Nearly 6.5 Million “Asylum Applications” Made by Nonwhites in Europe Since 2006

Official European Union figures show that nearly 6.5 million nonwhites pretending to be refugees have applied for asylum in Europe since January 2006—800,000 more than the entire population of Denmark, and an invasion rate which will cause Western Europe to be completely overrun within 25 years.

No less than 53,100 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees applied for “asylum” in the European Union in June 2018, bringing the total number wanting to parasite off those white countries in the first six months of 2018 to 301,390, the latest figures from the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) have shown.

According to the EASO’s “Asylum applications (non-EU) in the EU-28 Member States, 2006–2017” statistical archive, a total of 6,159,100 nonwhites invaded Europe pretending to “refugees” from January 2006 to December 2017.

This invasion force was divided up by the EASO figures as follows:

2006: 197,400 invaders.

2007: 222,600 invaders.

2008: 225,200 invaders.

2009: 263,800 invaders.

2010: 259,400 invaders.

2011: 309,000 invaders.

2012: 335,300 invaders.

2013: 431,100 invaders.

2014: 627,000 invaders.

2015: 1,322,800 invaders.

2016: 1,260,900 invaders.

2017: 704,600 invaders.

When these numbers are added to the figures for the first six months of 2018, a grand total of 6,460,490 is reached.

It is not clear exactly how many have been deported, or have left the EU, but it is well-known that most who want to stay are unlikely to be deported due to the deliberate intransigence of the race-denying liberal rulers of western Europe.

At this rate of growth, western Europe will be extinguished under a Third World nonwhite wave well within the next 25 years, unless the invasion is halted and reversed.

According to the June 2018 EASO press release, some 51 300 “applications for international protection” were lodged in EU that month.

Approximately 2.5 percent of the applicants were self-claimed unaccompanied minors (UAMs). “As usual, most UAM applicants were from Afghanistan, Eritrea and Pakistan; however, the highest concentration was among applicants from Vietnam (15 % of all Vietnamese applicants claimed to be UAMs), Gambia and Eritrea (11 % each),” the EASO said.

The main countries of origin of applicants in June were Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Nigeria. Of these, Syrians and Afghans lodged slightly fewer applications, whereas nationals of Iraq (+ 182, + 6 %) and Pakistan (+ 303, + 14 %) lodged more applications than in May.

Venezuelan applicants lodged far fewer applications than in May (- 921, – 30 %), but applications were still at a much higher level than at the beginning of the year. Other countries with fewer applicants were Bangladesh (- 283, – 20 %), Colombia (- 269, – 19 %) and Somalia (- 243, – 21 %).

Before June, the number of Colombian applications had been on the rise for five consecutive months, while level of applications for Bangladeshis and Somalis, as for most other citizenships, had been fluctuating throughout the year.

Turkish nationals lodged 2,157 applications for international protection (+ 32 % from May), rising for the third successive month. Sudanese applicants also lodged more applications (+ 216, + 36 %).

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  1. To that number we must add:
    1. Illegals who have not applied for asylum but simply live on the streets;
    2. (extended) Family members who will be admitted in future under family-reunification procedures;
    3. The children of those granted asylum and eventually citizenship somewhere in Europe.

    1. We must also take into account that a large proportion of the “few” females who do come over are all pregnant……..therefore the next generation is already guaranteed first world status even before they drop out of the oven.

      Its disgusting, Europe and all first world countries DO NOT OWE these scroungers anything at all. Either we push them back, and block anymore from invading or we ourselves will perish.

    1. No, but it’s pretty obvious: They are fleeing from themselves. The have turned their own “countries” into trash, and cannot even feed themselves, so they have to “flee” to the “racist white colonialists” for free handouts, food, shelter etc.

  2. The crude figure is over 1% of the EU population in just 10 years.
    Reliably, a multiplier factor of 20 – in the long term, which can be taken as 50 years – can be applied to this raw figure due to endless chain and ‘family reunion’ immigration from the darkie homelands. No, this won’t be stopped as the unalterable appropriate EU statutes *guarantee* it, over and above the policies of ‘national’ governments.
    Add in the effect of the enormous numbers taken in before year 2006.

    It is *certain* that western Europe will be majority non white sometime this century. Most likely around mid century.

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