Miss Fiji: Too White by Half

The newswires were recently abuzz with a story that the winner of the South Pacific Island Miss Fiji competition, schoolgirl Torika Watters, has been subjected to a torrent of abuse by Fijians—because she does not look native enough.

Yet they have, as usual, missed the truth behind the story: the attacks have been directed as Watters not because she has straight hair or European features, but because she is half white.

The Fijians—who apparently used Facebook to post up a barrage of abusive remarks about Watters—said that “the model chosen to represent the island nation should have a buiniga,” which is the local word used to describe what media called the “naturally-fuzzy Fijian hairstyle.”

Left: A Fijian native woman with natural hair, and right, Miss Fiji 2009 Merewalesi Nailatikau.
Left: A Fijian native woman with natural hair, and right, Miss Fiji 2009 Merewalesi Nailatikau.

Her long straight hair and European-looking features did indeed contrast with the other entrants who certainly looked more Fijian—but the truth is that the 2011 Miss Fiji winner, Alisi Rabukawaqa, had artificially straightened hair, as did Miss Fiji 2009, Ms Merewalesi Nailatikau (who also won the Miss South Pacific competition that year).

Actually, a lineup of the Miss Fiji 2012 contestants (below) shows exactly how many of the girls have long straight hair—which would, of course, if they are all pure-blood Fijians, have been chemically treated to achieve the straightness.

So why the fuss over Watters?

The simple answer is that the “row” has erupted because she is half white, and not because she has straight hair.


Fiji’s population is made up of native Fijians (Melanesians with a healthy dose of Poynesian) who are around 54 percent of the population, and Indians (38 percent of the island’s inhabitants), who are descendants of contract laborers brought to the islands by the British colonial authority.

The Indian element of Fiji does not bother competing with the Melanesians, and have their own Miss India Fiji pageant, into which, of course, only Indian girls are allowed.

In other words, the fuss over the 2012 Miss Fiji winner is just another example of the ever-increasing anti-white hatred which is fanned by the complicit media.

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  1. Strange how all these different ways of “hating whites” is turning into a worldwide phenomenon.
    Wonder what would happen should some megalomaniac in the EU invite them to pitch up in the west and enjoy a freebie for life bonanza at our expense ?
    Will never happen of course because whites are hated so much….lol !

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