New Arrests Reveal Racial Nature of Boston Bombing—and Highlights Illegal Immigration

Three new arrests in connection with the Boston marathon bombing has once again revealed the racial nature of the attacker’s motives—namely against white Americans—and has raised the issue of illegal immigration just ahead of the immigration “reform” initiative in Washington DC.


The three new arrests: Dias Kadyrbayev, Azamat Tazhayakov and Robel Phillipos, all 19 years old, are all of mixed racial ancestry. Kadyrbayev and Tzhayakov are Kazakh nationals illegally in the US, and Phillipos is a black (or majority black, at least) American national from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

All three were detained for being accessories after the fact. They were charged with conspiring to both destroy evidence and lie to investigators after it was revealed that they took a backpack of fireworks and a laptop from Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s dorm room to obstruct investigations into the bombing.

The two Kazakhis are in the country illegally after their academic visas expired.

The arrests could not have come at a worse time for immigration ‘reform’ proponents, as the issue of illegal immigration is often tied to terrorism (with good reason) and it is likely to heighten opposition to the reform program in Congress.

The racial aspect of the bombing has however been highlighted by the new arrests as well. This comes on top of the earlier news that the two Tsarnaev brothers told the driver of a vehicle that they hijacked on the night of their shootout with the police, that they would not kill him “because he was not American.”

It later emerged that the driver was Chinese, the same race as one of the three fatalities in the bombing—something which it now appears likely the two Chechens would probably have wished avoided.

The trial of the younger Tsarnaev brother will doubtless reveal more about the motivation and  racial undertones of the attack—and will emphasize the fact that the Jewish lobby’s hijacking of America’s foreign policy is the primary reason why white Americans are now increasingly hated by Muslims around the world.

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