New Invader Terror Attack in Brussels

Yet another nonwhite invader living legally in Belgium has carried out an ISIS-instructed “lone wolf” attack, stabbing two police officers at a Brussels train station.

The invader, a North African “immigrant” with Belgian nationality, launched his knife attack on a police checkpoint in the Third World-overrun Brussels suburb of Schaerbeek.


According to the VRT news service in Belgium, the 43-year-old nonwhite, named as “Hicham D.,” was known to the authorities as a radical Muslim who had previously served in the Belgian army.

The invader attacked without warning, stabbing one officer in the neck, and another in the abdomen. The police officers were manning a checkpoint on the busy Lambermont Boulevard. He then tried to run away, but other officers shot him in the leg and brought him to the ground.

Described as “burly,” the invader fought on, and broke one police officer’s nose before being completely subdued.

Belgian media confirmed that he was known to the police because of his previous contact with other nonwhites living in Belgium who had gone to Syria to fight for ISIS, and who had subsequently returned to Europe. It is unknown if Hicham D. had served in Syria himself.

Schaerbeek  became infamous after it was revealed that three other nonwhites—some of them pretending to be refugees, used an apartment in the suburb as a bomb-making safe house prior to launching the attacks on Brussels airport and metro on March 22 this year.

The attack came only a few hours after the Brussels Nord Train Station was closed down after intelligence revealed that there was a possibility of a bomb attack. The same station was evacuated two days ago as officials investigated a suspect package found in a car parked outside.


Belgium has seen a series of such Muslim lone wolf attacks since the mass refugee-terrorist invasion of Europe started in 2015.  In August this year, an invader wielding a machete and shouting “Allahu Akbar” attacked and seriously wounded two police women in the nearby city of Charleroi, near Brussels airport. In that case, the invader was shot dead. ISIS claimed responsibility for that attack.

In September this year, another nonwhite attacked two police officers in the Third World-overrun suburb of Molenbeek with a knife. The officers were wearing bulletproof vests and only suffered bruises. The North African attacker was arrested.

In addition to the attacks in Belgium, Muslims in America, Germany, and France have heeded ISIS and al-Qaeda calls for “lone wolf” attacks on residents in what they call “Crusader” states. Some of these attacks, such as the Bastille Day truck attack in Nice, France, have killed hundreds of people.

The fact that the latest attacker was yet again a legal immigrant to Europe, highlights the reality that the threat comes not only from the illegal immigration invasion, but also from the policies pursued by successive Western European governments for the past few decades.

In addition, the attack also shows that the only solution to the problem is the halting of all Third World immigration—and the repatriation of all Third Worlders already present in Europe back to their countries of origin.

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  1. high time these terrorists started attacking the clowns responsible for this mess – the overpaid a/wipes sitting in power then maybe they’ll get the message

  2. Christine t Now that would be nice…….but the terrorists do not want to offend the clowns as they may stop their reinforcements coming in …terry

  3. Belgium used to be a wonderful country……now it’s just a sick pathetic disgusting place that I will never visit again….

    1. Unfortunately, Kerry, it’s not safe for male or female, especially female, around Europe. I remember visiting Austria as the flood arrived, like a rat army. I have been attacked in the street, heard girls screaming in the dead of night, and witnessed gangs of migrants “on the hunt”. I still visit Europe, but it gets increasingly hard, and I return stressed and harassed, not rested. I told a girl in Austria there was a “smell of evil” about her beautiful city now, and she agreed. Something needs to be done, starting with the election of Norbert Hofer in Austria (hopefully).

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