Muslim Invaders Protest at Colosseum

Muslim invaders in Italy have carried out what they said was a “protest prayer” next to the famous Colosseum in Rome against the recent closure on administrative grounds of five makeshift mosques in the city.

According to official figures there are just over 800,000 Muslims living in Italy legally, and officials estimate that a further 100,000 live in the country permanently without official papers.


Rome is home to the biggest mosque in the Western world but proposals to construct traditional-style mosques elsewhere have frequently run into opposition from local councils who can withhold planning permission on any number of technical grounds ranging from the size of proposed parking facilities to the architectural harmony of a particular neighborhood.


Lawmaker Barbara Saltamartini of the anti-invasion Northern League called last Friday’s demonstration “an unacceptable provocation” which should never have been allowed to take place in Rome.

Meanwhile, the nonwhite invasion of Italy continues unabated, with at least 4,292 counted invaders arriving at ports across southern Italy on Monday this week alone.

Even this is not enough: on Monday, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni (a member of the socialist-inclined Democratic Party (Partito Democratico) was on hand to welcome 75 invaders claiming to be Syrian refugees at Rome’s Fiumicino airport—part of the ongoing “humanitarian corridor” program.

This “humanitarian corridor” program is co-organized by Italy’s foreign and interior ministries as well as the Sant’Egidio Catholic community, the Federation of Evangelical Churches, and the Valdese Evangelical Church, which pays for “vulnerable refugees” to be flown directly into Italy on commercial flights from Beirut in Lebanon.

Two offices, in Beirut and Tangier in Morocco, were opened late last year to begin selecting candidates as part of the project which aims to bring 1,000 people, of various nationalities, to Italy over the next two years. There are also plans to open a third office in Ethiopia.

A report in the La Repubblica newspaper revealed that the town authorities of Milan are now “struggling to cope with ever increasing requests for accommodation” as that city becomes increasingly flooded with African invaders.

According to that newspaper, at least 700 invaders were camped out at the via Sammartini hub near Milan’s central train station over the weekend, waiting for the liberals to give them a place to stay and feed them, adding to the 5,300 that the city’s taxpayers are already accommodating.

According to the International Organization for Migration, at least 145,381 mostly African invaders have landed on Italy’s southern shores since the start of 2016, but uncounted thousands more have moved on to countries to the north where their parasitical existence earns them even better welfare payments.

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  1. What the Italian people need to do is drag their government officials out into the streets and do the same thing they did to Mussolini. Then they need to round up these savages and the pope and ship their asses back to wherever they came from! Oh and start sinking boats loaded with this trash as well. I guarantee you do that the this invasion will come to a screeching halt!

  2. Rome is home to the Biggest Mosque in the Western World, good to know.
    They should put that on a Bumper Sticker, next to the Smiling Turd emoji.
    I’ll bet there’s some Nit Wit that’s actually proud of that little fact.

  3. As a Christian I say that the churches supporting the Third World Invasion of Europe are a disgrace, openly helping to destroy Christianity by importing the same Islamic Hordes who have been assaulting Europe for 1400 years, beaten back by Christian Warriors who saved European civilization time and again. Yet now the churches are so heavily infested with Judeo-Muslim infiltrators that they are rushing like lemmings to the cliff of doom. Shame on them all!

    1. The Spanish Inquisition was implemented to root out Jew infiltrators of the Catholic church. But these Jews never give up: the current Archbishop of Canterbury; the head of the Christian Church of England, has Jewish parents so therefore he is a Jew!!! He is undoubtedly a subversive influence. Why should we care you ask? Well although religion plays little role in many people’s daily lives the morals it taught resulted in our stable and successful society and those same broad values are relevant today. A Jew masquerading as a Christian leader and promoting “progressive” Christianity is a mortal danger to all we hold dear. Destruction of our way of life is the supremacist Jew’s objective; as it has been for 2,000 years. They have been kicked out of Europe over 100 times during the last 1,000 years. European Christians have accepted them into their countries but every time they have repaid that humanity with subversion and trying to destroy us! On many occasions they have physically opened the gates of Christian cities to let in the Muslim invader. They are doing the exact same thing today by enabling the Muslim invasion of Europe. Most open borders/immigrant NGO’s are run and funded by Jewish interests.

  4. If they don’t have a place to pray they should ask Dope Francis for a small corner of St Peters which they could desecrate. A small corner for starters that is…….!

    1. No place to pray? So why aren’t they allowed to pray inside the collosseum? Just add some lions and bingo we have panem et circenses again.

  5. That fool, Pope Francis, is doing everything in his power to aid, abett, and assist the Muslim takeover of Italy.
    Doesn’t that fool realise that once Muslims form the majority of the Roman population – which they assuredly will – the Pope, the papacy, the Vatican etc will certainly be kicked out of Rome, with no ceremony, by the Muslims.
    Doesn’t that fool realise that Muslims regard him as an idolator, a religious pervert and an enemy?

    1. St Peter’s will make a fine Mosque. Dope Francis can’t be that thick that he thinks the Muslims will simply open a competition religion down the road……or is he really that Dopey?

    2. And that’s exactly how they view the rest of us ‘infidels’ too. We are storing up huge problems for the indigenous Europeans unless we take a collective and concerted effort to do something about it – NOW.

      Start with civil disobedience – such a non-payment of council tax and income tax, where possible – until such time as our govts. start to work in OUR interests. After this, direct action will become necessary and inevitable. How I’d love to see Britain become a country for the indigenous British once again. Without prompt and ruthless action it’s not going to happen.

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