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Million Muslims against Trump

Muslim activists in America have set themselves the target of registering one million Muslim voters—mostly Arab immigrants—in key states to help defeat Donald Trump, a number of Islamic organizations have announced.

Efforts will be focused on swing states such as Ohio and Florida that have large Muslim populations, potentially giving the small but united voting bloc the power to tilt close election results.


According to reports, organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Circle of North America, and the US Council of Muslim Organizations, are also using mosques as voter registration centers.

The main registration drive is expected to take place in June, during the Muslim festival of Ramadan, when mosque attendance peaks.

A Pew Research Center survey last year found that 70 percent of American Muslims identify with the Democratic Party, while just 11 percent consider themselves to be Republicans.

All of the organizations cite Trump’s—and Ted Cruz’s—comments about Muslims over the past few months as reasons for their racial mobilization.

“The fear and apprehension in the American Muslim community has never been at this level,” Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for CAIR, was quoted as saying. “The anti-Islamic tidal wave is spurring civic participation.”

Naeem Baig, the president of the Islamic Circle of North America, said that it was “a matter of survival for the American Muslim community.”

Earlier this month—before the attacks in Brussels—Trump declared in an interview that “Islam hates us,” and he repeated his earlier idea about a complete moratorium on Muslim immigrants.

Cruz also stands accused of “stirring anti-Muslim sentiment.” He came in for particular criticism last week when he appointed Frank Gaffney to his foreign policy team. Gaffney is a well-known opponent of the creeping spread of Shariah law to the west—although he has not actually linked the spread of it to the nonwhite invasion.

After the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Cruz said that it would be a good idea for the police to “patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods.”

CAIR says its polls have shown that about three-fourths of Muslims who are registered to vote planned to do so during the primary election season, and two-thirds of them expect to vote Democratic—in spite of Hilary Clinton’s pro-Israel agenda.

Ghazala Salam, the president of the American Muslim Democratic Caucus of Florida, estimated that voter registration of Muslims in her state was up by almost 20 percent from a year ago and said that she saw a lot of Republicans changing party affiliations.

She said that Muslim activists were setting up registration tables at luncheons and festivals and that anxiety about the election was spurring more people to sign up.

* The Obama administration has admitted more than a quarter of a million Muslim immigrants each year to the US. In 2013, some 117,423 Muslims were given lawful permanent resident status. In addition, in that same year, the US admitted an extra 122,921 “temporary migrants” from Muslim countries as foreign students and foreign workers as well as 39,932 “refugees and asylum seekers” from Muslim countries.

This means that every year the US admits more Muslim migrants than the entire population of Des Moines, Iowa; Lincoln, Nebraska; or Dayton, Ohio. Other figures indication that between 2001 and 2013, the US permanently resettled 1.5 million Muslim immigrants throughout the United States.


    1. The effect of the Quran over about 1,000 years must be factored in. There’s a rule book of hatred and criminality against non-Muslims. The fact they have inbred for hundreds of generations must have had some effect and must have racial effects just as Jews and so-called ‘Jews’ must have been affected by the rules initially forced on them.

    2. I am past caring about moslimes, the abject bowing and scraping and their infernal `religion of peace` [wink wink.]
      Hello muzzies… it`s 2016 …..the world has moved on and so have the rest of us.

  1. Trump declared in an interview that “Islam hates us,”
    You`re so right, Don .. and lol…..WE couldn`t care less !
    Deport the lot to their backward Third world cesspits along with their brainwashing ideology.


    1. Don`t take it personally, Frank…`s the same in every other non-Muslim country… except Israel of course.
      Rest assured these basturds (sic) intend to change things worldwide not just the US.
      WE have to stop their advance in its tracks starting right now.
      Otherwise it`s “meet and greet at the mosque” for everybody… except the Jews of course.

  3. I do hope the US does not have postal or proxy voting like the UK. Modest addresses suddenly boast dozens of voters who, of course, have never lived there, while activists go round collecting ballot papers en bloc. In one constituency the judge called the level of corruption worthy of a banana republic. In another it took ordinary citizens time and money to get the whole case to court after the government and the electoral overseers refused to act. On election day activists intimidated those going into the voting stations. The court struck down the election result because of massive corruption. Guess which cult was responsible in both cases. Add to that the instructions from the mosques on which way to vote and you have a perfect template for the death of democracy.

  4. I’m not worried as much about the muslims (yes, I don’t like them) than I am the blacks and mestizos who are terrorizing us. At least Arab Muslims (again, no I don’t want them in the USA) won’t tolerate bull from blacks like we whites have for so long now.

    1. Muslims have a different approach to achieving their aims and that includes terrorism.
      Blacks are vocal rioters, as are mestizos – Muslims work slyly undercover and behind the scenes.
      Whichever way we look at it we whites are losing out every which way.
      What I find most sickening is that all the manipulative “minorities ” are to become the majorities in the west aided and abetted by our own politicians whether in or out of government
      We`ve allowed them to play the raaacist card has been used as the trump card to silence us all for far too long.
      It`s time the worm turned.

