‘Muslim Brotherhood – Get out of Australia’ Protest Report

The Australian federal government’s “open borders” immigration policy is negatively affecting all Australian cities and suburbs and in the process making many Australians feel isolated and disowned at seeing their once proud working class suburbs turn into hate-filled ghettoes, according to a new report from that nation’s fledgling Party for Freedom.


In a report on their website detailing a recent ‘Muslim Brotherhood – Get out of Australia’ Protest held in Abel Reserve, Revesby (outside Sydney), the party said that the rally “was a great success with a large crowd congregating . . . [to call on] the federal government to ban the primitive and barbaric Muslim Brotherhood in Australia.”

The report continued:

“The day was a pleasure to see so many people from all walks of life coming together in a united front against radical Islam.

“Public speakers expressed the need to proscribe the Muslim Brotherhood in Australia due to the organisation’s terrorist ideology, which has exploded in a campaign of violence, intimidation and terror towards Coptic Christians in Egypt.

“Many protestors shared stories highlighting their concerns about the changing demographics, increased crime and increased anti-social behaviour that is occurring in the western suburbs of Sydney due to large scale Muslim immigration.

“Many protestors came forward to inform the event organisers that the rally had wide support amongst the surrounding suburbs however many were concerned at attending the rally due to the possibility of reprisal attacks. The increasing Muslim population is already intimidating locals and making many feel uneasy.

“Dysfunctional Muslim youth drove near the park using aggressive language yelling abuse and obscenities. There were also cranky bearded folk who appeared to be possible Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the area taking photos and laundering money through the local betting agency across the road.

“Party for Freedom has started a petition calling on the federal government to proscribe the Muslim Brotherhood in Australia. During the day, hundreds of petition signatures were collected and many protestors became new party members.”

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  1. Well, now you start o get the idea what happens when you have liberals at the helm. Another 20 years and your country will look like South Africa and you will be a foreigner in your own country.

  2. Sawbones,

    Regrettably the whole Western world has liberals at the helm. (at the moment). There are some positive signs as many people are awakening to the failed multicultural and large scale third world immigration policies.

    Protesting is a great way to get people together and spread our political message. Patriots, white people, Europeans, Christians and nationalists need to get out on to the streets to reclaim space from the morally bankrupt left.

    The time has come for Western patriots to rise up against the fascist left and their dirty little minions.

  3. What really needs to be done is to draw the public’s attention to the rarely acknowledged policy of ‘replacement migration’ in white countries and subject it to thoroughgoing analysis and refutation in the same way that man made global warming has been.

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