New FBI Crime Figures Confirm: Black Towns Most Dangerous, White Areas Safest

crime-usa-02Even though the latest official Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Uniform Crime Report classifies Hispanics and white people as one racial group when it comes to offenders—but separately as victims(!)—the statistics have once again confirmed that black-dominated cities are the most dangerous places in America.

According to the latest “Crime in the United States 2013” report, issued by the FBI, the black disaster zone of Detroit, MI, kept its notorious status as the most dangerous city in the nation with no less than 14,504 violent crimes, including 316 murders, during 2013.

This works out to an astonishing 39 violent crimes per day, or a statistical average of 1.6 violent crimes every hour. Detroit is an infamously all-black city which has been teetering on total collapse ever since the sky-high black criminal plague drove out the last of the white inhabitants.

The FBI’s report shows Detroit’s per capita murder rate—45 per 100,000 people—makes it more dangerous than New Orleans (41 murders per 100,000 residents); Newark, NJ (40 murders per 100,000 residents); St. Louis (38 murders per 100,000 residents); and Baltimore (37 residents per 100,000 residents). Needless to say, all of these named cities are majority black.

The per capita violent crime rate in Detroit was also higher than any other US city, according to the report.

The report measured violent crime in cities with populations of 100,000 or more. That meant that the black-dominated city of Flint, Michigan, which had a higher murder rate than any other US city in the 2012 FBI report, wasn’t on the list because of population losses. The city now has a population of 99,941.

However, Michigan state statistics show that Flint reported 48 murders and 145 rapes in 2013—and that nationally, Flint was the fourth-most dangerous among 756 cities with populations greater than 50,000, just below neighboring Saginaw, which was the third most-dangerous mid-sized city in the nation.

Saginaw was third in violent crime and second in murder rates among 756 cities with populations of more than 50,000.

Black-dominated Gary, IN, had the nation’s highest murder rate among cities above 50,000 but under 100,000 population.

Some of the safest cities in America are in Michigan, according to the FBI report. Sterling Heights (83.8 percent white), for example, had no murders in 2013, and violent crime there was ranked 46th among 290 cities with populations over 100,000.


Other statistics in the FBI’s crime report claimed that in 2013, 68.9 percent of all individuals arrested were “white,” 28.3 percent were black, and 2.9 percent were of other races.

Furthermore, the FBI report claimed, “white” individuals were arrested more often for violent crimes than individuals of any other race and accounted for 58.4 percent of those arrests and that of adults arrested for murder, 52.1 percent were black, and 45.5 percent were “white.”

In addition, the FBI continued, black juveniles comprised 53.3 percent of all juveniles arrested for violent crimes and “white” juveniles accounted for 59.7 percent of all juveniles arrested for property crimes. The FBI claimed further that of juveniles arrested for drug abuse violations, 73.0 percent were “white” while “white” juveniles comprised 54.4 percent of juveniles arrested for aggravated assaults.

These figures make it sound like white criminality is extremely high in the US. However, as a study of the official statistics and definitions show, the FBI practices deliberate deception in this regard in order not to reveal the full extent of nonwhite criminality.

They do this by classing all Hispanics as “whites” in the offender statistics. They do this deliberately, because when the “victim” statistics are observed, Hispanics are then differentiated out as a separate racial group.

There is only one purpose to this deception: and that is to deliberately inflate “white” crime rates so as to cover up the reality that nonwhites commit the vast majority of violent crimes in America today.

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  1. So true, especially when hoards of crackheads are crawling around everywhere. Businesses don’t stand a chance remaining open in black areas. Too many blacks are a danger to society.

  2. Civilization must implode when its leaders (or rulers) combine forces with the liberal media and the new “common core maths {(Question 8 of a paper?) Tell how to make 10 when adding 6 + 5.
    To this an exacerbated parent replied: “You cannot make 10 with the 6 + 5.
    The Teacher replied: “Yes, you can. Take 2 from 5 and add it to 8 (8 + 2 + 10)}
    is implemented to confuse intelligent people.

    The FBI’s way of distinguishing and grouping shows that they are well advanced in applied “common core maths” or “statistics”.
    This insanity has reached a momentum which cannot be stopped!

