Netanyahu Tries to Hijack Trump-Kim Jong Un Meeting to Spread More Lies about Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has attempted to hijack the Trump-Kim Jong Un meeting to spread more lies about Iran’s mythical “atom bomb” by using North Korea as an “example” to the world—continuing the fight against North Korea which is a long-time foe of the Jewish ethnostate.

Speaking before the American Jewish Committee (AJC) Global Forum meeting being held in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said that “those who support US President Donald Trump’s effort to denuclearize North Korea should stand behind his quest to halt a nuclear Iran.”

“Dangerous regimes should denuclearize,” Netanyahu told the AJC Global Forum, ignoring the reality that the only regime armed with nuclear weapons in the Middle East is Israel, and that North Korea has long been an opponent of the Jewish state.

Trotting out the well-established Jewish lies about Iran’s “nuclear weapons”—which have repeatedly been refuted by all intelligence agencies and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as nonsense—Netanyahu compared the “Iran Deal” with any deal that might be reached with North Korea.

There is, of course, no comparison at all. In North Korea’s case, that country has an active nuclear arsenal, and has a long history of testing such weapons in defiance of the IAEA and world opinion.

Trump’s efforts to help disarm North Korea and promote peace between that nation and South Korea are clearly in the interests of both nations and the entire region, and are a mark of his ability to be statesmanlike should the occasion demand.

However, the case the with Iran is completely different. That state did indeed have a nuclear weapons project, but it was in formative stage and was completely abandoned in 2003—fifteen years ago, according to an official report from the IAEA.

However, Iran’s ongoing support for Hezbollah, the home-grown Lebanese resistance to Israeli aggression in that country, and its unwavering support for Syria in that nation’s war against terrorism, has earned it the undying hatred of the international Jewish lobby.

This hatred of Iran for opposing Jewish Supremacy in the Middle East is the reason for the ongoing barrage of lies and inventions about Iran’s supposed “nuclear” capability—it is nothing but another attempt by the international Jewish lobby to incite its Western puppets into a war in the region on behalf of Israel.

Sadly, it seems that Trump—who has demonstrated great wisdom in dealing with North Korea—is completely blind and prejudiced when it comes to dealing with Iran.

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