Missouri Medical School Punished for “Too Many Whites”

Columbia-based University of Missouri School of Medicine has been threatened with losing its accreditation status next year because it is too white, according to a new report by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).

The LCME is the U.S. and Canada’s only official accrediting body for educational programs at schools of medicine, and a failure to gain its accreditation makes any institution’s qualifications worthless.

According to a report in the Beckers Hospital Review, the Missouri School of Medicine will lose the LCME’s accreditation “if the school cannot increase diversity among students and faculty.”

This is the third time the LCME has cited the school’s “lack of diversity” since 2000.

In its 2016 ruling, the committee noted the medical school faces significant challenges “that inhibit the enrollment of students and the hiring of faculty in the full range of diversity … to maintain a quality learning environment,” according to the report.

The LCME previously issued similar citations to the medical school in 2001 and 2008.

The report found approximately five students in the current 104-student first-year class are black.

In 2015, there were two black students and in 2014, there was only one.

Accreditors also noted that nonwhite faculty members represented less than 6 percent of the teaching staff.

Medical school deans reportedly agreed with the committee’s conclusion that diversity among both populations was “unsatisfactory,” according to the report.

Officials have reportedly instituted a number of programs to promote diversity and inclusion at the school—from individual outreach, to building ties with historically black schools, to offering more “minority scholarships,” to launching a “minority lecture series to help students of color identify with successful medical professionals who look like them.”

However, more than a half dozen current and former black students said the school’s academic culture makes it more difficult for them to succeed compared to white students—all of course blaming “racism” for their inability to succeed.

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  1. The dumbing down rolls on and on. One should have to be QUALIFIED in order to be admitted to any school/job. The globalists are still gaining ground. We must unite and fight back else we will be exterminated.

  2. I live in canada and have never met a white doctor. Every doctor ive had has googled my symptons, not joking, the monitor faces towards the client

  3. Im outraged at the lack of diversity in professional basketball and football.
    Whites, hispanics, and asians are underrepresented.
    Maybe they need affirmative action in these sports to balance out this gross inequality.

  4. So to be Accredited .. BETTER STUDENTS must be dropped in favor of making the numbers on paper look good?? That's INSANE! I think the "Accrediting ORG needs to LOSE IT'S ACCREDITATION!!!

  5. Funny, I have BEEN to both Columbia medical schools, and they are FAR from being "white majority" if anything, the white is a minority. There are more Indian than anything. And most don't speak hardly any English.

  6. And in Missouri the inner-city schools are unaccredited for decades if not generations before this so instead of going after the university perhaps actually solving the problem instead? Granted actions such as desegregation do take some time and currently students in KCMO are allowed to go free to other public schools in nearby communities such as Lee's Summit and North Kansas city.

  7. I have written on the subject repeattedly keep in mind as well as other similar issues such as the way the city government is purposely punishing children by misusing the money only to put the children up again as a reason to recieve more money to misspend. The 12th street and Vine Sculpture park is one example as well as the contrasting Sprint Center and Performing Arts Center at a billion plus a piece named after those whom took the profits themselves from the public coffers which were meant for such things as education. The inner city is typically more black while the small towns and countryside is predominantly white in Missouri.

  8. … Medical school deans reportedly agreed with the committee's conclusion that diversity among both populations was "unsatisfactory," – and that's why we're in the mess we're in. People who sould have stood up to these bullies never did.

  9. Firstly, how many blacks applied to enrol at this school?

    What does one do if nobody of colour applies to enrol?

  10. It's difficult to know how to do anything about utter absurdity. But I'd like to congratulate NOO for continually producing these apparently endless examples, all imho rooted in Jewish superstition. It can't last forever.

  11. Nothing new. Back in the late 70's many of us around chemical plants were told we were more qualified than the person that they were going to hire but we couldn't be hired because we were white, males. At the beginning of Affirmative Action.

  12. Solution very simple: assing blackness to the required number of students. There is no race, everybody can be of any race… and gender, for that matter, etc. There is no problem with quotas.

  13. I image searched the 19 members of the LCME leadership that issued this condemnation.

    Info here:

    18 white people and one African American. In other words, 95% white.

    And they condemn this school for only having 5% blacks. The exact same composition as the LCME leadership board.

    This type of hypocrisy is why people are rejecting the left. How about we choose candidates based on their character and qualifications, rather than the shade of their epidermis?

  14. In Canada all you have to be is non white and you get a degree from any school you want and all companies are forced by law to hire at least 75% of all people that are NON WHITE

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