  5. it was “a matter of survival for the American Muslim community.”

    and it is a matter of survival for white Americans.

    Muslims are the aggressors.

    I strongly encourage the reader to share this with your friend. It is very important we know the evil from within.

    I invite you to think long and hard about why is CAIR, an organization on the list of UAE list of terrorism organization and an legal entity which has been named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the single largest terrorist financing trial in American history. And these fools think they’re above the law. This is a sick – disgusting commentary of what we are dealing with in America. What the hell game are those clown playing at?

    I further encourage you to view the following

    The Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) describes itself as a “non-profit, grassroots membership organization … established to promote a positive image of Islam and Muslims in America,” to protect Muslims from hate crimes and discrimination, and to present “an Islamic perspective on issues of importance to the American public.”

    However an investigation of its activities and publications (in Arabic) shows that CAIR supports Wahhabi Salafi ideology and are instrumental in the propagation of that culture throughout America and have been the root cause of radicalization of terrorists. It is reported that CAIR have been instrumental in Wahhabi Salafi culture infiltrating or controlling over half the mosques in America with the help of huge donations from Saudi Arabian sources and so-called charities in the US such as the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) headquartered in Richardson, Texas with branch offices in New Jersey, California, and Illinois.

    The Freedom House year long investigation concluded in its 89 page report, “Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Invade American Mosques.” that hundreds of Saudi documents disseminated at Wahhabi Salafi mosques in the US are telling America’s Muslims (surreptitiously in Arabic) that it is a religious obligation for all ‘good Muslims’ to hate Christians and Jews.

    NAIT grew out of the Muslim Students’ Association of the United States and Canada (MSA) and states that it maintains a ‘support’ relationship with Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). FBI sources say that these are all fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood . NAIT describes itself as a “Waqf” organization. This means that it basically owns and controls the mosques and Islamic schools in North America. It also ‘pools the American Muslim community’s assets via its Islamic Centers Cooperative Fund (ISCCF) to publish ideology via its American Trust Publications (ATP) and supply ‘Shariah-compliant financial products to Muslims in America. Interestingly NATI also owns and funds the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Virginia which helped some of the 9/11 hijackers obtain false ID’s and also was the spiritual counselor for Fort Hood murderer Nidal Hasan.

    One of the convicted men, the ‘charity’s CEO, Shukri Abu Baker was a prominent leader in the American chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan). One of the largest Muslim charities in North America, Holy Land Foundation (HLF) (renamed from Occupied Land Foundation), obviously took that passage to heart and funneled over 12 million of dollars to terrorist organizations including Hamas. This led to five of their Board members being convicted for supporting terror, money laundering and tax evasion in the US in 2011.

    Abu Baker said: “I swear by Allah that war is deception,”We are fighting our enemy with a kind heart…. Deceive, camouflage, pretend that you’re leaving while you’re walking that way. Deceive your enemy.”- Brotherhood leaders tell official Washington and what they tell Muslim audiences are often two entirely different things. Abdurrahman Alamoudi used many fronts to fund Al Qaeda and other Wahabbi Salafi terror organizations. One of the organizations that Alamoudi funded was Islamic Free Market Institute Khaled Saffuri), which was also funded by the Saudis, the governments of Qatar and Kuwait, the Safa Trust and the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) which is a front for the Islamic Brotherhood according to FBI. The investigation into the activities of the Holy Land Foundation also uncovered an internal memorandum in which the Brotherhood’s American leadership asserted: The Ikhwan [i.e., the Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers, so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.

    1. A more sly deceitful conniving bunch of basturds (sic) would be hard to find…apart from the Jews of course.
      What`s in it for our politicians who either refuse to see what`s going on right under their noses and / or refuse to admit the truth?
      All moslimes should be compelled to return to the land of their forebears and organise themselves to change the regimes in those countries from within when they`re dissatisfied as we in the west do – democratically.
      Moslimes claim to want democracy but only as as long is it`s their undemocratic moslime version of it.
      I find it totally abhorrent that they are increasingly determining the future policies of western nations with their use of corrupt practices within our voting systems and our politicians constantly turn a blind eye in order to appease them..

  7. Something about which all guardians stress is the way they can get the best instruction for their youngsters. Whether a youngster will have an effective profession or not depends to a great extent on tutoring. Muslim guardians generally search for a Islamic College for their kids. Such schools charge nominal or no fee for education of Muslim children. These schools are running with Islamic Charity.

  8. I hope you all (American) are not a bunch of weak cowards, lossing your country without putting up a fight, how easy it is to conquer your country.
    You see what ombama has done to change vote demographic.
    And Once president, Hillary Clinton will allow a 500% percent increase over the current Obama numbers for purposes of establishing a permanent Democrat voter drive and The Death of Republic!


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