Molenbeek: Identitarian Protest Banned

Françoise Schepmans, the pro-invasion mayor of Molenbeek, has banned the Identitarian movement protest meeting scheduled for this coming weekend in Brussels.

Making the announcement on their Facebook page, the Génération Identitaire Movement said that it seemed that Schepmans preferred to identify with the Islamists rather than European people.


The rally, originally scheduled for Saturday afternoon, April 2, in the main square of the nonwhite “immigrant” overrun Brussels suburb, was to be held to call for the expulsion of Islamists from Europe.

“We take note [of the prohibition] and call on our supporters and to all those who wanted to join us, not to go to the municipality of Molenbeek,” Génération Identitaire said in its statement.

“Françoise Schepmans has decided to prohibit our gathering, claiming that it could lead to ‘excesses.’ Does this mean that she does not think that the real ‘disturbances to public order’ are not Salah Abdeslam and his friends?” the Génération Identitaire statement said, referring to the terrorists who set off bombs in Brussels.

“Rather than bothering with the Identitarians, she would be better off concentrating on the jihadists who operate like fish in water within her commune and enjoy much local support.

“The authorities prefer to stay locked up by their blindness and in their guilty cowardice, hunting down only those who warn and protest against the [Muslim] conquest.

“If Schepmans and all the others were doing their jobs, Génération Identitaire would not have needed to organize this event!

“The Islamists were only able to establish and organize themselves in Belgium, France, and in the rest of Europe, because of the passive complicity—and sometimes even the active complicity—of a large part of the [ruling] political class.

“The banning of our demonstration will not be enough to appease the wrath of European Youth: Génération Identitaire has not finished with Molenbeek, and they will still have to account for our murdered brothers and sisters,” the statement concluded.

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  1. You can’t ban people from meeting. Providing there’s no blockage of traffic or pedestrian access, no law is broken by people standing in a public area, whether the people are associated or not.

  2. It is too late. Europe will be conquered by arabs and africans. White people will have to migrate to other countries. This has always been part of the elite plan.

    1. Whites migrating elsewhere isn`t part of the plan.
      if and when the elite achieve their aim the race of the future will be mixed.
      `Whites` won`t exist. As a result of interbreeding everyone will be varying shades of brown/black and of low IQ …..a compliant subservient race easily controlled by the elite. Merkel`s EU heaven.
      Welcome to Eurabia.

      1. Exactly. The Couldenhove Kalergi plan, of which Merkel and Rumpoy are part! Dear knows who else is part of it. Probably Cameron and Obama!

      2. Exactly – hence the invaders are being encouraged to ‘breed’ with European girls. Complete with diagrams in case they can’t read. Will the European men allow this to happen.

        1. Most men haven`t a clue what`s happening in their own backyards let alone across Europe.
          In the UK our MSM is muzzled to a large extent by politicians in case it `stokes things` up.
          As for the BBC ! Hell could freeze over before they`d broadcast non whites “misbehaving”.
          Go back to sleep, sheeples…….ignorance is bliss.

        2. Europe and the US are in the process of racial dilution pollution or genetic
          degeneration. Eventually human
          civilization will collapse. We are
          devolving into spearchuckers and
          bush meat eaters. Lousy low life liberals caused this. How sad for
          for all intelligent whites.

      3. Germany will become a place populated by a semi-brown people with names like Mohammed von Blucher, Hans Hussein, Abdul Wahid Schroeder, Fatima Schlaeger, Heinrich ibn Sadr. And in terms of every kind of civilizational achievement it will be totally inferior to what it always had been. But the left will have achieved its goal of egalitarian equality. That, rather than reaching high for the greatest realization of human potential, is what the left is about.

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