Multi-Racialism, not “Mental Illness” to Blame for Terrorism

No sooner had news broken of the latest terrorist attack in London—this time committed by a white man ramming a van into Muslims outside the notorious and terror-linked Finsbury Park Mosque—than the controlled media has once again hauled out the “mental illness” excuse to try and explain the increasing tempo of racially-based violence in contemporary western societies.

The UK’s Daily Mail, for example, tried to explain the latest attack—carried out by 47-year-old  Darren Osborne from Cardiff, Wales—as the product of someone who was a “ heavy-drinking brawler who was thrown out of a pub,” was “unemployed with psychological problems” and who had recently “split form his partner,” was “known for his violent outbursts,” and, who “had a history of mental illness.,”

This is, of course, just a made-up excuse. It is a fact that anyone who carries out an atrocity of such a nature has a mental illness. All terrorists are mentally ill, because anyone who would act in such a way towards other people obviously has mental illness issues.

The reality that all terrorists have mental illness issues is a given fact—and the controlled media and the establishment attempts to use this reality to disguise the fact that the real spark for these attacks is the multi-racial society which those institutions have created.

Mentally ill people—such as, for example, Thomas Mair, the lone assassin who murdered a far left Labour Party Member of Parliament, Jo Cox, at the height of the 2016 Brexit campaign—have always been around. Under a properly controlled—non-liberal—society, such people would be identified and incarcerated in mental institutions where they would be no danger to themselves, or anyone else.

But, precisely because of the liberal nature of modern western society, with its obsession on “human rights,”—born out of the obviously failed multi-racial experiment, in which vastly disparate races are forced together and taught that they are all “equal” despite the obvious vast, and unbridgeable—racial differences which so clearly exist—mentally ill people are given free reign.

The huge number of Muslim extremist attacks—police in Britain, for example, report that they make on average four arrests of Muslim terror suspects every day—serves as lightning conductor for other people such as Osborne to focus their own particular brand of sociopathic behavior.

The Daily Mail serves as the perfect case in point. Day after day, that newspaper sensationalizes the ongoing Muslim terrorist activities—and is now foremost in the queue to be “shocked” which some mentally ill person attacks Muslims.

The true cause of terrorism—both Muslim and anti-Muslim—is in fact the multi-racial society which institutions such as the Daily Mail has helped create.

The racial tensions created by multi-racial societies, combined with the Jewish lobby’s promotion of illegal and immoral wars in the Middle East on behalf of Israel—which incite the Muslims even further against European society—are the true cause of terrorist attacks such as those recently seen in London—and nothing else.

The only way this increasing cycle of violence can be halted will be through the dismantling of the multi-racial experiment, and the return of all Third Worlders to their home nations.

A failure to implement this policy will condemn Europe—and any First World nation—into a cycle of perpetual violence, which can only end with the physical extermination of the white race and the plunging of the entire world into Second and Third World chaos.

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  1. The powers that be push the mental illness meme because the idea of it is so broad and psychiatry such a loosely defined "science", that nearly any one can be claimed to be mentally ill to have their freedoms taken away or even committed to "care" against their will. Just an age-old way to silence dissidents by hauling them off to asylums. That's what they're working toward.

  2. I have noticed that the media generously ascribes the actions of Muslim terrorists in Britain to mental illness as if they cannot help themselves, but they are not so generous to violent extremists among white nationalists. In their case their crimes are purely due to their wickedness and twisted ideology. However, the background of serial killer and Gab user Robert Bowers is likely to have induced mental illness in him because his father committed suicide when he was six. If you examine the lives of other violent criminals like the Kray twins there often appears to be a pattern of absent fathers and domineering mothers.

  3. I read the article again and although I don’t agree with all of it I accept the basic premise that the stress on society of assimilating large numbers of immigrants who are culturally and racially alien to the native population is likely to trigger certain vulnerable individuals into outbursts of extreme violence. As long as the ruling class continue to regard immigrants as economic units, interchangeable with the native population, then this madness will continue with predictable tragic consequences.

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