Muslim Arrested in Bavaria Linked to Paris Attack

German authorities have confirmed that a Muslim arrested driving through Bavaria on November 5, in a car laden with weapons and explosives, is linked to the terror attacks in Paris—although they and the controlled media suppressed news of the incident until now.


This deliberate censorship is part of the controlled media’s policy of hiding as much truth about the dangers posed by the nonwhite invasion as possible, in order not to alert Europeans to the extent of the disaster.

The attack in Paris has however now made it pointless to hide news of the arrest.

According to the Focus news service in Germany, the as of yet unidentified Muslim was stopped during a routine traffic control inspection on Autobahn 8 between Salzburg and Munich, near Bad Feilnbach.

The officers were alerted after a handgun was found in the car’s glove compartment. When the gun was removed, it was noticed that the compartment’s interior wall had been damaged.

The officers inspected closer, and found that a barrel of a larger weapon had been hidden behind the glove compartment.

The man was immediately placed under arrest, and the car pulled over and subjected to a thorough search. Eight AK-47s, TNT, several detonators, and other explosives were found. The car’s navigation system was set to an address in Paris.

The arrested Muslim has refused to speak since his detention, and remains under interrogation by the German police’s anti-terrorism squad. His origin has not yet been confirmed, although the car appears to have been registered in Montenegro.

Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer confirmed on Saturday that there were “reasonable grounds” to assume that there may be a link between the arrest and the Paris attacks.

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  1. European Union has become modeled after Stasi East Germany. European Union is one large dysfunctional police state.

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