Murdered by African She Sheltered

An American liberal living in Vienna was raped and murdered by the African invader she had deliberately hidden in her apartment to prevent him being deported back to Gambia, the Kronen Zeitung newspaper has revealed.


The American student, identified only as Lauren M., was part of an organized group of liberals dedicated to offering accommodation to nonwhite invaders threatened with deportation.

The African, identified as 24-year-old Abdou I., was already on police records after being arrested for a previous sexual offence. At that time, his DNA had been taken, and this provided the crucial clue in the murder of the American student.

The girl, originally from Colorado, had given the nonwhite shelter in her single room apartment located in Vienna’s Wiedner Main Street after he had been advised at the Erdberg “refugee center” that he was going to be deported.

The Kronen Zeitung revealed that the African had first invaded Europe in 2012 via Italy by illegally crossing the Mediterranean Sea. He had made his way to Germany where he had applied for “asylum.”

However, before his application could be heard, the nonwhite criminal was arrested for a number of serious crimes, including thefts, robberies, and sexual offenses. While under investigation, he managed to flee to Austria, where he mingled with the thousands of newly-arrived “asylum seekers” in Vienna.

A friend of Lauren M. told the Kronen Zeitung that she had “a great heart for the poor,” and “often went to train stations and asylum centers, where she helped distribute food and blankets to the needy.”

It was while on one of these trips that she met the African, who told her he was threatened with deportation. It was then she decided to help him, letting him stay hidden from the police in her apartment. She also fed him and provided him with food, cigarettes, and clothing, the newspaper continued.

It was only on January 25, after she failed to show up for her normal routine, that her friends—who were all aware of, and supported, her activities—began to get worried. They called the police, who broke into her apartment.

There they found the 25-year-old woman face down, dead on her bed. Her face was covered in a sweater, and her trousers had been pulled down to her knees. Blood and vomit lay on the bed and the floor, and wet, crumpled towels were scattered in the bathroom.

A forensic examination of the girl’s body revealed that she had been raped and smothered to death. The semen was analyzed and linked to the DNA already taken from the African invader at the time of his previous arrest in Germany.

Although he fled, the police were able to track him via geolocation data in the photographs he continued to upload to the Internet, and two weeks later he was arrested at an “asylum center” in Bern, Switzerland.

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    1. I put Westerners’ idiocy down to outsourcing the rearing of their children to the state. In normal societies parents or grandparents rear their children according to their inherited traditional values.

      But look at Sweden which is now the basketcase of Europe. That once civil, prosperous and harmonious nation is in ruins because under feminist orthodoxy parents were pressured to deliver their children into state care from the tender age of 18 months and the state thoroughly brainwashed them into multikulti. Only children with strong minds and strong parents could have resisted.

      I think I’ve previously mentioned here seeing a Swedish children’s TV progamme with little white Swedish tots singing such nauseating lyrics as, “my country is your country” while dancing with black children. That’s NOT healthy and it’s the reason Sweden is spiralling into chaos.

      1. Exactly so, Maryanne.
        Very young children in their early formative years are also taught to use the onefinger `salute` in greeting.
        Presumably their parents believe this is the trendy way forward in the name of `inclusivity`.
        In fact Isis uses the one-finger as affirmation of their Islamist aim of ONE world domination.
        Meanwhile Sweden unwittingly allows creeping indoctrination of their children by turd-world butchers.

  1. This should be a wake up call to all do gooders. You are creating a real holocaust. And you’re all in it. I bet her family and friends are pleased with her liberals work and it’s results.

    1. Do all libbie-luvvies have wool rammed where one would normally find the brain ?
      The foolish female lived in a ONE – room apartment, yet invited an African male to stay – in her one room – and even provided him with food, fags and clothes.
      Knowing he was due to be deported surely she realised he had a criminal background and was putting herself at risk.
      The mind boggles !!

    2. Sorry to disappoint lefties will never wake up, and even if they did their brains are fried. Liberals should all be shot along with the scum they protect. Marxists should similar be rounded up and shot. Just imagine a Europe without both – just as it used to be.

      Why oh why did all those valiant people die in 2 world wars? Certainly not for all this pc claptrap, and lefty bullshite.

    3. You seem to confuse liberalism and leftism, and so do many other readers and even writers of this website. Liberalism and leftism, however, are rather different ideologies.

  2. I don’t believe the official story. You can’t pay the living expenses in this hipster area just by working as an childsitter. Looks more like another NGO paid migrant socialworker.

    @Sue “own peoples?” I’d like to see a 23andme of her.

    1. I’m inclined to agree. Why suppress the surname of ‘M’? Ten to one the ‘American’ was not American. Still, she had a rich varied life.

      Editorial note: German and Austrian law forbid in almost all cases the full identification of victims and criminals until after conviction.

    2. I didn’t think of that. I agree with you, this is a whole lot more sinister than it looks. The scab media would never tell us about it, after all, they know they are on the list for the executioner for their treason in the past.

