New Media Platform Needed: Hungarian Mayor

A new media platform named “Custodela” will be created to influence public opinion in Europe on the third world invasion threat to its existence, the mayor of Ásotthalom in Hungary has announced.


Speaking during a workshop held over the past weekend conference of patriots from around Europe, Mayor László Toroczkai said that an important weapon through which to effect political change was that of public opinion.

Using his own town’s recent history as an example, Mayor Toroczkai said that even the Hungarian authorities ignored his warnings about the dangers posed by mass third world migration in 2014.

“I was the first to call for a fence along the border to stop the invasion, but I did not even get an answer to my first letters to the Hungarian government and police,” he said.

“I then equipped and paid our own local town police to protect our part of the border,” he said. The area covered under the Ásotthalom town area includes nearly twenty miles of border with Serbia, one of the Schengen external borders.

He was also able to inform the locals of his area of the true nature of the situation, while the controlled media tried to present the invasion as “refugees in need.”

“I pointed out with posts on Facebook and elsewhere that these people claimed to be refugees, but there were almost no women and children with them. I interviewed many of them, and I asked them where their women and children were,” he continued.

“They said ‘at home,’ and I said that if my home country was attacked, I would stay and fight, and it would be my wife and children who would be the refugees, not the other way around!”

It was by engaging in media efforts like this that Mayor Toroczkai was able to inform the people of the true facts, and that public opinion throughout Hungary was eventually changed.

“It was only after public opinion brought pressure to bear on the government that it changed its strategy,” he said.

The new media network will be set up on a distributed news basis, like a commercial news service such as Reuters. This can then be used by cooperating patriotic parties, websites, and media outlets, after translating it to their local language.

Mayor Toroczkai stressed that the news service will be run under the name of Custodela—a Latin word which means “protect,” and that it was not a new political party or movement.

“There are more than enough parties already in existence, and there is no need for any new ones,” he said. “What is needed is cooperation on an international level to distribute the real news of what is happening on the borders and inside the ghettoes of the European cities.”

The new media platform is set to be launched early in the new year, at which time further details for contributors and users will be made available.

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  1. This is exactly what is needed. We need to completely bypass the old, corrupt media altogether. I’m a US expat living in southern Germany, witnessing the invasion first hand. I’d love to help in any way I can. New, unfiltered media is the solution, just like this website. Keep up the good work.

    1. Couldn`t agree more, Alex !

      I pray that Toroczkai – backed by all patriots who hate what the EU has become – gets this up and running without interference. However, I do worry that the evil hag Merkel and her corrupt cronies will find some way to muzzle any attempts to set up and run a news service which threatens their agenda.
      Maybe I`m too much of a pessimist but I believe that any future polls, votes etc; will also be rigged in favour of the status quo. Far too many fatcats are at the top table and waxing fat at our expense and none of them will willingly relinquish their corrupt lifestyles and easy money.
      There`s too much at stake for the bureaucrats to take this turn of events lying down
      I predict much future skulduggery at work behind the scenes when the greedy scheming bastards in charge get the bit between their teeth. Anyone attempting to thwart their evil designs for the future of the EU will not be tolerated if Merkel and co have their way, and so the fight will definitely be dirty.
      We`re with you Toczkai.

  2. One of the ways 19th century Europe was perverted into hate for Russia and hate for Germany was by Reuters, the Jewish ‘news agency’. Anything which reverses or weakens Jewish lies is to be applauded. I’ll watch for ‘Custodela’ and I hope there are similar new movements in advertising, other news services, TV, radio, think tanks, finance, teaching and academia, and movements to oppose official but treacherous organisations such as the ‘Runnymede Trust’, ‘Rowntree Foundation’ etc ad nauseum.

  3. It isn’t all about the media, as it starts with the government and the EU, who are totally dishonest about what they are doing and we the citizens only learn what they are up to, through our national newspapers, the latest news being 5 million foreigners, living in the UK, which of course is far greater, than what the UK government says. unfortunately we can know longer believe anything our PM says and only find out through our national papers, who are now exposing a great deal more, of what our PM has been covering up, so in the UK, we have our newspapers to thank and of course The New Observer, who keeps us up to date with news in Europe and the USA

  4. This sounds like great idea the real truth about these invaders needs to be spread far and wide. The MSM won’t do it as they are traitors all they do is write how we should feel sorry for these “people” and show us crying children and women. Well they get zero sympathy from me. I want to protect my country, my culture, my way of life and if that is racist then so be it I am a racist and proud.

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