New US$47.5m Million Museum to Showcase White European Music Planned

music-musuemA new US$47.5m museum to showcase the contributions of white people to music in America and around the world is to be opened in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2013, it has been announced.

Did that headline shock you? Did you think “how could they do such a racist thing?”

If it did, consider this: there is going to be a museum devoted to a race’s contribution to music, but it certainly won’t be for white Europeans.

According to a news report published by Leisure Media Digital, which published a range of industry magazines for the leisure industry, a new “US$47.5m national attraction examining the heritage of African American music is being planned for Nashville, US, with a proposed opening date of 2013.

“The National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) is to focus on the impact of African Americans on contemporary music in the US, with roots in around 50 genres,” the report gushes on.

“It had been proposed that the attraction would also cover art and culture under the banner of the Museum of African American Art, Music and Culture, but its focus has been redefined.

“NMAAM will provide 16,000sq ft (1,486sq m) of floorspace for temporary and permanent exhibits; a 215-seat performance hall; a reading room; and community classrooms.

“Other planned features include a 64ft (19.5m) Tower of Impact to symbolise the National Civil Rights Act of 1964, as well as a museum shop and boutique café.”

The report goes on to quote NMAAM executive director Paul Roberts as saying that that “NMAAM will encompass musical distinctions that reinforce the impact of African Americans across the country and around the world.”

This is a perfect example of the distortion which the ruling elite’s “white guilt” and anti-white racism in America and Europe has encouraged.

The appearance of a museum devoted exclusively to promoting black culture is welcomed and supported, but a museum devoted to white culture would instantly be dismissed as racist or worse.

This is the same rationale which has allowed the creation of Black Police Officers’ Associations (which are encouraged) but which would probably outlaw the creation of a White Police Officers’ Association.

Anti-white political correctness is one of the greatest problems confronting the west today, and all efforts must be directed towards breaking its stranglehold for once and for all.

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