  3. I do not understand why they do not keep rejected migrants in a holding facility until they have enough for one particular country to be sent back. These people abscond, as has ben shown time and time again. We are not discussing law abiding citizens, but criminal elements from miserable third world cesspools.

    1. Surely it would be raacist to detain them when they`re feeling rejected, demoralised and stigmatized.
      Far better to turn them loose, knowing there`s not a cat in hell`s chance of them turning up for deportation plus it works out much cheaper.
      Hopefully they either scoot off to some other soft touch country (problem solved) or latch on to some libbie looking for a `refugee` sob story..

    2. I think you just answered your own question, they knew it would abscond. Remember the authorities are part of this treason from the very beginning, they opened and held open the flood gates to these invaders.

    3. There would be cries that the holding facilities were ‘concentration camps’. This may have the side-effect that people would re-examine the concentration camp idea.

  4. As an American surely there are lots of people in her own country that need help? I feel it gives these liberals some kind of rush to do this sort of thing same for the British who go into the Calais port they all have their own agenda. That said poor girl it was a horrible way to die may she rest in peace condolences to her family.

    1. oldgodger, I too wonder about people who have to help foreigners when there are plenty of locals to help. I think it’s moral vanity.

  5. Cette jeune fille du Colorado qui étudiait à Vienne est un exemple de parfaite « useful idiot ». Elle aurait du mieux suivre les chapitres des cours de l’histoire de Vienne et de l’empire Ottoman:
    Verser des larmes pour celle ne sert à rien. Il faut que cela soit publié partout pour ouvrir les yeux à d’autres étudiantes si peu lucides et clairvoyantes.
    Et il y des citoyens, des élus et même les évêques en Suisse qui ne veulent pas qu’on expulse de tels criminels, ni qu’on fasse le DNA de tous ces immigrants mais qu’on loge dans des châteaux et entretienne tous ces immigrants militants sauvages.!

  6. Well, what can I say, it was just as responsible as walking into the lion’s cage. After centuries of war and conflict, liberal minded people undoubtably did a great help to make Europe what it is today, for which they deserve gratitude. But for God’s sake, Europe doesn’t need more “enlightenment”, for now, or at least not in the minds of it’s indigenous population! And I really hate to see that all these incidents need to happen before people realize what is at stake.

  7. Trouble with some people, they cannot understand that not everyone has good intentions. Even though she offered him somewhere to hide, food, fags, etc., he is so uncivilized, evil and stupid that he does what is worst for everyone, himself included. People like him should not be allowed to breed.

  8. But they called the Police when they were worried! says it all!
    This stupid woman asked for trouble. How was an American working in Austria work permit et al?

  9. What is sad, victims of migrants most likely NEVER heard of all the crimes the migrants are doing because the Media is (or at least WAS) censoring and hiding these facts. The magnitude and frequency of crimes has only recently been exposed by media (grudgingly), especially since Paris.
    Unfortunately, it is the ones with good and kind hearts that get the raw end of the deal….Just like all those Innocent Muslims Western societies have been bombing for 15 years (and unfortunately most whites have not stood up against that crime either).

    1. “Unfortunately, it is the ones with good and kind hearts that get the raw end of the deal….

      They aren’t good and kind. Liberals are the phoniest group of people on the planet. Once they sense that you are not the hipster type (that is, don’t dress like a rock star, speak in 4-letter words or do drugs), they will do everything they can to make your life hell, and get you fired.

      If you work hard, they will say that you “don’t have a life.” If you enjoy your work to even a slight degree, they will call you an “a@@-kisser.” Since they never think critically or do serious work, they are totally intimidated by anyone who does. You are on their hit-list just for showing up in the office on time.

      Young liberal women get a drug-like high from imagining themselves as morally superior to normal people; but they also tend to have actual drug problems. Therefore, they identify with those who are on the wrong side of the law, and they tend to associate with men who are obviously untrustworthy. Possibly the murderer was her dealer.

      1. I’m sure many would fit your profile, but there are some people who are like little saints, although we will never know this lady’s real moral intentions or if she was truly taken in by the all the nonsensical Media lies.
        I’m hoping to see more Whites start protesting the Wars and invasions that their governments instigated based on the Lies of the DUAL CITIZENS who encompassed the Bush Administration before, during, and after 9/11.
        That is when “multiculturalism” and the refuge crisis began. It is all for the Zionist ideologists who have been saying for over 100 years that they want the lands around Israel for their “Greater Israel” project, which includes all the lands (plus some) that White nations have been bombing and inciting to “civil war”: parts of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and much of North Africa. I would say Jordan and Lebanon are marked for being wiped off the map next.

        The Muslims being directed into Europe are a Weapon the Zionists are using for Multi-purposes: Removal of Non-Jews from surrounding Israel areas, Revenge against Whites in Europe, and to get European Jews to migrate to Israel.

