Munich: Iranian Invader Terror Attack

Ali Sonboly, an 18-year-old Iranian invader living in Munich, has been identified as the gunman who killed at least ten people in Munich yesterday, with multiple reports claiming that he shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the shooting rampage.

The terror attack is the second in five days carried out by nonwhite invaders living in Germany, following Monday’s ax attack by an Afghan on a train.


Ali Sonboly opens fire.

The Iranian shooter told passersby in an exchange captured on video that he had been “raised in a Hartz IV neighborhood” in Germany. Hart IV is the common name for the welfare system in Germany, named after the politician Peter Hartz, who was head of the commission which devised the scheme.

The exchange—in German—between the Iranian invader and some German passersby show clearly that the Germans were well aware that the gunman was not German.

A transcript of the exchange, released by the German media, shows Germans telling the shooter that he is a “f*****g Turk” and a “f*****g foreigner,” while the gunman claims that he is “a German” who was born in Germany.

“I grew up here in the Hartz 4 area,” the gunman then says. It later transpired that he had been born in Germany, and lived in Munich with his Iranian-born parents in the Maxvorstadt suburb, near central Munich and just to the south of the scene of the shootings.

The German police have already raided his parents’ apartment in search of evidence.

Eyewitnesses to the shooting said the Iranian loaded a pistol in the bathroom at a McDonald’s restaurant before emerging, shouting “Allahu Akbar,” and opening fire on children inside the premises.

The witness, named only as Lauretta, said she heard an alarm before “boom, boom, boom . . .The children were sitting to eat … they can’t run.”

He then went outside and opened fire on passersby and in a local shopping center before killing himself in a secluded side street.

The controlled media—of course hoping that the attacker was not a nonwhite immigrant—immediately started speculating that the attacker was a German right winger” with the Daily Mail even temporarily running a headline banner saying that the attacker was “German.”

The media—and the German establishment—are still maintaining that the motive for attack is “unclear.”

The names of the witnesses, and photographs from the shootings, do however reveal one more important aspect of Angela Merkel’s “new Germany.”

For example, the witness Lauretta quoted above also revealed that she is a Muslim—and that was why she knew the phrase “Allahu Akbar.”

Another witness quoted by the Daily Mail was described as a “local boy, named only as Orhan T,”—a Turkish invader, confirmed by his father’s name Murat, who claimed he had gone to the McDonald’s to check what was going on.

Yet another witness was named was Luan Zequiri—an Asian-sounding name.

In addition, at least three of the victims appeared to be of Kosovo-Albanian origin, according to Facebook posts from family members. Another three were Turkish citizens.

While the establishment and controlled media will do their best to hide the fact that nonwhite terrorism has now come to Germany thanks to decades of open doors immigration policies and Merkel’s “refugee” invasion, the names of the eyewitnesses to the shootings and the identities of many of the victims reveal how extensive the Third World invasion of Munich has already advanced.


The face of the “new Germany”–Munich civilians, fleeing with their hands in the air from an immigrant terror attack. 

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  1. The killer has been identified as Iranian. Why was German media wrongly claiming he was shouting anti-refugee remarks before he died? Editors and journalist are the lowest form of life imaginable; they are trying to deflect reaction away from non-Germans and the regime; they are trying to ignite a race war? It would seem so.

    1. A ‘Race War’? Michael, that’s precisely what the Governments of the EU/USA and their media lackey co-conspirators don’t want. However, that is exactly what they will get.

      Both Governments and their controlled media increasingly remind me of Walt Disney cartoon, ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’. They collectively set in motion a huge social experiment under the label, ‘Multiculturism’ on the back of the concept of Commercial Globalisation and now, when the experiment is plain to see, it’s running away with itself. The beginnings of the people’s resistance to the elite’s Grand Plan are now plainly distinguishable: BREXIT; Trump; Austria’s Presidential elections; Le Pen; ex-Former Soviet Union countries disregarding dictat from Brussels et al. What further uncontrollable events loom? For sure, the independent actions of the people are condemned by the various pro-multiculturism, pro-globalism factions simply because they are slowly losing control. In particular, the BBC views this recalcitrance with horror. People actually possessing independent thought and being prepared to act on those thoughts? The people are developing traction along with momentum and the elite are increasingly viewing this threat with concern.
      And the best part of the analogy with the ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ will be that the sorcerer will not step in at the last moment to deal with his wayward apprentices’ lone experiment.

