Chicago Record: 51 Murders in 31 Days

The 70 percent nonwhite city of Chicago set a new record for murder and mayhem in January 2016, clocking up no less than 51 murders and 241 shootings for the month, according to the city’s police department.


According to the police, “gang conflicts and retaliatory violence” are the primary driver of the ongoing violence—meaning that the black and Hispanic gangs are stepping up their internal wars over crime turfs and drugs.

In spite of the obvious fact that the murder and violence rate is almost exclusively the product of the city’s nonwhite population, media coverage such as that in USA Today still focuses on alleged “white racism.

The USA Today report on the record number of black crimes is, for example, immediately followed by a paragraph reading:

But the rise in violence also notably comes as the Chicago Police Department faces increased scrutiny following the court-ordered release of a police video showing a white police officer fatally shooting a black teenager 16 times, and as the department implements changes in how it monitors street stops by officers.

The irrelevancy of that paragraph to the fact that nonwhite crime is destroying the third largest city in America is made even more obvious by the next set of figures the article provides:

– There were 29 murders in Chicago for the month of January 2015, up from 20 murders for the month in 2014.

–  In addition to the spike in killings, the Chicago police department said that it recorded 241 shooting incidents for the month, more than double the 119 incidents recorded last January.

– There were 468 murders in Chicago in 2015, a 12.5 percent increase from the year before.

– There were 2,900 shootings in Chicago in 2015, a 13 percent increase from the year before.

The police department also announced that it has started conducting raids in areas of the city which, it said, “are problematic.”

Of course, by this they mean the least white parts of the city—i.e. the majority of the city.

One raid last week netted 64 arrests, including 40 suspects who are documented gang members, and the seizure of over $200,000 worth of drugs. Police say they also seized 19 weapons in the raid.

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  1. Why on earth waste police time and resources on such mindless criminal trash ?
    Leave them to get on with the killings, conflicts, drug wars etc…..with luck they`ll totally wipe one another out.

  2. Why do young black males find it so easy to kill? I think about this almost everyday, especially when I am watching the morning news and its just picture after picture of black Americans being paraded on my TV screen for one heinous crime or another. Sure there are an occasional white or Latino thrown into the mix, but when you consider that young black males account for about 3 or 4% of our population, shouldn’t they also account for the same amount of violent crime? I’m sick and tired of it being not politically correct to simply ask why.

  3. 157/23 Vienna Declaration and Program of Action. Article 2 All people have a right to self-determination. By that Right they freely determine their political status, and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.
    The liberals should prohibit honkey police from entering the areas controlled by minorities, where the minorities can determine their own Representatives to be sent to Congress, and decide how their own taxes are spent.

    1. So…it’s back to the future with you “Progressive Thinking Liberals”??? If other Races left you to your OWN machinations, there would be NO NFL, NBA, WNBA, free College Scholarships-without EVER attending a class, just like I witnessed in College, you and your Jock Hawk Females-gee, the more I write the more I LIKE this. No Food Stamps, no Planned Parenthood, no Democrat-built-and-operated “Instant Ghettoes” like Cabrini Green, of course prevalent and having already RUINED at LEAST 50 Major (Bankrupt) U.S. Cities ruled by Black Mayors for the BETTER part of the last 60 years. Now-what was it you and the other two thumbs-up idiots under your Post want??? P.S. You wouldn’t even NEED P.P. or Abortions if your Race had a two-parent family with a little bit of something called old-fashioned “Tough Love”, for a change.

  4. Yep, thanks to OUTSTANDING Contributions to Chicago Society and to the Education of countless Black Youths, we have THE GREAT Karen Lewis, President of the Chicago School District Teachers Union, saying her USUAL intelligent things, like she said about ten days ago when, apparently, Mayor “Bimbo” Rahm Emmanuel said no Raises for Teachers this time around (May I point out that the 3RD LARGEST City in the U.S.A. IS JUST UNDER $1BB in DEBT) Karen spouts off with a “…then we are at WAR!!” Anyone like me who heard just the tail end of this story thought briefly that Martial Law had been declared in Chicago. Combine this with the APX. 1,900 Arrest Warrants the Democrat Bimbos in Ferguson, MO., tore up, PLUS the APX. 4,900 Arrest Warrants the City of Baltimore tore up…the BAD of African American Society thinks they are untouchable, just like (what must be by now) their “Closet Criminal” buddies, ISIS knows, thanks to President Ovomit, that they can get away with ANYTHING, including murder.

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