Poland: No 3rd World “Asylum Seekers”

Poland will definitely not be taking in any fake “asylum seekers” from Africa or the Middle East, but will continue to offer shelter to neighboring Ukrainians who are fleeing conflict in that country, new Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has announced.

Speaking in an interview with Polish Television, Morawiecki said his government would “maintain firmly the position that was formed by the [ruling] Law and Justice party before the elections [more than two years ago] that we will not be accepting migrants from North Africa and the Middle East in Poland.”

Poland opposes the mandatory quota system for immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East, but also assists and will provide financial and other assistance to victims of conflict in their host countries and refugee camps, he said.

At the same time, the minister pointed out that Poland was actively participating in “reducing tensions” on the European Union’s eastern borders.

He added that Poland had helped to reduce tensions on the eastern borders of the European Union and adopted tens of thousands of refugees from the east of Ukraine, as well as more than a million Ukrainian labor migrants.

He added that the biggest challenge for the coming year was to improve the quality of health services and improve the health system in Poland. Problems in these areas, he said, had grown worse over the previous ten years, and could not be corrected within a short time.

He added that the main theme of his talks with Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Orban on Wednesday, January 3, would be the strengthening of cooperation between the Visegrad states as well as cooperation with each on issues concerning the European Union.

On Dec. 7, 2017, the European Commission decided to refer Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic to the Court of Justice of the EU “for non-compliance with their legal obligations on relocation.”

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  1. Source usa Anne coulter for ” Third worlds only trash our lands”. (words to that effect) Its true, and evident in every last dying western nation. Despite the Die-versity parties shoved down our throats.

  2. I am glad the only people they are taking in are whites from Ukraine. I think they should help out by bringing in the whites from South Africa and Zimbabwe, or at least giving aide to the whites in South Africa and Zimbabwe to be able to fight back and safeguard Orania. Just some ideas.

    Nevertheless, I am very happy that Eastern Europe wants to stay white and is willing to FIGHT for their people.

  3. The Australian govt still needs to explain to ordinary aussies why they will NOT take in more whites as farmers. 350 applied for asylum, 41 accepted so far. Disgusting.

  4. For a politician in the West to stand up and openly declare that their government will not be accepting any more immigrants from the Middle East and Africa would be unthinkable. If anyone had the balls to do such a thing it would cause uproar with the politician being vilified in the press and parliament. Despite the widespread unhappiness about immigration in Britain this could actually be a vote loser because the masses are conflicted between their deepest desires and the relentless brainwashing about racism.
    Poland is also setting a good example by only accepting asylum seekers from a neighboring country which makes Poland the first safe country for those fleeing from conflict in Ukraine. However, Ukraine is a big country, and Donbass is a small area of it, so I do not believe that those affected by the conflict in Donbass cannot find safety elsewhere in Ukraine. In general no country in the world is a war zone over it’s entire area, so those seeking to avoid conflict rarely have to cross borders to find safety. The fact that they do so on such a large scale demonstrates that economic factors are motivating them rather than a fears for their safety.

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