  3. I read a NAACP which stated that there are more non-blacks on crack cocaine than blacks. Well, that’s simply not true. I’m not saying there aren’t other races who aren’t crack addicts. What I am saying is that there are hoards of blacks involved in the crack epidemic. Ever since the late 70’s blacks were either dealers or addicts. For almost 40 years, blacks have destroyed their homes, families, communities/neighborhoods, towns, and cities. It’s pure hell living in those drug-infeste areas where the majority of citizens are black.

    Why do you think decent blacks move out of these areas? White people aren’t the only ones who move out of dangerous areas. I remember back in the 80’s when I moved to my first place. It was predominately black. Not long after moving there, black people told me that this area was predominately white. Well, after less than 5 years, I clearly understood why. The area became known for cocaine/crack, drive-by shootings, and murders. Those whites must’ve seen it coming. I know I did.

    What’s really crazy is the majority of blacks viewed drive-by shootings as excitement. Shootings (and stabbings) was the main topic of discussion among black residents. But any info about these incidents came to a screeching halt when the police got involved. All of a sudden, blacks didn’t know anything, didn’t see anything, didn’t hear anything, and hadn’t heard any talk about anything. It should also be mentioned that black cops are just as much to blame for crime in black areas. Black cops DO NOT prevent crime in black areas. They actually take part in it. Check this out:

    This type of s**t has been going on for years. Before the cocaine/crack era, black cops protected teenage black boys and their families who sold marijuana and heroin. Back then, dirty black cops were not only paid to keep quiet, but

  4. they were sleeping with the female relatives of these drug dealers. Some of these black cops were married or living with a woman and had children. Residents in black communities/neighborhoods DO NOT report what’s going on because wh*re-ish behavior is tradition within a large % of black areas. You don’t hear screams of racism or conspiracy from blacks when a black officer’s involved. Not long ago, a DARE officer was suspended then terminated for soliciting a prostitute. Blacks came out in full force to support this guy and wanted him to remain on the force. That’s because those who attened that meeting are involved in drugs and prostitution, even the former mayor said that he promised the officer his job back. But a new (black) mayor was elected and the cop not only lost his job but his wife.

    Funny thing about the ex mayor is that crack dealers, addicts, and other criminals voted him into office. He’s one of them. Whenever corrupt black mayors, cops, etc receive power they abuse by excusing criminal-like action and behavior.

  5. I am so very happy that the federal bee eye relaxed enough to share the official truth about…them. I guess that the last fifty years of my life have been my prejudiced imagination. We haven’t seen anything yet. The world race war is coming faster than the world order expected. The Ruskies seem like pretty good friends now, don’t they?

  6. Los Angeles, Detroit, and now, Baltimore are the cities being destroyed by feral, out of control blacks. In May, Baltimore reported a very high increase in crime. Now that blacks are done rioting and looting, they are killing each other and innocent people. Some residents are complaining about blacks walking up and down the street holding a weapon in plain sight. These hoodlums are not scared of the police. And there’s no protestong about these killings. Figures. So typical of blacks to protest the death of a hoodlum then become silent when black on black occurs.

  7. You can take two of the same exact neighborhoods and fill one with blacks and one with whites then give it a little time to structure itself and you will notice that the white neighborhood will have its problems but for the most part it will be clean, safe and have little violent crime to deal with while on the other hand you will notice that the black neighborhood will be destroyed, broken down, covered with spray paint, ect. along with with alot of unnecessary violence and on and on and there is just no excuse for it thats just how the majority of them live and they accept it but complain when the white man comes to the rescue but then complain again when there are not enough law enforcement on the streets and i could keep going i only mentioned a small percentage of the overall view and it makes no scence at all there are so many successful blacks who are embarrassed at the statistics which dont lie

  8. Here is something fun to do with the whole family!
    First, Google Image: Africa House
    …(see all the mud huts with straw roofs)
    Second, Google Image: South Africa House
    …(see all the normal housing and structures)
    Again, proof that if you put white people in the same situation as blacks, that white people will prosper.

    Same goes in America. If you have two identical neighborhoods, fill one with white people and the second neighborhood with black people, wait one year and go back to see which neighborhood is nice and safe.

  9. I grew up in Camden nj. even in the early 1970’s it was very dangerous for a white person to be in the black areas. I now live in Sparta, tn. very few blacks, rare to see a Mexican. none of them live within 5 miles of my house. the county in live in (white co) is 98.7% white. that means crime is very rare. no gangs or shootings. no graffiti. very quiet and peaceful. everyone knows everyone and help each other. I try to stay way from the cities if I can. nearest city, Nashville. 98 miles.

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