Multiracial Churches in Decline

The more a Christian church becomes “multiracial,” the quicker its attendance drops and the institution declines, a new study has shown.

The report, published in the latest issue of the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, focused on the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

ELCA service

Titled “Congregational Diversity and Attendance in a Mainline Protestant Denomination,” the study looked at data taken from 10,000 congregations in the ELCA, and the relationship between changes in racial/ethnic diversity and changes in average weekly attendance over a 19-year time period (1993–2012).

The study found that “racial diversity” doubled in the ELCA over that time period—and that “in spite of the ELCA’s denominational push for racial diversity in its local churches,” data showed that “increasing racial diversity associated with decreasing average attendance.”

Kevin Dougherty, an associate professor of sociology at Baylor and lead author on the study, said the findings shows congregations “trying to change their diversity” experience great difficulty surviving.

The study also found that:

– Rises in racial diversity were associated with declines in weekly attendance, especially in the 1990s.

– Older congregations were more likely to see a decline in attendance.

– Congregations in predominantly white communities were more likely to grow.

The ELCA is one of the least racially diverse denominations in the US, according to the Pew Research Center, with white people making up 96 percent of its membership.

Only the National Baptist Convention, with 99 percent black membership, is less diverse.

According to a Gallup poll published in December 2015, three-quarters of American adults identify with a Christian religion, little changed from 2014, but down from 80 percent eight years ago. That study was race-blind.

About 5 percent of Americans identify with a non-Christian religion, while 20 percent have no formal religious identification, which is up five percentage points since 2008.

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  1. Defenders of white creativity and practical activities and history have a hard time with this sort of thing. How can so many whites be so dim as to support this outdated stuff which wasn’t even indigenous to them?

  2. This is why so many young white people (in their teens and twenties) are returning to the ancient beliefs that our European ancestors practised before they were forcefully converted to Christianity under pain of death. LIke Islam, Christianity is an off-shoot of Judaism. Being taught “to love those who persecute you” and turn the other cheek has destroyed our people and made us weak. In contrast our ancient myths and legends teach us the Nine Noble Virtues that made our Noric race proud and strong: Courage – Truth – Honour – Fidelity – Discipline – Hospitality – Self-reliance – Industriousness – Perseverence. Congregating together with people of our own blood to celebrate our sacred rituals is an experience that nothing else compares to. Unlike Christianity, Asatru or Odinism is not a club anyone can join. (Non-whites are politlely encouraged to investigate their own ancient roots and traditions and leave us to ours. )

  3. Lutheranism is so backwards and antirational that it makes papism appear rationalist and scientific by comparison. Bring in the “diversity”, I say, and let the timbers come tumbling down upon the congregants’ heads.

    We should bear in mind however, that welcoming nonwhites into one’s church is usually positively correlated with the promotion of secular humanism, leftist activism, relativism, and related cancers. So we shouldn’t leap to the conclusion that multiracialism causes the declines mentioned.

  4. Sadly all this is purely academic. Just when all western religions will be totally subsumed by Islam is a moot point.However, judging by the all out haste with which Obama and Merkel are encouraging vast numbers of Muslimes the near future is becoming worryingly more of a distinct possibility.

  5. Perhaps it’s because the people are, ‘ahead of the curve’ and now recognise that religion in all its forms, is a waste of time and simply not worth the effort. After all, what has it done for mankind apart from causing wars, dissent and all the rest of it?

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