New Study on Starting Date of Ancient Egypt Highlights Racial Divisions in Civilizational Development

yuya-mummystoryA new study based on radiocarbon measurements from more than 100 samples of hair, bones, and plants found at burial sites from Ancient Egypt has more precisely identified the start date of that civilization while highlighting the racial divisions in civilizational development.

The study, titled “An absolute chronology for early Egypt using radiocarbon dating and Bayesian statistical modeling,” and conducted by a team under by Oxford University’s Michael Dee, was printed in the latest edition of the British journal Proceedings of the Royal Society.

According to the study, the time of the first kingdom of ancient Egypt took place between 3111 BC and 3045 BC.

“This finding accentuates a contrast with neighboring southwest Asia, where the transition from cereal production to state formation took somewhere between four and five millennia,” the study said, then pointedly making the remark that this “reinforces the suggestion that, despite their geographical proximity, prehistoric societies in Africa and Asia followed very different trajectories to political centralization.”

In other words, despite close contact with the ancient Egyptian civilizations, the neighboring Africans and “Asia” (by which is meant Egypt’s Semitic neighbors) did not influence the rate of development of those races.

The racial origins of the ancient Egyptians have been subjected to all manner of distortions during the past 60 years. Prior to that time, it was taken for granted that the original Egyptians were Caucasian, based on artistic depictions, and skeletal remains of mummies, all of whom showed clear European racial features (image alongside: Yuya, Egyptian nobleman from 1400 BC, father of Tiy, the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep III).

During the past few decades however, increasingly absurd claims have been made by Afrocentrists that ancient Egypt was created by blacks, while others have claimed a mysterious “other race” origin.

These Afrocentrist arguments suffered a severe setback when it was revealed that famous pharaoh Tutankhamen’s DNA is European, and is one of the most common Western European Y Chromosomes to this day.

Further reading on race and ancient Egypt here.

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  1. It would have been an intesting and informative column if it wasn’t for the mixing-of-races in the Real World of Immigration today.

    Here, now and being realistic, one can only ask ‘so what’?

    1. You are saying that the thrust of the article is interesting but but irrelevant in light of today’s wide open immigration. This defeatist attitude is all too common among people of European heritage today. I never hear Chinese or Indians or Arabs speak like this. This attitude is created by having too much comfort in your life and living in the city. You need to be exposed to nature and do some manly labor such as hacking down some trees. This information should make white people more vigilant in the struggle to survive as a separate race because we have more to lose than any other race. If whites cease to exist, high civilization itself will cease to exist.

    2. In practice the races don’t actually mix today in the western world – they coexist separately watching their own Satellite home TV, cheap phones and flights home and ethnic shops and living zones. Western world is just getting more crowded, more unpleasant with rising crime and more in debt paying for immigrants who will never work. The gene pools remain mostly separate.

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