Mississippi: Whites Ordered to “Integrate”

Two Cleveland, Mississippi, schools which are only 40 percent white have been ordered to forcibly mix with neighboring 99 percent black schools—because the US Department of Justice still thinks they are too white.

US District Judge Debra Brown ruled last week that Cleveland must merge its two high schools and two middle schools to provide the “constitutionally guaranteed right of an integrated education.”


Brown ordered the district to merge East Side High, where all but one student is black, with Cleveland High, where 48 percent of students are white and 45 percent are black.

Similarly, the district must merge D.M. Smith Middle, where all but two students are black, with Margaret Green Junior High, where 41 percent of students are white and 54 percent are black.

Across the entire 3,700-student district, only about 29 percent of students are white and 67 percent are black. The state counts the remainder as Asian or Hispanic.

“The court concludes that the continued operation of East Side High and D.M. Smith as single-race schools is a vestige of discrimination and that, therefore, a plan which allows such continued operation must be rejected,” the judge wrote.

Judge Brown added that the “delay in desegregation has deprived generations of students of the constitutionally guaranteed right of an integrated education.”

Jamie Jacks, a lawyer for the district, said school board members believed they proposed constitutional options to keep open two high schools, although one local plan would have combined middle schools.

“The district’s plans allowed for student and parent choice,” Jacks wrote in a statement. “If the board appeals, it would request that the existing open enrollment plan continue while the appeal is pending.”

The school district presented expert testimony that white parents were likely to flee to private schools. Beyond Cleveland, only four of 22 other districts in Mississippi’s Delta region have student bodies less than 80 percent black.

“Six decades after the Supreme Court in Brown v. Board of Education declared that ‘separate but equal has no place’ in public schools, this decision serves as a reminder to districts that delaying desegregation obligations is both unacceptable and unconstitutional,” Deputy Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta, head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, said in a statement.

“The court’s ruling will result in the immediate and effective desegregation of the district’s middle school and high school program for the first time in the district’s more than century-long history.”

In her ruling, Judge Brown also ordered the parties to submit a proposed timeline to implement the plan in such a way as to ensure the immediate termination of the school district’s dual system. She set the deadline for no later than 21 days from the entry of her opinion, which was issued at the end of last week.

The ruling is the clearest indication yet that the establishment has no interest in “integration”—because whites are already a minority in the Cleveland schooling system—but rather in exterminating whites completely.

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  1. Just set the transfer date for January 21, 2017, the barry will be gone and President Trump will deal with it properly. Do to them like they do to us, drag it out in court until you get someone in office that will swing your way. God I hate liberals!

  2. Will the insatiable liberal numpties finally be satisfied when we pliant plebs are all equally thick as planks ?

  3. Just read in my local paper about 2 immigrant black guys grooming and raping 12 schoolgirls aged 13 to 15 in my home town…Last week there was an attack on a gay guy (at 5am) who had his jaw broken..The attacker was shouting in arabic (told by a witness)..I live in a town that is very gay, lots of trans, , and full of do gooding lefties..But we are now getting a lot of “newcomers”…..Its already getting interesting what with the gays and trannies…..The local press is trying to play it all down..I dont know how to forward this onto you guys..These 2 pieces of utter filth also had thier own flats, while we have a terrible homeless problem and are being made to suffer the cuts…It makes me sick…..

    1. You can be sure that this news from your hometown will be music to the ears of TPTB.
      How long before our towns are plastered with official “Get Used To It ” notices.

    2. 12-15 years old schoolgirls ( kids) raped, “groomed”, by blacks, for blacks. Brought here by our own government for that exact purpose, financed for life with our tax dollars, protected by our law enforcement ( FBI). And this is you helpless, whining response? Blacks would be killing every white person they see. Spread this kind of news to all our people on the planet, tell locations, call your sons and brothers in the military, law enforcement. They must come out of the establishment. We must resist. It should have been done in the 60s, when FBI protected blacks as they raped masses white women. Today “white girls/meat” are more then willing to be of service and breeding purposes.There is no more USA … Or Canada. Who are you paying taxes to?

