Netanyahu Plunges Jewish Lobby into Quandary with Pro-Trump Tweet

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has plunged “leftist” Israel-supporting Jews all over the world into a major quandary with a new tweet endorsing U.S. President Donald Trump’s border wall-building plan by comparing it to Israel’s border defenses.

President Trump is right. I built a wall along Israel’s southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea,” Netanyahu tweeted, coming out in support of the U.S. President, who is also a personal friend of his.

As the New Observer has repeatedly pointed out, Jewish organizations in America and around the world have all come out in support of Israel and its right to be Jewish, but have steadfastly denied the right of European nations to remain European—and in particular to have border walls to keep out invaders.

The various Jewish lobbies involved in this double standard—both in Israel and elsewhere—have until now kept silent on this obvious hypocrisy, but Netanyahu’s tweet has brought the issue into the open.

An Israeli protester against the African invasion of Israel. Such protests are common in Israel, but always ignored by the controlled media.

The clash between Israel-supporting “right-wing” and “left-wing” Jews has always been more about how best to justify Israel to a critical outside world, with the “right-wing” faction being personified by Netanyahu and his increasingly more Orthodox and radical support base, and the “left-wing” faction being personified by the Israeli Labour Party, supported in turn by outside organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League.

However, the advent of the Trump phenomenon in American politics has completely upset the previous balance between these two factions, and Netanyahu’s latest tweet is tantamount to an open declaration of war against those “left-wing” Jews who so vehemently oppose Trump.

All that Netanyahu has done, of course, is to point out the obvious: that border walls do work, and that, by implication, all those Jews in the U.S. who oppose the building of a border wall between America and Mexico while at the same time supporting Israel, are just being hypocritical.

Israel’s policy of dealing with illegal invaders is not only limited to building a wall. Israel also actively deports invaders, as Trump has also now vowed to do.

On January 26, 2017, for example, hundreds of Eritrean and Sudanese invaders held a demonstration protest outside the Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem against the government’s deportation policy.

The protestors included one Reuven Avergel, the founder of the “Israeli Black Panthers,” and waved “black lives matter” posters. The court was deliberating a petition against a new government law to expand and formalize the existing practice of deporting asylum seekers to “third countries”—such as Uganda or Rwanda.

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  1. The left right split in jewish wall advocacy bodes well for Europe. Bibi endorsing the Trump wall will make the SOROS open borders far more difficult to sustain in Europe. Its likely Euro nations will start erecting more walls and fences and ending open borders. Could Brussels stop this ? Hungary already started, off their own bat. Trumps example of serious vetting of people is likely to catch on contagiously. And the EU is only a common currency plus open borders. If the border walls and fences start going up the EU becomes irrelevant. Kudos to trump.

  2. One can only speculate when it comes to these people (Jews) who seem to be the masters of double, triple, and even quadruple speak. Could it be that Trump decades ago recognized their power and has been playing them at their own game this whole time? Or could it be Trump is just their selected candidate to swing America back to the far right so we may continue to die for their wars in the middle east and elsewhere all for a greater Israel and the global communist order?

    It is reasonable to now assume Trump is being passive aggressive when it comes to Israel as the only viable path to victory; indirectly attack Israel’s shadow government by opposing their leftist efforts made through their endless NGO’s and what remains of the Democratic party while openly patronizing right-wing Israel as the escape goat to justify any gritty action by the Trump administration – protectionist nation building, banning muslims, building the wall, deporting illegals, etc.

    If Trump turns out to be the ‘real deal’ we are now living amidst a once in a hundred years event.

    1. @Anonym – You raise valid questions of what President Trump ‘knows’ about the Jew.
      I’d have to say, that considering his long-time building contractor (of sorts) status in NYC – he knows all too well what the Jew is capable of, and of their shape-shifting characteristics. When you are forced to deal with them on as large a scale as he has, and prospering as he has, there is no way he is unaware, nor is there any way he is unable to deal with them – head-on. If he had been unable to match-wits, he would not have become the tycoon he is… they would have eaten him alive.
      I have all the confidence in the world in President Trump, as a man, as a leader, and as an intelligent being. As President, I too am grateful to be alive to witness his arrival, and the downfall of the destructive’s of the world. It has taken far too long to get here, but I am grateful the time is now.

  3. Why would we have to support you? Work like we do and make success in your own land. You are all parasites looking for a “better life” at our expense.

  4. If ‘Bibi’ and his government will proactively and openly drop Jewish hypocrisy and double standards towards Whites in America and in Europe and leave leftist Jewish agitators under the bus so to speak.

    We might have something to work with. I’m not advocating Zionism, I don’t really care about Israelis or Palestinian Arabs. But if we could get those Jewish agitators in the West off our backs, I would gladly look the other way in regards to whatever they did to the Arabs.

  5. Anything that will split jews over issues is a good thing. Perhaps, finally, divide and conquer might work for us at last. Thanks Donald.

    1. @Len – Yes, play them at their own game of divide and conquer – I think it’s a brilliant strategy. It would be a great thing to witness, if this is a Trump Presidential strategy.
      Donald knows the Jew, has worked with them throughout his Tycoon years – if anyone can play the cards dealt by the Jew, he most certainly can – and is my TOP choice to lead the way for America’s Jew-Unshackling!

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