“Naked Mrs. Trump” Ads Backfire

An anti-Trump advertisement set up by a pro-homo activist within the Republican Party and which features a seventeen-year-old glamor shot of his wife, has completely backfired and boosted Donald Trump once again.

The campaign, set up by Republican Party “strategist” Liz Mair, uses a picture taken in 1999 of Melania Knauss before she married Donald, posing in her soon-to-be husband’s private jet.


The pictures, which first appeared in GQ magazine in January 2000, have long been known about, but Liz Mari—who used to work for the pro-homosexual Republican Party “GOProud” organization—has now employed them in an attempt to undermine Trump support amongst voters in Mormon-dominated Utah ahead of the primaries in that state being held today.

Mair set up the advertisement campaign to be distributed in Utah. Using one of the pictures—the raciest they could find—the picture has been captioned, “Meet Melania Trump. Your next First Lady. Or, you could support Ted Cruz on Tuesday.”  It was meant to be circulated on social media to harm Trump—but has instead become viral in support of the Republican front runner.

Mair has engaged in the most outrageous hypocrisy in spreading the image.

As a staunch advocate for homo rights—in any sane society she would be the last person to try and lecture Christians on grounds of “morality” given the Bible’s stance on homosexuality.

The Zero Hedge blog (a financial news aggregator whose news section is written by a group of editors who collectively write under the pseudonym “Tyler Durden,” a character from the novel and film Fight Club), was the first to point out that the advertisement was backfiring.

In a post titled “Whose Bright Idea Was It to Show a Naked Melania Trump in an Attack Ad?,”  Zero Hedge wrote that “when a conservative, anti-Trump group decided to run Facebook ads which showcased naked photos of Melania Trump, we wonder: what were they thinking?”

Zero Hedge goes on to explain why the campaign is a flop:

It is also the one that makes us wonder just what Mair et al were thinking: imagine if someone were to show naked photos of one of the other potential first ladies (or of Bill Clinton for that matter)—the media response would be loud, instant, and piercing.

But the real question is just how badly will this approach backfire: it may come as a surprise to the organizers, but showing a naked Melania Trump, a successful, multi-lingual supermodel and undoubtedly the most attractive first lady America would ever have, is not exactly an attack ad, the moment men end up seeing the ad.

If anything, this ad could lead to a surprising last minute surge for Trump. And yes, if the democrats (and non-Trump republicans) want to desperately lose the national election, they should certainly show more naked photos of Melania Trump on social networks and/or TV.

* Melania Trump is a Slovenian-born super model, who studied art and architecture, speaks four languages (English, Slovenian, French, and German) has her own personally designed line of jewelry and watches, and is the mother of nine-year-old Barron Trump, a remarkable Donald lookalike.

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  1. Let’s see, what would you be more proud of as a first lady, this beautiful woman or the ugly one with a nasty disposition that currently resides in the White House???? I vote for this one!

    1. Am I right in thinking that Cruz’s wife is a high ranking Goldman Sachs type? In which case she’s working for the New World Order to ‘disappear’ we ethnics to make way for Merkel’s dumbed down brown masses with cretin level IQ’s.

  2. Yep. Gorgeous.
    But then to put bubble boy’s name on the bottom.
    Talk about kicking yourself in the butt while your
    about it. And to think of all places mormonville.
    As stupid as it is hilarious.

  3. How come lefties have won so much ground when clearly they’re as thick as bricks?

    I’m beginning to think their successes have only been due to the mainstream apathy. Now that people are waking up and saying, “enough is enough!” they’re panicking.

  4. she is very beautiful, smart and successful! all tranny mair did was show what donald trump goes home to everynight, defining him as a winner. also utah men are all repressed porn addicts (the “virgins”) so you can imagine theyre not fighting this vision of beauty.

  5. Jealousy is the best compliment you can receive.
    Haters only hate the people they can’t have or the people they can’t be.

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