Minneapolis’s First Somali Policeman Murders White Woman: No Media “Racist” Uproar

Mohamed Noor, the first Somali tribesman drafted into the Minneapolis police force, has marked his second year service anniversary with an unprovoked murder of an innocent white woman—but there is no “racist police” hysteria from the controlled media as is always the case in a police shooting involving a white officer and a nonwhite victim.

The Somali fatally shot Justine Ruszczyk (who used her professional name of Damond), an Australian-born woman on Saturday night in an unprovoked attack.

According to an initial report released by investigators,  Noor opened fire on Ruszczyk through the open passenger window for no reason at all after she had approached the police vehicle in her pajamas after calling them out to investigate a sex attack in the area.

As Ruszczyk approached the vehicle, Noor fired his weapon through the driver’s side window and hit her. She died of a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Noor came to the United States at a young age as part of the fake “refugee” invasion of the US., and joined the Minneapolis Police Department in March 2015.

He was widely celebrated as the first “Somali-American assigned to the Fifth Precinct,” which covers Southwest Minneapolis, and hundreds of people attended a May 2016 “meet-and-greet to introduce him to the community.”

Noor comes from a country which has an average IQ of between 67 and 74. According to the  Standford-Binet scales of intelligence measurement, an (and bearing in mind that according to the according to the Stanford-Binet IQ testing scale (Stanford–Binet Fifth Edition, SB5, classification), an IQ of between 70 and 79 is officially classed as “Borderline impaired or delayed.”

It is therefore no surprise to learn that Noor already has had three complaints filed against him, the details of which are not public. One was closed without any disciplinary action and two are still open.

There are two important points to the Noor shooting incident: the first—and most obvious—is the blatant double standards being employed by the controlled media in covering this shooting.

If it had been a white officer gunning down a black woman in her pyjamas for no reason at all, the controlled media would have gone into overdrive to present it as yet another “racist police” shooting against innocent black people, and further evidence of the “systematic racism” in “white power structures” and so on.

They would also be calling for the officer’s head, charges to be laid against him, and by now, “Black Lives Matter” would be demonstrating, rioting, and possibly even shooting white policemen (as they have done before),

However, because the shooter is in this case a nonwhite, and one of the media’s darling “refugees” at the same time, the controlled media is merely reporting the shooting, without even mentioning race.

Secondly, the shooting is an inevitable consequence of race-blind liberalism, which pretends that race does not exist, and that there are no racial differences. Thus, a Somali tribesman—whose family, quite literally had never seen a toilet 25 years ago—has the “potential” to be a “law officer” in America, as long as he is dressed in the right clothes.

As the Ruszczyk shooting shows, this race-denial has deadly consequences, and if it is allowed to continue, will result in the total destruction of white Western civilization.

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  1. Didn't you know, only white people can be racist in this deluded, lib'tarded, PC Marxist world we now live in!!

  2. This is what happens when you lower the standards for acceptance into a serious law enforcement community. They've been lowered in many states… PA for example had a lower score requirement for blacks than for whites applying for state police job… This is also part of the planned invasion… make no mistake about it.

  3. This is also what happens when government stormtroopers of any race can kill with near impunity and are shielded from the sort of criticism and prosecution the mundanes regularly endure.

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