Moroccan “Asylum Seeker” Arrested for Rape of German Woman in Dresden

In the latest incident of nonwhite invader criminality in Germany, a 31-year-old Moroccan “asylum seeker” has been arrested for raping a German woman in the city of Dresden.

According to a report carried by Radio Dresden, the attack took place on Thursday, September 17, at the Nossener Bridge in the city.


The victim, a 31-year-old woman, was climbing the stairs from the Zwickau road to the bridge, when the invader threatened her with a shard of broken glass and dragged her into the nearby bushes where he raped her.

The woman was able to provide a description of her attacker, and the suspect was arrested shortly afterward in the vicinity. Police said the woman was injured in the attack, but declined to provide further information.


Dresden has been the scene of some of the largest anti-immigration demonstrations by Germans concerned about the overwhelming of their country by the nonwhite invasion, and became the home of the PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) movement.

As a result, the Merkel government deliberately chose the city as a venue to erect a massive “zero-notice” invader tent city in a major park. This “zero-notice” policy is used when the authorities expect massive local opposition to the creation of the invader centers.

Instead of first announcing their intentions—and giving locals the chance to legally challenge the plans—the government prepares everything off-site and then quite literally creates the camp overnight, ready for occupation the next day.

The proximity of the invader camp to the Dresden city center can be seen in this picture.
The proximity of the invader camp to the Dresden city center can be seen in this picture.

The camp in the center of Dresden is in fact the second in the area, with the first being built in Freital, a picturesque small town just to the southwest of Dresden.

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Given the endemic criminality and lawlessness which always accompanies large Third World populations, this rape will be only the first in a long list of casualties to be inflicted upon native Germans as a result of Merkel’s race-treason policies.

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  1. This woman took a hit for team Germany. Don’t stop at 6 million muslims, grab another 6 million. Go for the double blessing. Otherwise we will think you’re racist.

  2. They call us racist and nazi for wanting them OUT
    So, its just fair for us to call them leftists (like Merkle) Terrorists for wanting this scum in.

    1. Agree Pedro
      . Execution may be the last resort but it`s the only way to stop the marauding invaders or any other scumbags who commit vile criminal acts.
      The `right to life` pendulum has swung too far and we, the law abiding public are the losers.

  3. What a Marxian Shit-Stain this manipulative subversive bitch has thrust upon the German peoples . . . Germans, the grand architects of chaos, the Zionists, are wanking themselves on sandpaper by this report.


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