“Moderate Rebel,” ISIS Terrorist-Refugees Arrested

Austrian police in Innsbruck have arrested a member of the Obama-backed “moderate” Free Syrian Army for mass-murder—at the same time that another ISIS refugee-terrorist was arrested in Salzburg.

According to the STOL news service in South Tyrol, the “moderate rebel” had been arrested after being identified as a gunman who had murdered 20 wounded Syrian government soldiers in cold blood as they lay helpless on the ground in Homs in 2014.


Although he had voluntarily joined the Free Syrian Army—which is backed by the U.S. and U.K. governments—to supposedly “liberate” Syria, he decided in 2015 to rather join the invasion of Europe after Angela Merkel issued her open invitation to the Third World to come to Europe.

After moving through Turkey, he landed on the Greek islands during the so-called “humanitarian emergency” and, after being helped ashore, fed and sheltered, made his way to Austria where he finally applied for “asylum,” saying he was fleeing a war that he had helped start.

It was while in an invader center in western Austria in June this year, that he was identified as having taken part in the mass murders of 2014, and arrested.

Upon interrogation, he freely admitted to taking part in the massacres, adding that they had been carrying on since 2013. He later retracted his confession when he realized its implications, a spokesman for public prosecutors in Innsbruck said. He will go on trial early next year.

The prosecutors were able to bring charges against the invader under an international counterterrorism agreement, which is intended to prevent political murders from remaining unpunished if a criminal flees abroad.

Also this week, another refugee-terrorist who fought with ISIS has appeared in a Salzburg court.

According to prosecutors, the 22-year-old invader fought for ISIS in Syria until January 2015. After that he traveled through and took part in the “humanitarian emergency” invasion of Greece. He then made his way up the “Balkans route” before applying for “asylum” in Salzburg, where he has been parasiting off the Austrian taxpayers ever since.

When he appeared in court at the beginning of the week, the invader denied serving with ISIS, claiming that he had been working in a restaurant in Istanbul at the time. Further, he claimed, he had actually fought with the Free Syrian Army against the government.

Prosecutors were however able to gather evidence against him from his mobile phone, and from comments and photos of ISIS atrocities that he had posted on social media sites.

Austrian prosecutors are also set to press charges against a 26-year-old Moroccan, who, while pretending to be an asylum seeker, planned terror attacks in Europe and had connections to the jihadists who carried out the November 13th Paris attacks which left 130 people dead.


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