Netherland’s Geert Wilders Promises to Reverse Immigration after His Party Makes Gains in Local Elections

The leader of the Dutch Freedom Party (Partij voor de Vrijheid, or PVV), Geert Wilders, has vowed to continue to oppose multiculturalism, end immigration, encourage voluntary repatriation and deport criminal foreigners, at a news conference held recently after his party made huge strides at local elections.


Speaking after a media-created wave of criticism descended on him and his party after the elections, Wilders said that he had devoted his life to “telling the truth” about the “dangers of multiculturalism, Islamification” and nonwhite crime in the Netherlands, and that nothing would stop him now.

The press conference was called after the PVV won seats in local elections held on 19 March, particularly in the large town of Almere, where it is now the largest party. At the election celebrations, Wilders asked the crowd if they wanted more or less of the European Union (EU), more or less of the [Dutch] Labour Party, and finally, more or less Moroccans in the Netherlands.

To each of these questions, the supporting crowd repeatedly chanted “less.”

For this “sin”, the far leftist establishment parties have condemned Wilders, and the anti-Dutch media joined in and launched a massive smear campaign, attempting to frighten the less-experienced elected PVV members away.

Wilders has, however, stuck to his guns, and in his latest press conference, refused to apologize “for telling the truth” and vowed to continue doing so as long has he “has breath” in his body.

The local election results bode well for the PVV’s European election campaign, and indicate that the party is set to improve its representation in the European Parliament in May this year, as well as increasing its standing in the next round of Dutch parliamentary elections.

Below are videos of Wilders’ “fewer Moroccans” speech and his press conference afterwards where he defended his statements. Both have English subtitles for non-Dutch speakers.

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  1. Wilders has my vote. I live in California, but I will be voting “in absentia”.

    Translation of the poster Geert is holding: (For as far as visible):

    It’s been enough!
    The current government is occupied with a systematic plundering of our society. Income taxes have gone up. The VAT tax is exploding. The cost of housing though the roof. Nursing homes closing left and right.

    A disaster is looming on the housing market. Our pensions are being wagered. The elderly have been hit. Monthly another 20,000 added to the unemployment lines. We all are paying the price. (Next sentence cropped by edge of picture; then) Spending cuts are destroying The Netherlands.”

  2. I could not attend his proposed meeting in Perth WA last year due to Government intervention, i look forward to his next visit with great anticipation. Stay strong and keep up ypur excellent work.

  3. I totally support his views and congratulate him for standing up for them unlike the politicians and mass media.Everything he has said has happened but l feel it is too late and Erdogan will rule Europe very soon.The people are waking up but it is too late they should have supported him years ago and now you will all suffer.You have thrown your lovely,free country to the pagan Islamic hordes.Here in Australia we do not tolerate immigrants who do not assimilate into OUR culture nor do we allow political correctness to destroy our precious society.He is welcome here in my country any day!P.Islamshite.

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