black continent than to give up its attachment to mass immigration.

    1. Deaf ears my thoughts exactly the gall of these political a wipes to call themselves democratic theyre no better or different from sadam hussein, theyre on par if not worse and disgusting traitors to their people and countries

  10. Antal Rogán has it wrong: it’s no longer a case of, ‘halt’ the influx of parasites it’s more a case of HALT and REVERSE! Ship em’ OUT.

  11. Unskilled migrants will bring unrest and woes. EU should bring in a point system like australia and canada. Unfortunately those politicians are bribed by sorosful to bring unrest so he can buy good assets cheaply, short the currency, issued debts and profit from situation. EU people will slave for many years for him. Pro unskilled migrants eu leaders should be charged for treason.

  12. Nationalism is getting stronger throughout Europe day by day we will get back what´s ours my European brothers and sisters

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