Mozambique Deports Ethiopian Invaders

The African state of Mozambique has started deporting dozens of Ethiopian invaders back home in cooperation with the United Nation’s International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The deportation action reveals that “applications for asylum” by Ethiopians in Europe and America are just another hoax.

According to an official statement, the Ethiopians—who were on their way to South Africa—were “returned home” with the assistance of IOM.

The Ethiopians had started their five-month journey in the southern region of Awasa, Ethiopia, and traveled through Kenya and Tanzania on foot, by boat, minibus, or hidden inside goods vehicles.

They had crossed into Mozambique through an unpatrolled border crossing in the northern province of Cabo Delgado. However, their journey came to an end on October 1, when the open transporter in which they were traveling collided with another vehicle, resulting in the death of seven of the invaders.

Shortly after the accident, IOM Mozambique was requested by the National Migration Service of Mozambique (SENAMI) to assist the group, some of whom were hospitalized at Pemba Central Hospital. Others were at the City detention center or staying at an abandoned building on the premises of the hospital due to the lack of accommodation facilities.

During this time, the Disciples of Jesus Eucharist provided humanitarian, medical, and food aid to the migrants. Food, clothing, and personal hygiene items were also provided by IOM Mozambique, the IOM Global Assistance Fund, and the Regional Ishmaelite Community.

The invaders, all males aged between 21 and 39 years, including three children aged between 15 and 17 years, were headed for South Africa, where most of them have relatives who had promised to help them find work. Each paid around US $3,500 to smugglers, which is six times the average yearly income in Ethiopia.

In Mozambique, IOM provided the migrants with food and facilitated the issuance of travel documents through the Ethiopian Embassy for their voluntary return home.  “As soon as IOM was alerted by SENAMI, we were able to step in and help,” said IOM Mozambique Chief of Mission Katharina Schnöring.

“Without IOM’s U.S. State Department-funded Assisted Voluntary Return Program, they would not have been able to return home voluntarily and with dignity,” she added.

Following their arrival in Ethiopia, IOM provided each adult migrant with a small reinsertion allowance and transportation to Addis Ababa’s bus station, where they caught buses to their hometowns.

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    1. Political correctness is what counts and the pillaging of towns OK. In the UK towns are no go areas and Blackburn, Bradford, Burnley etc. no longer English but Muslim. A gentleman in that type of community no doubt gets his rewards for violating Article 8b (xvi) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

  1. If any European nation dared to do this, then, rest assured, then whole gamut of the EU, the ‘Council of Europe’ the ECJ, the ECHR, the UN etc etc etc would persecute that nation from here to doomsday.

  2. Excuse me, I would like to repost this article, but one piece of information seems incorrect? How could these Ethiopians pay smugglers such a big amount of money if they themselves are heading to SA to find work in order to escape from poverty in their own country?

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