Brussels: Nonwhites Protected Most Wanted Terrorist

The nonwhite-colonized suburb of Molenbeek in Brussels actively protected fugitive terrorist Salah Abdeslam, and the “whole neighborhood knew where [he] stayed,” it has emerged.

In addition, one of four other nonwhites arrested with Abdeslam was “fingerprinted” in Ulm, Germany, on October 3—an indication that he too may have been another of the fake refugees swamping Europe.

It has also transpired that a fake Syrian passport and a fake Belgian identity document were seized in the lead-up to Abdeslam’s arrest.


A report in the Belgian De Morgen newspaper revealed that the immigrant-terrorist had been sheltered in Brussels all the time, while terrorism “experts” thought he had fled Europe for Syria.

In reality, De Morgen reveals, Abdeslam was “hiding in his own district in Brussels,” within “walking distance of his parents, surrounded by a very different type of network than anyone thought.”

The report shows that “Europe’s most wanted terrorist” was living in a house just 1,000 feet away from his parents’ house, and right next to the shop which he used to run along with his brother.

“Here in the district, everybody has always known that Salah was still here,” a woman told De Morgen. “And not only him, but Mohamed Abrini [the last of the Paris attack fugitives still on free foot] was in that house next to the pharmacy. They walked around openly,” she said.

In addition, the two immigrant-fugitives even walked over to the local police station “just for fun,” the locals told De Morgen, adding that it was clear that they had “a lot of support.”

It turned out, De Morgen revealed, that Abdeslam had been fetched from Paris by two friends in Molenbeek after he had called them from the French capital, asking for help. They had driven to Paris and back to fetch the terrorist, and he had been living in the suburb ever since, while police searched high and low for him.

Despite being fully aware of his whereabouts, the local nonwhite colonizers refused to turn him in. It was only by chance that police discovered his whereabouts after detecting phone calls and observing a suspiciously large pizza delivery, De Morgen said.

Abdeslam had been sheltered by another nonwhite “immigrant” family, and they have all now been arrested, and provisionally identified as “Abid A,” “Sihane A,” and “Djemila A,” while the fourth arrestee is currently being named as “Amine Choukri.” The latter name is the one found on the fake Belgian identity card seized in the raid in the suburb of Forest earlier this week, and is likely not his real name.

The fake Syrian passport found in that raid is in the name of “Monir Ahmed Alaaj,” and was obviously used at some stage by a “refugee” coming into Europe.

De Morgen also revealed—to no one’s surprise—that the apartment where the arrested “immigrants” were sheltering Abdeslam was “social housing”—in other words, they were being subsidized by the white Belgian taxpayers to live in the city.

The level of support for Abdeslam in Molenbeek was also revealed by events immediately after his arrest.

A BBC van was smashed up by nonwhite locals in Molenbeek when it arrived to report on Abdeslam’s arrest. This was one of several violent incidents during the day.
A BBC van was smashed up by nonwhite locals in Molenbeek when it arrived to report on Abdeslam’s arrest. This was one of several violent incidents during the day.

According to De Morgen, news of Abdeslam’s arrest spread like “wildfire through the streets,” and soon the area was “filled with young people who harassed the police and media.”

Bottles and other missiles were hurled at the police by the Abdeslam-supporting crowd, and media vehicles were smashed up, with a BBC van bearing the brunt of the nonwhite violence.

“It’s our neighborhood,” one of the young nonwhites shouted at the De Morgen journalist, who then wrote, “And it is right. It is their neighborhood.”

These developments are possibly the best indicators yet that mass nonwhite immigration has not resulted in “integration, peace, and prosperity,” as the liberal left has always claimed, but rather has created an alien and hostile colonizing force, which is intent on wiping out Europe.

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  1. One of the arguments for immigration (on a pre-1945 scale) was that, if people know a few Hindus, Chinese, Moslems, Germans or whatever, they will mutually understand each other better. This was probably true, when immigrants (and whites overseas) were few in number, and probably fairly wealthy and educated.
    These days, the opposite argument seems to apply: vast numbers of uneducated Pakistanis from Mirpur, uneducated Africans from all over Africa, are helping whites in particular to understand other groups, and this understanding is wiping out the media’s bullshit. I suppose that could be helpful in the long term.

  2. “and the “whole neighborhood knew where [he] stayed,” it has emerged.”

    If this is true, then the whole neighborhood are all guilty of accessory to murder and should be treated as such!

  3. It is laughable that this guy is going to fight extradition to France but Germany thinks it has the right to flood all European countries via the puppet group the European Union.
    Totally dysfunctional. Brexit ASAP.

  4. This unbelievable naivety hangs over some EU parliaments – that these extremists are somehow lone-wolves. A place like Molenbeek will be seething with terrorists. When this bloke was captured his supporters cam out of the woodwork but no attempt was made to arrest them. Molenbeek is a no-go area.
    The authorities can tap into all the electronic stuff all they like but if these Islamists can do their business over the tables in their groups, the police are going to miss a few tricks.

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