Munich on Refugee-Terrorist Alert

Police in Bavaria are searching for seven Iraqi refugee-terrorists this morning after a massive security presence closed down two railway stations in Munich, including the Hauptbahnhof—the same place where, earlier this year, delirious liberals welcomed the “refugees” with flowers and food.


Just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, heavily armed police blocked off the Pasing and main railway stations in the Bavarian capital, acting on intelligence that seven Iraqis—supposed “refugees” who were already “residents” of the city—were going to carry out a series of suicide attacks.

German police said the names of the seven nonwhites were known to them—apparently having been registered at an invader “reception center” earlier this year.

In a telling insight into the naiveté of the liberal mindset which encouraged and welcomed the nonwhite invasion of Germany, police said that the names which the seven invaders had provided were “all almost the same” and that they were currently “consulting with Arabic experts” to try and determine if the details were possibly false—as if they could be anything else.

The refugee-terrorist plan was to go in small groups to the railway stations, mingle with New Year revelers, and then detonate explosive suicide vests.

The intelligence reports claimed that the attacks had been planned by ISIS along the lines of the attacks in Paris—also carried out by refugee-terrorists allowed into Europe through the “open doors” immigration policies of the liberal ruling elite.

Police said that the intelligence indicated that the attack was set to take place just after midnight, but the heavy police deployment could have prevented the perpetrators from carrying out the plan.

They warned however, that the danger still had not passed, because the refugee-terrorists for whom they were looking, were still not apprehended and could easily strike at any time.

The ease with which the Paris refugee-terrorists could move around Europe—and mingle with already established nonwhite invaders living in various European cities—underlines once again the full extent of the racial treason which the Angela Merkel-political types have inflicted upon Europe.

The race-blind immigration policies, fueled by decades of patently false “racial equality” propaganda, has created a large number of European liberals who genuinely believe that there is no link between race and civilization, or between innate ability and achievement.

From that belief system, it is an easy step to think that it doesn’t matter who they allow into Europe—because if all people are the same, then anyone can be a “German” or a “Frenchman” even if they originate in sub-Saharan Africa or the Middle East.

As the Munich terror alert shows, these liberals are going to learn the truth the hard way.


Above: earlier in 2015, deluded German liberals welcomed the nonwhite invaders with open arms at Munich Hauptbahnhof. On January 1, 2016, the same station was in lockdown under terrorist threat from these same invaders…

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  1. Thank you Angela Merkel.

    Thank you from the bottom of every bomb-ripped out heart, every severed limb, every bullet-ridden corpse, every burned body.

    Thank you Angela Merkel.

    Than you for your great big show of ‘humanitarianism’.

    A great big thank you on behalf of every murdered and dismembered corpse.

  2. This why Merkel and her ilk must be deposed and liberals generally should not be allowed to govern. And this is why Muslims and other non-Europeans should not be allowed to settle in large numbers permanently in Europe or any other Western country.

    1. That’s why East European countries must stand united against this madness even if there is a price to pay for “lack of co-operation” in the future!

    2. Totally agree that Merkel and her cohorts must be ousted -and fast – before she can do any more damage.
      Muslims are similarly settled in huge numbers in many other parts of the UK.
      Benefits have always been the useful leftie political tool of choice. Lots of kids equals lots of money equals votes.
      Their every whim and fancy is pandered to while we can go whistle.
      We`re now on a hiding to nothing in our own country. In fact…. we`re stuffed !!

  3. The more I see of this, the more I wonder about the sanity of any group of people, seemingly blissfully committing collective suicide, and happy to take their children along with them.

  4. Brussels, Vienna, Munich … is Europe going to live in self-created prison being afraid of travel, public festivities, gatherings and what not? This can’t continue any longer!

    China is simply not tolerating Islam at all. They have seen what’s happening to the West, what happened in Boston, in France and throughout the European world and they’ve decided to stop any kind of political islamic plague before it grows out of control. Isn’t that sad that the commie China actually learns its lessons while the West puts its head in the sand?

  5. As Winston Churchill famously said “It’s just the end of the beginning”. Of course Merkel knew that but turned a blind eye to European security and welcomed more.

  6. Sigh. These people know exactly what they’re doing. They want to wreck white countries. it’s a Jewish policy and it has been staggeringly successful – even down to the detail that most posters here don’t understand it.

    1. The more I research this, the more convinced I am that it is indeed the implementation of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan in Europe, and of course the Obama administration is doing the same thing in the US.
      Forced integration, ‘white flight’, and the whites then considered ‘racist’ for not accepting having their human rights completely disregarded.

      1. Stu, that lunatic Coudenhove-Kalergi was surely a very dangerous lefty-skewed idiot but he wasn’t Jewish 🙂

        1. Jewish sympathizer though Kol, as was his father before him. Just as dangerous as the Muslim sympathizers we have now I think.

    2. Exactly so… all done by stealth and planned over many years . Softly, softly catchee monkey !!

      Forced “refugee” quota >> social engineering = homogeneity >>
      EU “centralisation” >> destruction of democracy >> rule by elite >> total control >> zi on ist banker imposed.

  7. It seems as if allowing refugees from Arab world into Europe was a big mistake as some of the refugees are terrorists.taking also into consideration that not all refugees who entered Europe are terrorists.the most important thing is to determine who is the terrorist and who is not…

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