“Moderate” Rebels Carry out New Chlorine Gas Attack in Syria: Russian Airforce Strikes Back

“Moderate rebels” in Syria carried out another chlorine gas attack in Syria over the past weekend, hoping that the Syrian government would be blamed—but were instead met with a devastating airstrike from Russia.

According to a statement issued by Russian defense ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov, his nation launched airstrikes on the terrorists who carried out the attack on Sunday morning outside Aleppo.

“As a result of the strikes, all of the rebel fighter targets were destroyed,” the TASS state news agency reported.

On Saturday, more than 50 projectiles containing chlorine gas were fired into Aleppo city from the surrounding countryside.

Aleppo was liberated by the Syrian government troops from the Western-backed “rebels” in 2016.

According to the Russian military, the shells containing toxic gases were fired by the ISIS-aligned Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists.

The missiles were fired at dawn on Sunday after they were modified to carry chlorine payloads by “French”—i.e. Muslims with French citizenship—from a location in the Idlid “de-escalation zone.”

The sources said the missiles were transported in five batches and distributed among terror groups in Idleb’s southeastern countryside; 10 missiles were sent to “Ajnad al-Kavkaz” terror group in Tal al-Sultan area, 10 were sent to “Jaish al-Izza” terror group in Kafrzita town 38 km northwest of Hama city, 10 were sent to “Huras al-Deen” terror group which swore allegiance to Al Qaida in the town of Morek 30 km north of Hama, in addition to two other batches sent to the “Turkistani Party” terrorists and other unknown destinations.

According to reports in the Syrian media, more than 100 people were treated for symptoms including breathing difficulties and blurred vision.

A doctor told Syrian state TV that at least two people, including one child, were in critical condition.

In a statement, Syria’s Foreign Ministry on Sunday called on “the [UN] Security Council to immediately and strongly condemn these terrorist crimes … (and take) deterrent, punitive measures against the nations and regimes that support and fund terrorism.”

This call will of course be ignored by the West, who have always falsely blamed the Syrian government for these incidents—even though it has been proven again and again that the “rebels” are responsible.

A report in the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) quoted a Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman as saying that the latest attack was only possible because Western countries had been supplying weapons to militants so that they could stage false flag chemical attacks and later blame them on the government.

“This terrorist act comes as result of facilitation provided by some countries to deliver chemicals to armed terrorist groups to use them against Syrian people and to accuse the Syrian government of that, through plays previously plotted by the intelligence (agencies) of states backing terrorism,” the spokesman said.

A spokesman for Russia’s Defense Ministry repeated Moscow’s previous accusations that the White Helmets group had been trying to stage provocations using chemical agents in the Idlib de-escalation zone to accuse government forces of using chemical weapons against the local population.” It is clear that the White Helmets are directly connected with terrorist organizations operating in Syria, and in particular, in the Idlib de-escalation zone,” he said.

A report in Sputnik news said that Russia’s Defense Ministry had confirmed that Russian jets carried out strikes against the terrorists after the chlorine gas attack.

According to the ministry, intelligence services identified the origin of the attackers in the Idlib de-escalation zone, and that they were preparing for another poisonous shelling.

All the targets were destroyed, and Turkey was warned about the strikes in advance via a hotline. The statement further noted that terrorists from the al-Nusra group used hand-made 120-mm mines with poisonous substances to shell Aleppo.

“The primary analysis of fragments of the shells indicates that the terrorists used hand-made 120-mm mines, which were filled with poisonous substances in an improvised manner,” the official told reporters.

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