Millions of Euros Later, Gypsies in Bulgaria Still at Bottom of the Heap

Despite millions of euros of aid and preferential treatment, Gypsies—who are actually Indian immigrants to Europe going back 1,500 years—are still at the bottom of the social order in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has by far the most Gypsies of any European nation, and according to a 2011 census, there are 325,343 Gypsies in Bulgaria, equivalent to 4.4% of the population.

However, over 700,000 persons did not declare their ethnic group in the census, and the total number of Gypsies is likely to be well over half a million, or close to 10 percent of the total population of Bulgaria.


In 2005, the European Union provided several million euros in funding for programs devoted to the early diagnosis of tuberculosis and other diseases among Bulgaria’s Gypsies.

Some 1.85 million euros ($2.4 million) in EU funds also paid for three mobile laboratories and three ultrasound machines, and another 800,000 euros was earmarked for expert consulting and educational projects.

Despite this, tuberculosis in Gypsy neighborhoods is between two and five times more common than the rest of the country.

Cancer among the Gypsies is more likely to end fatally, and child mortality rates are almost three times higher.

According to official statistics, Gypsies live an average of 10 fewer years than other Bulgarians.

The Gypsy population has consistently refused to take part in health upliftment programs, and all the EU money has essentially been wasted.

For example, despite their best efforts to coax the Gypsies into taking part in cancer-detecting mammogram exams and other tests for the prevention of early diseases, only some 3,800 Gypsies have ever come forward for the voluntary tests over a five year period.

Of course, the failure of the Gypsies to take part in these programs is never portrayed in the controlled media as their own fault, but always the result of some nebulous, ill-defined “institutional racism” on the part of white Bulgarians.

This forms part of a consistent policy among the ruling western liberal elite of always blaming whites for any problem affecting nonwhites.

In addition, special measures to increase employment among the Gypsies have come to naught.

In 2009, Bulgaria started a national education program to try and teach 1,200 Gypsies to read and write and learn a profession. The program cost some 27.5 million euros in state funding.

The program has been an utter failure, as has a similar state-funded 750 million euro effort to improve living conditions in Gyspy neighborhoods.

The money was used to build hundreds of apartments which were practically given for free to the Gypsies—even though white Bulgarians also suffer from a housing shortage—and almost all of these houses have since been turned into slums.

According to 2011 statistics, 12 percent of Gypsy households do not have running water, 19 percent are not connected to sewage systems, and 50 percent live in an apartment without a bathroom.


Some 40 percent of Gypsies in the country live below the poverty line.

* DNA research has shown that the Gypsies migrated into Europe from northwest India 1,500 years ago.

The estimated 11 million Gypsies in Europe have mixed to a certain degree with native Europeans, and hence some today have a biracial appearance, although in their ghetto heartlands they still look overtly Indian.

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  1. They obviously like their lifestyle as it is so why do we have to interfere ? Who is it decides where in the pecking order you`ve got to be and why. How far up the ladder you`ve got to climb before you`re suitable. Unless they`re having an impact on other communities ( raping and pillaging etc) why force change on them.
    Looking at the photo there`s no doubt they look really happy – a damn sight happier than we do.

  2. For whatever reason they appear happiest living in cesspit conditions, to the extent that even if provided with decent conditions they rapidly turn them into total slums. Sad to say, a total waste of time, money and space.

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