New Hit Song from Britain Storms up Charts

A hit song from Britain which painfully–but accurately–describes the disaster of mass Third World immigration into that country–and Europe generally–is busy storming its way up the unofficial  charts after being revived on YouTube with new graphics.

Titled “Brand New Leather Jacket,” the song’s words were penned by the former leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin in 2004. He did not compose the music or the song itself, as it was based entirely on a 1971 pop song by the name of “Brand New Key,” which was originally composed and sung by American musician Melanie (Melanie Safka-Schekeryk).

The “Brand New Leather Jacket” version was was sung by English musician Lee Haggen, with music provided by a session band.

Now revamped with new graphics by blogger Nick van Riel, “Brand New Leather Jacket” is once again spreading around the internet.

The lyrics are as follows (minor typos in Nick Van Riel’s video have been corrected):

Brand New Leather Jacket

We came to England through the Tunnel last night, (that’s right, that’s right!)
We claim asylum now they’re treating us right, (so right, so right)
Oh something tells me, Ahmed this is the place to be,
Cause here we’re getting everything and we’re getting it for free…

We came to England through The Tunnel last night,
We claim asylum now they’re treating us right,
Your generosity is amazing to see,
Our friends in Parliament they all on our side,


Oh I’ve got a brand new leather jacket and a brand new mobile phone,
The Brits they live in cardboard boxes while we get furnished homes,
Legal aid, driving lessons, central heating, and free pills,
Oh we get all the benefits and you get all the bills….

They drove a lorry from Ikea straight away, (you pay, you pay)
TV’s and furniture, it was mostly okay, (you pay, you pay)
But the flat it was unsuitable, the council’s run by fools,
After crossing fifteen countries, we need heated swimming pools…


We go to garage to by nice motor car, (price is no bar)
Plush BM double U cause we’ve come so far, (price is no bar)
It costs many thousands but man oh what the heck,
We come back tomorrow and we pay with welfare check!


We take our trollies ’round Tescos* each day, (you pay, you pay)
Piled high with goodies, oh that is the way,
Food and drink, and CDs, phone cards, and blue jeans,
Old lady she get angry so we stole her tin of beans,


We get TV licence gas electricity, (for me, for me!)
Your generosity is amazing to see, (for me, for me!)
You even pay our phonebills, so we call Afghanistan,
Tell all our friends to come here and live on Englishman!


Our friends in Parliament they all on our side, (cock-eyed cock-eyed)
Sometimes they talk tough, but you know it’s a lie, (cock-eyed cock-eyed)
Immigration is a good thing, on that they all agree,
The only ones who’ll stop it are the wicked BNP!


Oh I’ve got a brand new leather jacket and a brand new mobile phone,
The Brits they live in cardboard boxes while we get furnished homes,
Legal aid, driving lessons, central heating, and free pills,
Oh we get all the benefits and you get all the bills….

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  1. This just about sums up Britain and the sad thing is there is nothing we can do to stop it either. Britain is finished, and its only a matter of time before it is totally destroyed by third world immigration, mostly of the vile aggressive Muslim kind. What these spongers have failed to understand is that when they are in the absolute majority there welfare benefits will dry up and they will be plunged into a deeper poverty than they were in before they invaded Britain. Personally I believe that Britain’s economy will fail long before the third worlders even take over, as we are sending ever increasing sums of money to the very nations these parasites have left behind. Its impossible for Britain to keep supporting foreign nations, whilst at the same time taking in millions of permanently welfare dependant, uneducated, aggressive people who have no intention of ever working. The system is heading for massive, financial breakdown. In addition many of the third worlders invading Britain already are carriers of very infectious diseases that will spread quickly and wipe out millions. Britain is also close to civil war which itself will tear this tiny Island apart. My advice is to get out now and head for nations such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc etc if you can even be accepted that is. We really are doomed and what have we done to deserve this ?

    1. We must take to the streets and protest like mad,not 20 or 30,20 or 30 thousands ,Until the government reaslises it will not be voted in next time Dave the EUnuch will carry on regardless.

      1. Je to projekt EZ Euromed a dále už jen multikulti diktatura.
        Píšu z Czech, u nás zatím klid, zatím…ale máme málo informací , zpráv co se děje po celé Evropě, jenom občas něco.

  2. @Sylvi imo you are 20-30 years late for that idea of Aus, Can, NZ… those places are being heavily ‘enriched’ themselves and as someone (presumably) not indigenous to them you or your posterity will sooner or later face greater problems there than in UK.
    A people that cedes living space is a dying people.
    The political process in UK has failed but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get in the face of your MP or even just bombard them with prints of news items etc. You can’t reply on organised political parties.

    Monday, October 19, 2015 House of Commons: debate on the (very strangely worded, mind) anti-mass immigration e-Petition signed by about 200,000 people:

  3. The people responsible for the New World Order are responsible for mass immigration. Unfortunately for those wanting restrictions on mass immigration those ultimately responsible have immense wealth. Indeed the world’s richest banking family, the Rothschild’s wealth is estimated to be USD $500 trillion that’s half the known wealth of Planet Earth. The uber rich don’t need to scrounge benefits or worry about taxation as they own the banks, monetary supply, central banks and the taxation system and control any and all infrastructure, land and resources of any importance.

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