Netherlands: Eritrean “Refugees” Go on Holiday Home after Getting “Asylum”

The full extent of the “asylum” hoax being perpetrated by Third World invaders has become evident with the news that Eritreans in the Netherlands are taking holidays back home after winning asylum by claiming they were “fleeing for their lives.”
According to a Rotterdam city councillor for the Leefbaar Rotterdam (Liveable Rotterdam) party, Michel van Elck, Eritrean “refugees” in that city are regularly going on holiday in their home country after winning asylum, something, he said, is “incomprehensible for someone who has fled his country because it is unsafe.”
“It’s a shameless process and it undermines the credibility of asylum policy when asylum seekers who have been granted a residence permit then go on holiday to their country of origin,” the councillor said.
He expressed his frustration that, despite measures announced last year, State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff (Security and Justice) has not yet been able to produce any Eritrean with a residence permit who has returned to his own country—a situation he called “bizarre” because of the large number of flights and travellers to Eritrea which anyone could see at the airport through causal observation.
He pointed out that in Rotterdam alone there were several travel agencies dedicated almost solely to organizing holidays to Eritrea. “The Red Sea Travel agency has a gold mine of business with vacations to Eritrea,” he said, naming one company in particular.
That travel company’s website even has an Eritrean language “chat” section and a Facebook page with 116,330 likes—evidence that the users of that agency are Eritreans and not other nationalities.
The company’s website—a low-tech affair—also says that the “Red Sea Travel & Cargo Agency” is an “independent travel and cargo company who you can trust with your tickets and cargo to Eritrea.”
The company description goes on to say that they have been in operation since 1993, and that Eritrea is a “sunny destination, situated on the coast of East Africa, a hospitable, adventurous and safe country where you can enjoy a complete holiday.”
This hardly sounds like a country from which “refugees” are supposedly “fleeing for their lives.”
Van Eck went on to point out that “every summer, thousands of tickets are sold to Eritreans going on family visits,” adding that “figures from the Eritrean government show that worldwide, sixty-six thousand Eritreans return every year during summer holidays.”
He went on to say that the solution was simple. “Liveable Rotterdam wants to see the records of the Red Sea Travel agency checked to see which Eritrean asylum seekers are celebrating a happy holiday in the country they allegedly fled.”
“A small check with the company’s lists should provide insight into who has had holidays in their ‘unsafe home country,’ and all Eritrean ‘refugees’ who have done so must be forced to hand in their [Dutch] residence permits,” he said.
“As far as I am concerned, these asylum sharks can pack their suitcases once again, but this time for a one-way trip to Eritrea.”

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  1. Once they leave Holland don't allow them back, they will be travelling on money saved from the generous welfare system

  2. If the Dutch throw them out they will simply move to the UK as did thousands of Somalis when hey were evicted for large-scale benefit fraud. Tony Blair welcomed them with open arms.

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