  2. Killing kids!!! The son of a bitch is now in the deepest hell.

    Re: “Germans telling the shooter that he is a “f*****g Turk” and a “f*****g foreigner,” while the gunman claims that he is “a German” who was born in Germany.” This shows there are still people in Germany who have got guts.

    1. It’s a good sign.

      Remember, until very recently, German citizenship and the whole notion of who is ‘German’ and who is not, was based, exclusively, on blood – as it had been for hundreds of years.
      So it is likely that vestiges of the old system are deeply inculcated in the German psyche.

      1. I think it was Heine who wrote the Germans can take patiently a lot of abuse, but when they finally respond the earth is shaking. Will it be so this time?

      2. I remember that too. And I thought it made absolute sense. Was shocked to hear just about any ethnic is now entitled to a German passport, these days. But as you say, people aren’t stupid, their gut tells them exactly what’s wrong and right.

  3. Thanks for the info. In fact I am unable to find s media that is giving this info at all! None of them gives name, or age, or background of the killer. Nobody mentions about the Allahu Akbar. What on Earth is going on…???? We are completely missinformed and manipulated!

  4. The Times newspaper in the UK this morning – attacker was a German and authorities “fear” “far-right” onslaught….

  5. Come on! you great nation of Germany!!, rise up against this tyranny, rise up while you still can.
    At some point you must sacrifice, sacrifice before there is nothing left too sacrifice for.
    For the sake of your land, for the lives of your children, and your children’s children, make a stand, if not now!…..When?

    Once you are a minority in your own land, it WILL BE TO LATE !!!…………………..

    1. The Germans are still pretty evenly split, or at least WERE pretty evenly split before the latest two attacks there. When I left Germany two months ago there were “WELCOME REFUGEES” bumper stickers everywhere. Pretty sad. I wanted to replace them all with “REFUGEES GO HOME” stickers.

  6. Merkel & her “government ” are shitting their pants because they know that soon the population will turn on the invaders & then on the authorities so they cannot afford to admit it’s another Islamic attack.

    They’ll blame the conservatives or they’ll blame the youth with psychiatric problems, they’ll tell you he’s a misguided youth or maybe even a radicalised Methodist, but never would he be a peace loving Islamist!!

    Merkel’s days are numbered as are those of the EU and it’s going to be very messy. Can you imagine the relief of the ” Brexiteers” ?.

    1. Why pray should the “Brexiteers” be so relieved? For the reason of their suicidal and delusional cutting off ties with Europe and remaining in the largely Third World British “Commonwealth”? It’s like a drowning man feeling relief at his throwing away a lifejacket but keeping a large rock attached to his neck.

  7. Fikki Fikki Mutti Merkel! It seems the cracks are staring to show in the cultural enrichment program. A few more like this and our friends in Germany will have a nice little civil war on their hands. Should have kept that wall standing, guys…

    1. LOL! I completely agree. But if this beautiful wall was still standing, YOU had Merkel and the refugees on your side, and WE would be free of both! Remember?

      1. Eva, if by “WE” you mean Western Europe (whatever it signifies), then during the Cold War (ca 1945-92) it was there that the “refugees” from the Third World flocked in en masse. West Germany accepted scores of Turks and Kurds, France masses of Arabs, Holland crowds from Asia, and, the worst of them all, Britain took in untold of crowds from its largely Third World “Commonwealth” (consisting of 53 nations, 18 from Africa alone).

        1. Yen, sure you’re right. I’ve visited Paris in 1982, it was crowded with blacks. I’ve been to Gdansk in 1985, there were lots of gypsies and soldiers with machine guns on the streets. And yet, it seems to me, times were more peaceful then.

      2. Haha! Very true. I guess it’s time to put up another wall a few kilometers east of the previous one – maybe exactly on the Polish border. Enjoy you cheap labour and breeding solution, Mutti Merkel!

        1. NEC TEMERE NEC TIMIDE! Gdansk people are brave and proud. They pulled the first stone out of that wall! Remember Lech Waleza.

          1. Eva, I’d visit, amongst others, Poland in the 80s, but didn’t spot any Gypsies. Aren’t you confusing the country with Rumania, Slovakia or even Sweden (scores of Gypsies there in the 80s)? Poland still remains remarkably White. As for the presumed numerous soldiers with machine guns in Gdansk in 1985, I would think they were there in 1981, during the Soviet martial law, but not in 85?