  10. Lauren M was in the frontline of the Maraud of Merkel and lost more than a Gold or Silver watch, gold and silver jewellery, iPad, cell phone, ladies silver purse, panties, bra, daddies ring, passport and credit card. If the value exceeded 1000 euros Angela’s agents probably are in possession of the iPad, cell phone and all the photos on it. I guess most of the episode will be sanitised or censored for public inspection.

  11. The problem with these liberal middle class uni lefties is that they are brought up very safe, they have very safe but boring lives…They are told to look down on their own working classes and they don’t have the money and lifestyles of the Aristocracy, so for some type of connection, for a purpose in life they reach out to the “real poor” , the third worlders and try and help them… With too much empathy these young woman are niave and are playing with fire and getting seriously burnt….!!! .But these soft hearted, bored lefties are not seeing the full picture in that their stupidity is bringing this scum into all our lives and ruining their own lives as well…!! .Merkel knows that their will be casualties , but she doesn’t care….Sad to say ,but the more of these vile stories we hear , the sooner the middle classes stop their stupid children from encouraging and supporting these raping scumbags….As a woman of life experiences, I can honestly say that to be raped to death by this African would have been beyond horrendous….Sad but True…..And its about time we Christian demanded an end to the filth on the internet…..

    1. Merkel and the UN’s recruiters have done a great job. They wanted young virile ‘Studs’ to impregnate western women whether they like it or not. Rape was always going to be a bi-product, as was the spreading of horrendous sexual diseases, No doubt Merkel and colleagues will just shrug and say “too bad, collateral damage”.

  12. Didn’t she break the law by hiding an individual in order to prevent his deportation? And her friends knew she was doing it, didn’t they? She seems to have been in favor of the disastrous invasion of Europe by the Third World crowds. I honestly find it hard to pity her.

  13. why this kind of ppl dont help when others country ar at war or dont go into africa and help there? Why they are so “kind” in this migration crysis and take snakes into they homes? I think its cuz they are not that “goodhearth” but that naive to take some amount of money to act as “this much humanist”. All in all she sold her soul to devil in excange for money… may her soul never rest…

  14. You know, I wish I could say I feel sorry for her, but I don’t. Being in America I see it all the time. These stupid white girls thinking these blacks are lie them, then they find out the hard way that color isn’t the only difference.

  15. Seriously powerful that image. She housed an invader and now she is in a coffin. Kaput.

    Can’t ‘Change the World’ when you’re six feet under.

  16. First of all,many people have mentioned this young woman’s kindness, i may sound harsh,this woman dismissed the safety and quality of life,that her own people have worked and created for ourselves,because we no how to work as a team and build a society,these invaders,everything they touch they destroy,many people pay for the PC doctrines that this woman lived by,the trouble is most of these left wing middle class liberals are sheltered from the scum they want in our country,its honest working class people who have to live with the scum,and our quality of life is diminished,for once,one of these do gooders as payed for there selfishness.

  17. I have a 27 year old daughter named Lauren, so this makes me very sad.
    The problem is there’s no real news or education about the dangers of this kind of altruism. Liberal Jews have control of our media! My daughter is awake and aware. I have given her a good education about the dangers of going off with ANY strange man alone.This child obviously didn’t have good parenting and it got her killed. So sad!

  18. She reaped what she sow….don’t know what had happened to the Europe that they are welcoming these dangerous Iraqi and africano …

  19. Very obviously a woman void of common sense and brain washed by other liberal minded hand wringing lefties who cannot see wrong in anybody

  20. Silly headed girl and friends. What the heck did she think she was doing? From Colorado? She should be helping the homeless families right here in the US if she was just aching to do good. Have you seen the homeless living in tents and card board shelters in Las Vegas Nevada and other west coast cities? We have many many Americans who are in really desperate need of help and even the cities where they are located often are not willing to give assistance, but instead tear down their make-shift shelters and make them move out into the desert or to caves and tunnels. We have hungry children and families in Appalachia. Also many homeless in many other parts of the country including Washington DC. She could have really done something meaningful right here in her own country. So sad that anyone could be this ignorant in the times we are living in and so unaware of what the so-called refugees are really like and how much hate they carry with them. They despise women and consider us to all be fools to be used by them. Wake up ladies.

  21. Well since she’s dead.One must assume she did not learn anything. Perhaps others will learn something from her rape and murder ?

  22. She is beautiful, but stupid.

    There are so many girls like this here in New York City who are beautiful, but stupid.

    “She also fed him and provided him with food, cigarettes, and clothing.”

    There are people deserving of this young woman’s kindness who would have appreciated her kindness.

  23. Liberalism is a Disease; along with Feminism. I have no sympathy for this woman. The only way to convince a Liberal they are wrong is with violence; until then; they live in a dilusional world of Love-Peace-Harmony.

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