Mumbai Refugee-Terrorist in Austria?

A Pakistani allegedly wanted by police for the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, has been arrested in Austria after he entered Europe via Greece and the “Balkans route” posing as a refugee, it has emerged.

The Pakistani, identified as Muhammad Ghani Usman, was arrested along with an Algerian, named as Adel Haddadi, in an invader camp in Salzburg last week.


Refugee-terrorists Usman and Haddidi.

The Salzburger Nachritchten newspaper has however reported that Usman’s identification is “not yet certain” as police are awaiting confirmation from Pakistan.

What is certain however is that the two Muslims were arrested on December 10, 2015, in Salzburg, after claiming asylum in Austria.

Haddadi, a 28-year-old, is believed to be one of a number of ISIS “strike teams” who have infiltrated Europe under cover of the Angela Merkel-incited nonwhite invasion force.

They entered Europe posing as Syrian refugees and arrived in the same boat as two of the nonwhite refugee-terrorists (code name Ahmad al-Mohammed and Mohammad al-Mahmoud) who took part in the November 2015 Paris attacks.

The two arrested nonwhites were traveling with fake Syrian passports under the names Faycal Alaifan and Fozi Brahi.

The fake documents were detected by the Greek police after a check on train passengers in that country revealed that their passport numbers showed up in a database of over 4,000 such documents confirmed stolen by ISIS in Syria.

The Greek authorities however released the two, and they continued their journey up the Balkans into Austria, along with a still unknown number of other ISIS members.

Media spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office in Salzburg, Robert Holzleitner, said in a press release that officials were waiting for information from Pakistan to proceed with the investigation—and that they had been waiting since December 2015 without success.

Nonetheless, the two arrested refugee-terrorists are deemed to be such a serious threat that they have not been released, despite the lack of response from Pakistan.

The man identified as Muhammad Ghani Usman is believed to be the bomb-maker for the Pakistani terror group behind the Mumbai attacks. In that incident, which lasted several days, teams of gunmen used bombs and firearms to take over two hotels and shoot at bystanders on the streets—an event considered as a model for the recent attacks in Europe.


One of the hotels attacked in Mumbai, 2008.

In addition, phone records have linked the men to the suspected mastermind of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud. A multinational investigation has also found that there may now be scores of terrorists who used the migrant flow to get into Europe. A source close to it has warned that “large-scale” attacks on European countries including Britain are now “imminent.”

There is evidence that a specialist terrorist network based in Europe has been providing support to get more jihadists into the continent, including safe houses and fake documents.

Members of the gangs responsible for the November Paris attacks and those in Brussels in March were found to have used a network to get in and out of Europe, and to find safe haven when they arrived.

But they were arrested again in December when a fingerprint search linked them to the passports stolen by ISIS.

Investigators searched their phones and found that they had dialed numbers used by the Paris attackers, and the alleged ringleader of the attack, Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

This ringleader, who was killed after a shootout with police, had boasted to a friend that he had helped get 90 more jihadists into Europe as refugees, according to French investigators.

Usman and Haddidi deny the charges but have been questioned by the French intelligence services and are expected to be extradited to France. Investigators believe that they intended to be involved in the Paris attacks but their arrests in Greece prevented them from doing so.

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    1. Cameron has his own stew to swim in. As well he was having government fund door to door Euro promo propaganda. What a DBag.

    2. They should be tortured to death if necessary for all terrorist information. That information should be used to wipe the bastrads off the face of this earth.

      Of course no such thing will happen and hence this is why the eu and other places are in a complete and utter mess. Thanks in no small measure to leftist idiots unfortunately who have power.

    3. In that he is 100% right I just hope the Americans don’t ignore Trump, as they are in a right mess too. He might just be the right person at the right time. However like Nigel Farage and many others they talk a lot of common sense and sadly other politicians and people in power don’t do or understand common sense!

      Give me Farage, Trump and the rest of them anyway to the current crop of so-called politicians throughout the western world. What a f***ing mess they have created especially in Europe with the dumbest of all mantras of more europe to fix an ailing europe, more europe…….. God save us from these idiots.

    1. They won’t get it. They hanged the only other surviving Mumbai attacker not so long ago, and the EU will not extradite anyone to a country where they might face the death penalty. EU policy sadly 🙁

  1. Guess what folks…he will never be extradited from within the EU, because he will face a death sentence in India (as the only other surviving terrorist from the Mumbai attacks was given), and the EU will not extradite anyone to a country which might kill them…they’re home free thanks to the wonderful EU.

  2. It seems to be getting more toxic in Europe every day – garbage galore, Ive just read German soldiers have gone to join ISIS, its going to be an interesting year …

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