“Moderate Islam Nonexistent”

“Moderate Islam” does not exist, and that religion seeks absolute world domination, one of the founders of the Belgian Vlaams Belang (VB) party told the huge weekly Pegida rally in Dresden, Germany, last night.


The Vlaams Belang delegation, right, at the head of the weekly march to Dresden’s Theaterplatz. Their banner reads “We are the people.”

Speaking before a crowd estimated in size to be well in excess of 25,000, former party leader and sitting Belgian Member of Parliament Filip Dewinter said that the closing of borders “does not mean that you hate people outside the borders, but merely that you love the people within the borders.”

“Islam is a religion of conquest which seeks to destroy the democracy and to build a comprehensive Sharia dictatorship. There is no doubt that Islam has as its intention the total capture of Europe,” he continued to enthusiastic applause from the crowd.


“Europe is committing suicide not only in the demographic sense, but also in the values which we hold dear,” he added.

“Radical Islam has declared war on us, not the other day, but fourteen centuries ago. The Koran is a license to kill, because it openly calls for war against the infidels. The Koran is supposed to be the literal word of God, and it is read as a military manual,” he said.

Dewinter, leader of the Vlaams Belang until 2013, was part of a twenty-strong delegation—including some of its senators and Members of the European Parliament—who attended the Pegida rally.

Another prominent VB speaker at the meeting was Anke Van dermeersch, an elected senator for the party. She spoke on the status of women under Islam, saying that the “headscarf and the burqa are symbols that the role of slave is the only one which Islam allocates to women.

“Whore or slave, that is the choice, but I want neither the one nor the other,” Van dermeersch, who is also a former Miss Belgium, said to a huge cheer from the crowd.

“As a woman I want to be treated with respect and not as a utensil. As a woman I want to love and protect my children, and not just be a jihadist reproduction machine.”

“Women create new life; we will give Europe new life, which is why we are fighting against the current asylum policy, multiculturalism, and mass immigration, especially against Islamization,” she concluded.

The rally was opened with the now traditional march to the Theaterplatz in the city, where the crowd first sang Christmas carols.


After the guest speakers, Pegida founder Lutz Bachman addressed the crowd, launching a sweeping attack on the state media’s conspiracy of silence over the role of Turkey in Syria.

He pointed out that the media has totally ignored the proof provided by Russian president Vladimir Putin that Turkey is one of ISIS’s largest oil customers, and thereby funds the radical Islamists while at the same time seeking to join the European Union.

He also referred to the French Front National’s win in elections over the past weekend, congratulating that party: “Warm greetings to our patriotic brothers and sisters in France for their historic victory.

“No doubt [Angela] Merkel will soon be telling us that we are being surrounded by evil Nazis, and that this bacillus will spread to Germany, will jump to Germany,” Bachmann said to great laughter from the crowd.

“However, the bacillus is hot, hot for a desire for national consciousness, culture, and hot for the desire for freedom.”

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  1. I’ve said for years that there’s no such thing as ‘moderate’ Islam.
    Read the Qur’an, and understand that the more peaceful verses are superseded by more violent ones, and where there is a contradiction in the Qur’an the Muslim must accept the more recent verse as having done so. So basically the book gets more extreme and intolerant as it ‘progresses’, a word which cannot ever be used in relation to the religion itself.

  2. Obama the muslim has started this calphate in Europe .but Europe is waking up germany France and beleve it or not here in Britain is awaking up to this islamic crap just keep spreading the word.

    1. Sadly I don’t think we British are. Look at the petition to ban Donald Trump from entering the UK. So many left wing apologists in Britain that I see no future for us without a revolution.

      1. There’s been a study looking at the postcodes where the petitions are signed & they’re in Bradford, Birmingham…you get the idea…

  3. Here is an acceptable approach to the issue, Final Protocol to Sub-Appendix l of Appendix ll to the Peace Treaty between Russia and the Central Powers. Signed 3 March 1918. Part Second to the Customs regulations. XlX “The Frontier authorities of both contracting parties shall be instructed to have all vagabonds and other such persons possessing no passport, who are to be readmitted to the territory of the other party, whose subjects they are, conveyed to such points on the frontier as have facilities for sending off travellers.” The problem with a Nazi follower and the original adherents was an intense dislike of Treaties and the League of Nations and now the United Nations. The trashing of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk March 3 1918 will identify a Nazi type of dissention and rejection of what the UN is obliged to promote.

  4. She ,and all the rest of the EU decision maker’s should face a Nurenburg type trial for what they have done.

    1. My thoughts exactly, more so now that I’ve read the article about this attempt to ban the NPD.
      Which organisation seems to have more in common with the 1930s-40s regime, Merkel’s or the NPD.
      Rhetorical question of course.

  5. It seems to me that America UK France could of got rid of Isis daesh what ever you want to call these murderes five years ago and choose not to do it. The reason was the Americans where arming Isis to fight the Syrian army, and now Obama is stuck between a hard rock and a hard place he is an a apologist for isil, don’t forget this Obama is a Muslim first and foremost

    1. With a secret Muslim President engineering everything so that an Islamic caliphate can be a reality?
      Do you really believe what you’ve just posted?

    2. As well as Cameron.
      Also ” Islam is the religion of peace , home secretary she obviously picked that up from her bully boy boss.

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