More Refugee-Terrorists Arrested in Germany

German police have arrested yet more nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in a series of anti-terror raids in the Lower Saxon university town of Göttingen.

At least two invaders—an Algerian and a Nigerian—were arrested on February 9 for planning an imminent terror attack, police have announced. Weapons—including shotguns—and ammunition were recovered during the raids.

Police would not comment on the exact plans by the two suspects, but it emerged that both had lived “for years” in Göttingen with their families.

A total of 450 officers stormed eight apartments and a shop simultaneously in Göttingen and also an apartment in Kassel. The two nonwhites were arrested during the raids. Two shotguns, ammunition, ISIS flags, a machete, and other weapons were seized.

Göttingen police chief Uwe Lührig said that the authorities had “gained concrete knowledge of an imminent attack,” and that the fast police action had been necessary to prevent another terrorist outrage.

“We had, in my assessment, absolutely no other option,” Lührig said, saying that the two could have carried out the attack at any time.

The 27-year-old Algerian recently worked in a call center, and the 23-year-old Nigerian was working as a tailor.
Even though both suspects were born in Germany, police said that they will be deported after the completion of the criminal investigation.

The arrests bring to over 20 the number of ISIS terrorists arrested in police raids in Germany since November 2016, including the “key” detention of five ISIS recruiters on November 8.

It is not only from within the wave of fake refugees that the militant Muslims are recruiting however, as the latest two arrests show. Even those Third Worlders born in Germany to invader families are now being recruited, underlining the fact that legal nonwhite immigration is also a significant problem.

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