Muslim Grave Smasher: No “Hate Charges”

Muslim Muhammad Ibrahim’s appearance this week in a Sydney courthouse, charged with smashing 70 Christian gravestones, is notable for the total absence of any “hate crime” charges.

Observers have pointed out that if a white person had smashed Muslim gravestones, “hate crime” charges would automatically have followed—along with worldwide controlled media coverage.


However, in line with the media’s usual anti-white double standards, not only has news of the attack largely been suppressed, but there have been no “editorials” calling for “justice” and screeds “against racism”—because the attackers are nonwhites.

Ibrahim went on his anti-Christian rampage at the Rookwood Cemetery—the largest necropolis in the Southern Hemisphere, located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia—on November 27 last year.

According to a report in the Australian edition of the Daily Telegraph, Ibrahim’s hearing this week was adjourned because of a delay in locating his co-accused, another Muslim named Nassem Raad.

The two smashed 70 graves around a Greek Orthodox church in Rookwood, knocking over crosses and headstones, including at least four baby graves.

Russian Cossack, Ukrainian, and Greek Orthodox graves were targeted in particular. The repair bill is expected to be in excess of $500,000.

At Ibrahim’s first court appearance in March this year, he was confronted by a number of burly Cossacks in uniform. They chased Ibrahim down the street telling him he was “a coward,” to “fight the living not the dead,” and that “Putin says hello.”

At his latest court appearance, Ibrahim tried to attack the media covering the case, taking a swing at cameramen and trying to run over a photographer with his vehicle. He then stopped to pull down the window and stick up his middle finger for the cameras.


Magistrate Eve Wynhausen adjourned the court case so that Ibrahim and Raad can face a hearing together. The case will return to Burwood Local Court on June 30.

* In October 2014, all the major Muslim “community organizations” in Australia submitted a demand to the country’s parliament asking for a “lower threshold for arrest and increased penalties for people convicted of hate crimes” against Muslims.

The demand for a “lower threshold” does not appear to have been applied in the Ibrahim case—because the perpetrator is nonwhite and the victims are white.

Thus the usual double standard applies: a “hate crime” is only classified as such if a white person is the perpetrator. Otherwise, it is just an “ordinary crime,” or, as the controlled media describes the Rookwood cemetery case, just “vandalism.”

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  1. Another totally spineless government. Give the sc*m 10yrs hard labour breaking rocks! After that, shoot them!

  2. The intention of TPTB across the western world is that whites should interbreed with utter shite like these brainwashed lowlifes.

  3. Such nice people these muslims. Jail them for ten years then deport them. Surely real Australians do not want to live amongst these people.

  4. This anti white situation is becoming grave.
    Something has to be done with these ineffectual governments.
    Are whites too afraid?

  5. It seems to be the same in any western country Muslims don’t do crime only Christian and Jews. When are these courts going to start showing some balls and charge these evil people with the crime, if this had been a Muslim cematry it would have been splashed all over the works as a hate crime, once again saved by their cult religion. Sickening .

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