Netanyahu Suspends UN African Deportation Plan after Backlash in Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suspended the plan to deport Africans to white countries after a backlash from his own party members who pointed out that rewarding the invaders with residence in Europe will only cause even more to try to invade the Jewish state.

Earlier, Netanyahu had announced that Canada, Germany and Italy are among the countries that would take in the Africans after Israel signed a deal with the UN refugee agency canceling its mass deportation plan.

However, Netanyahu suspended the UN arrangement only hours later after leading members of his own party and his major coalition partners—who keep him in office—rebelled against the plan.

“For several weeks, Netanyahu has dispatched cabinet ministers to make declarations from a sheet of messages [stating] that we will be expelling all of the infiltrators,” a senior Likud official told the Haaretz newspaper, “but at the last moment, he’s calling them labor migrants and is given a huge victory to the left wing.”

The leader of the Habayit Hayehudi party, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, warned in a tweet that the plan “will turn Israel into a paradise for infiltrators.”

He called the plan “a total surrender to the false campaign that has been disseminated in the media in recent weeks” in support of the African invaders.

“Through the new plan, Israel will be absorbing labor migrants who have never submitted asylum requests!” Bennett said, adding that the new plan “sends a dangerous message to the whole world. Anyone who manages to infiltrate into Israel illegally earns the reward of residency here or in a Western country.”

Referring to south Tel Aviv, where many of the Africans live, Bennett warned: “The credibility of the Israeli government is in the balance here, in addition to our obligation to south Tel Aviv residents who are living as ‘a state within a state.’ I call on the prime minister to submit the [new] plan to the cabinet for debate and approval/ rejection at the next cabinet meeting.”

Bennett added that the original plan was “moral and just and action should be taken only based on it.”

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked of Habayit Hayehudi said Israel “does not need to resign itself to infiltrators who came here illegally remaining,” while Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev of the prime minister’s Likud party expressed concern about what she said on its face appears to be a “quick concession.”

Her Likud party Knesset colleague, Yoav Kish said he “accepted” the plan “with understanding but with major concern.” The public, he said, had been misled by a campaign on the issue by “extreme left-wing organizations” and added that any agreement “must provide for the eviction of the infiltrators.”

Likud Knesset member Oren Hazan tweeted: “The government is now trying to fudge its capitulation on the matter of the infiltrators with nice words that have no practical significance. The bottom line: A little public pressure and this ‘strong’ government has simply capitulated.”

Netanyahu then issued a statement on Facebook confirming that Rwanda was the original destination country for the deportations, and that that country had now backed out of the arrangement.

“Over the last few years, I have worked with Rwanda so that it would act as the ‘third country’ to receive the infiltrators,” Netanyahu wrote.

“It was the only legal way we have to remove the infiltrators without their consent after the rest of our attempts had been blocked. Rwanda had agreed to it, and we started to act on the deportations.

“In the past few weeks, tremendous pressure has been applied on Rwanda by the New Israel Fund [a left wing Jewish lobby] and the European Union. Rwanda has now folded from the agreement and has refused to absorb the infiltrators.

“Under these circumstances, I decided to strive for a new agreement that will allow the rest of the infiltrators to [leave Israel].”

He then went on to address the concerns of the Jews in South Tel Aviv, who have complained of African criminality in the area, saying that “I am attentive to you, and first to the people of South Tel Aviv. That’s why I decided to meet with the interior minister Arye Deri with the representatives of the residents tomorrow morning.

“In the meantime, I’m suspending the implementation of the agreement, and after I meet with the delegates, I will submit the agreement for reexamination.”

There are three important takeaways from the latest Israeli policy flip: firstly, as Netanyahu himself wrote in an earlier Facebook post, the UN deportation plan did not allow for the Africans to remain in Israel indefinitely, and would only have granted them temporary residence for a maximum of five years before they would be expelled anyway.

Secondly, the outrage in Israel over the UNHCR plan is not motivated by any desire to protect white countries from the invasion, but purely, as Bennet said above, to stop rewarding African invaders in Israel with a free ticket to Europe—because that will just encourage them to come to the Jewish state.

Lastly, the lack of response by the Jewish lobby-controlled media and the Jewish pressure groups in the US and elsewhere (such as the ADL, the SPLC, the World Jewish Congress and so on), to the overtly racial nature of Israel’s immigration and “asylum” policies, reveals not only the power which the Jews have over the media, but also the full extent of Jewish hypocrisy on the issue.

Jews are allowed to have a Jews-only state, but any European of white person who wants a European-only or whites-only state, is dismissed and attacked as some sort of evil monster.

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  1. Italy was one of the volunteer countries? Ha! So much for their election promises! What are they going to do next? Open an asylum office in Libya?

    Editorial note: The current, that is, pre-election, Italian government is still in place as a caretaker administration. To date, there has been no agreement between the parties after the recent election to form a government.

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