  4. Integration is absurd,, and I do think most liberals – moral hypocrites that they are – know this.

    Apart from the fact that people gravitate towards their kind, the absurdity lies in the presupposition that putting genetically inferior people in the same schools as their superiors, will ipso facto improve their intelligence.

  5. There is no such thing as “Constitutional guarantee to an integrated education.” The Constiution guarantees a right to an education. If a school/state/ etc accepts Federal Funds, they must adhere to Federal guidelines. But the woman spoke incorrectly as there is no guarantee to an integrated education.

  6. Only an affirmative-action hire like Debra Brown could think that a policy attempted thousands of times over the last forty years, not once achieving its stated goals, will work this time for sure. Her order isn’t so bad, because its only effect will be fewer white children in public school constantly being told how racist they are.

    What sort of “education” will these white kids miss out on? The three R’s have long since been replaced by the three S’s: sex, self-esteem, and social justice.

    Even with the best of intentions, integration is a fool’s errand, because compared to whites, black children learn more slowly, grow to adult size more quickly, reach puberty years earlier, and require much harsher discipline to control violent behavior.

  7. As far as I understand, Americans are entitled to educate their kids at home. That´s a good alternative for parents who can´t afford private schools or think that´s too expensive.

    But I assume that it would be easier to be a home schooler if there were lessons available on the Internet. I suspect that many people for other reasons than the ethnic make-up of the schools would prefer education over the Internet. Kids that live far away from schools or get bullied by other kids may prefer lessons over the Internet. Kids that often are sick would probably also be better off with home schooling and lessons over the Internet. I suspect that an American network of home schoolers should hire some teachers in order to create a complete set of lessons for non-tertiary students. Somebody should probably try to gather home schoolers into a network that can afford to create lessons that are distributed over the Internet. This is probably a great idea.

  8. “Follow the money”. A principle we are often told to apply when analysing motivations. So, on that analysis: more crime, more use of the courts – got to be good for Judges eh?

  9. Furthermore, I suspect that Powerpoints with a teacher´s voice rather than typical blackboard lessons would be better. In fact, I think that would enable students to learn more with less effort. Thereby, home schooling would result in more efficient learning. Textbooks could partially be replaced with printed copies of the Powerpoints.

  10. So tell me again when the “South is gonna rise again”? Southerners can’t even keep up flags on their government buildings and, like most whites nowadays, they’re more afraid of being called racists and ‘haters’ than anything in the entire world.

  11. The founders, of course, never intended to create an integrated or multiracial society. And segregation was practiced long before it was ever codified, and was held to be constitutional for the better part of a century after the civil war ended. An example of early segregation: at the Mt. Vernon estate (George Washington’s home), servants were segregated by race, and they were similarly segregated throughout the country. The founding documents were never intended to apply to people of color. The founders would consider forced integration and multiculturalism / multi-racialism to be insanity.

  12. As an African American schoolgirl did Judge Brown benefit from the promotion of similar`integrationist` policies or did she progress by her own efforts as whites have always been expected to.

  13. This situation is stupid. The town is divided by train tracks. On one side, it’s almost 100% black. On the other side, about 50% white and 50% black. There were separate middle and high schools on each side of the tracks, so they were all at least 50% black. But some schools had very few of the “scarce resource” of white students.

    If white students are such a scarce and valuable resource, they should be able to sell their presence to the highest bidder. Even the court is saying they are especially valuable.

    Anyway the town proposed two plans, including one where every student could choose which middle and which high school to attend. They would be bussed to either school. That seems totally fair doesn’t it? But it was rejected because the court said (correctly) that most parents would keep their kids on their own side of the tracks. This would leave two of the schools almost all black still, even though it’s by choice of the n’hood parents who wanted to keep their kids close. This was deemed to be unacceptable and unconstitutional.

    The judge instead chose the DOJ’s proposal, which was to forcibly integrate all the schools, without concern for the choices of parents.

  14. “constitutionally guaranteed right of an integrated education.” Does not exist. There IS a constitutionally guaranteed right to a DESEGREGATED education not a State induced integrated one.

  15. Leftists think blacks are inferior and must be around whites to get smarter.

    Leftists also spread the lie that blacks cannot act to improve their own communities until white people understand the “black experience”, which is a degrading concept to blacks because it means they have no power to improve their condition until they are affirmed by white people.

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