Netanyahu Demands Jews-Only State—So Why do America’s Jews Support “Open Borders” for the US?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that Israel must be a Jewish state “or there will never be peace”—but in the US, his fellow Jews are at the forefront of demanding that Americans must have an open-doors immigration policy because “Jewish tradition commands us to welcome the stranger.”

The staggering display of anti-European hypocrisy was highlighted when Netanyahu ruled out any deal with the Palestinian people unless they “recognize Israel as the Jewish state and give up their refugees’ right of return.”

According to his comments broadcast on Israeli public radio, Netanyahu said that he would “not accept an agreement that does not cancel the (refugees’) right of return and which does not include Palestinian recognition of the Jewish state. These are basic conditions, which are justified and vital to the security of Israel.”

Netanyahu knows full well that if the Palestinians get the right to return their refugees—Arabs chased out of Palestine when the Jewish state was created—that the Jews will quickly be demographically overrun.

At the time that the Zionists forcibly expelled the Palestinians, their numbers were just over three-quarters of a million—but in the intervening years, this has increased to just on five million.

Allowing five million refugees and their descendants back into Palestine would certainly see the end of the “Jewish state”—and it is against this reality that the Zionists are kicking.

At the same time, all major Jewish groups in America have announced their support for “immigration reform” and the legalization of all illegal immigrants in that country.

Quoted in the Times of Israel, Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism leader Barbara Weinstein said that Jews supported immigration reform because Jewish Tradition “commands us to welcome the stranger.”


The Times of Israel also quoted Mark Hetfield, president and CEO of the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society—a Jewish organization that works full time to “resettle” Third Worlders in America—as saying that he “is more encouraged than we have been in years that our leaders will finally create a just system for immigrants and refugees.”

Now is the time to “fix a broken system” that includes “all kinds of artificial, technical barriers that deny asylum to persecuted people,” he said.

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs has also officially welcomed “immigration reform” with chair Larry Gold quoted as saying that “We are eager to work with both Republicans and Democrats, both Congress and the president, to finally see immigration reform passed.”

The American Jewish Committee has also welcomed efforts at “immigration reform,” calling them “encouraging.”

“Immigration is a key factor in bolstering America’s economic strength and democratic pluralism,” Richard Foltin, director of national and legislative affairs for the AJC was quoted as saying.

Nancy Kaufman, CEO of the National Council of Jewish Women, said her organization “is heartened by the newfound energy to pass comprehensive immigration reform after years of inaction. NCJW will continue to work for immigration reform that ends the second-class status of immigrants without papers and ensures that a viable path to citizenship is finally at hand.”

Even the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) issued a statement saying, “It is clear that both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue have heard the American people calling for leaders to overcome partisan divides and create a common sense solution to fix a broken immigration system.”

ADL national chair Barry Curtiss-Lusher and national director Abraham Foxman, said in a joint statement that their organization “is looking forward to working with Congress and Obama in what they hope will be a debate that will honor America’s heritage as an inclusive, compassionate nation of immigrants that values the diversity of its people.”

Yet all of these Jewish organizations are quiet as proverbial church mice when it comes to Israel’s right to have a racially-discriminatory immigration policy, and further to forcibly keep out people who were originally expelled from Palestine to make way for Jews.

The open hypocrisy of these two fundamentally opposing positions remains inexplicable—unless there is a determined and conscious desire to destroy America through multiculturalism while deliberately maintaining Israel’s racial homogeneity.

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  1. The Jews always talk about the Holocaust but what else is race annihilation than a holocaust? With the Jewish sector all screaming for the total integration of the White population with OTHERS…I find them despicable for their hypocrisy. Funny they don’t call for any kind of integration in China, India, Africa? At the end of the day these countries will still have their indigenous people. Why are they so desperate to bastardise the White race?

    1. Dixi, I fully agree with you. I think you have pinpointed the problem. The Jews needs friends and yet seem to delight is making enemies instead.
      Are they perhaps of the opinion that only the Jews are a nation worthy of being pure?
      Perhaps someone should point out to them that, for almost 2 000 years they have had to do without a temple and all that accompanies it. They have since, Vespasian and Titus have destroyed their city and removed all vestiges of a temple, had no priesthood.
      The Jews will do well to reconsider their position.

    2. Virtually no Jews live in China. China’s minority problem comes from Han control of non-Han lands like East Turkestan, Mongolia, Manchuria… The only illegal migrants to China are North Korean refugees.

      As for immigrants to the West, the imporation of Muslims and Arabs is against Jewish interest. Eurabia is an anti-Jewish anti-Israel conspiracy.

    3. I get annoyed when people say “the Jews” support open borders (I don’t), or Jews support this or that policy or whatever. So establishment Jewish organization funded by billionaires claim to speak for “the Jews” Does Soros speak for the Jews too? Does the pope speak for every Catholic? Does John Boehner speak for every Republican? You’re talking about the Jewish establishment here. They are accountable to nobody and that includes a whole lot of Jews. If we don’t elect them, which we don’t, then they cannot claim to speak for us. I hope people understand that. But when you don’t have billions of dollars or a large media apparatus to get your message out, you don’t exist.

        1. You make a valid point and thank you for not supporting open borders. In general when someone
          says that this or that group “always” votes Republican or Democrat or supports a certain policy
          they mean that a majority of the subject-group consistently does.

  2. Actually, there was polling of Jews a decade ago and a plurality supported reduced immigration. The voices of Jews are not represented among the court Jews of the left. And the HAIS has nothing Hebrew about it. They are hellbent on importing Muslims, who will kill Jews, and Hispanics who don’t like Jews or Israel. The reason is taht they are a leftist group dedicated to immigration, not Jews.

  3. I think we all know the answer to this question. Jews want the Jewish nation to survive. They don’t give a damn about the American nation.

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