  8. The lying krauts have also covered up the last shooting. When will they learn that people wont accept a hooked nose Arab muslim as one of their own. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck its a bl00dy duck

  9. This is a lot like the Nice, France truck incident and subsequent video(s). I believe the photo above is a still image taken from the video I saw of the event. The official video appears to be taken from across the street by someone who was randomly aiming his camera at the entrance of the McDonald’s for some reason. Anyway, the guy comes out of McDonald’s, points a gun at a group of kids to his right and starts shooting. All the kids ran away, No one fell to the ground. He continues to shoot into the distance, while the camera man from across the street runs, and we get lots of shaky video of the ground. Once again, there is no actual video of a person getting shot, just lots of victims after the fact.

    In Nice, I’ve seen lots of videos of the truck going down the street, but then it gets obscured by trees, buildings or even a balcony railing in one video. Only then do you hear the screams. The next shot is always people lying on the ground. Never once is there actual footage of the truck making physical contact with people and hitting them. Just like this video that never shows anyone actually being shot.

  10. Distorting the truth is the enablers tool to deception. All but the gullible fail to see through the media lies. We’re fighting a war on several fronts, it’s getting messy, and still we await our general!

  11. U can c it in her eyes she avoids any contact on this subject any other debate she is there with her all her faculties and does not budge what her body mannerism I not a expert but it is clear to see there is not one ounce of sympathy in her speech r demeanour she is a liar a traitor and a evil person

  12. You only have to read other articles on this site to appreciate the manipulation of news by the National Broadcasters. Indeed, the German press appear to be quite adept at withholding important news and/or manipulating the facts to avoid any reference to the so-called “Refugees”. Quite frankly, I do not believe the public have been given the facts by the media in relation to this issue, only a version the German Government want us to believe.

    1. The German press individuals simply lie and misinform on the “refugee” subject. In favor of “refugees” and their advocates, including Merkel.

  13. Excuse me, I visited Gdansk in 1985. My father was born there before ww2. Gypsis were running after us, trying to steal and posing as fortune tellers in the old and beautiful street of
    Mariengasse (don’t know the polish name). Soldiers were securing places and trains.
    None of us would have dreamed of the iron curtain ever dropped. I crossed the german-german border and literally kissed the ground when I was back in the free west again.

    1. Wow, seems you had quite an experience in Gdansk in ’85. Every one of us have different ones, I suppose. So you mean it was wrong the “iron curtain” dropped? Honestly. As I understand, the Gypsies in Germany enjoy a national minority status, don’t they? There must be quite a few of them there? Apart from Asians and Africans, of course.

      1. Excuse me, I think it’s good the wall and the mined deathstripes do not exist anymore. But BRD and DDR shouldn’t have been united. Nobody asked us, if we wanted to pay with our pensions for a broke communist state. They should have stayed ‘independent’, another germanspeaking Nation just like austria. I don’t know if there are any gypsies in Germany *shrug*, but we have many many many turks, kurds and arabs.

        1. Eva, the Gypsies definitely enjoy a national minority status in Germany. This seems to mean not only there are Gypsies in Germany, but many of them. As for Poland, to my knowledge, the Gypsies don’t have a national minority status in the country, nor are they numerous. Those pestering passersby in some Polish cities seem to have arrived relatively recently, mainly from Rumania, having taken advantage of the EU open border policy. So you’re against the unification of Germany? No offense, but I thought you were a patriotic German. After so many German brothers and sisters perished while crossing the Wall…. May they rest in peace, may they never be forgotten! And are you against the acceptance into Germany of huge masses of so-called expellees from Silesia, etc. after WWII? The expellee status involves huge spending by the Reich on expellee pensions, compensations, etc., doesn’t it? Some of their stories of alleged horrors in the hands of Czechs, Poles, Yugoslavs, etc. seem as fictional as those of certain well-known “survivors.” Their belligerent community, not really true-blue German, is a constant source of conflict with Germany’s neighbors, such as Poles and Czechs, isn’t it? And yet the Reich believed them, took them all in and has been paying them generously. Are you okay with that? So it’s okay with you, Eva, the Turks, Arabs and Kurds come and live in Germany, but it’s not okay if the “Ossies” do?

          1. “Patriot”? Whatever this term may mean. I’m a free christian spirit looking for uncensored information. That’s all.

  14. Yes, the term “patriot” is ambiguous nowadays, just like, among others, “Christian”. All the best to you, Eva.

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