New Wave of Invader Attacks Rocks Austria

A new wave of nonwhite invader-refugee attacks upon whites has rocked Austria, and have included sex attacks and other assaults in Innsbruck, Mödling, and Kremsmuenster in Upper Austria.

The ever-increasing refugee violence in Austria is expected to play a significant role in the outcome of the presidential election rerun set for December 4—in favor of the anti-invasion candidate, Norbert Hofer.


The formerly tranquil town of Innsbruck.

According to the Kurier newspaper, an 18-year-old invader-refugee from Somalia has been arrested for breaking into the University Hospital of Innsbruck and trying to rape a 29-year-old female patient.

The woman managed to ward off the attacker and attract the attention of a passing nurse, who pulled the Somali off his victim and detained him until police arrived. The nonwhite has been locked up in the local prison awaiting trial.

Another attack happened at a special care institute in Mödling, Lower Austria. In that attack a 19-year-old invader-refugee from Afghanistan burst into a clinic room where a psychologist was attending another patient.
The nonwhite grabbed the psychologist and threatened to cut her throat and behead her. The police were called, and after a fight, the invader was subdued and taken to a prison in Wiener Neustadt.

In Kremsmuenster, Upper Austria, a group of Austrians—two adults and ten children—were attacked by two refugee-invaders from Afghanistan while on a nighttime tour of the Hofwiese park in the town center.

The invaders, who claimed to be aged 15 and 17, but are most likely older, attacked the group for no apparent reason, although robbery was a possible motive.

The Austrian man, aged 43, fought back, and was able to physically subdue the nonwhites, even though his wife suffered spinal injuries and another of their party, a 15-year-old, received a serious blow to the face and suffered a bruised jaw.

All the injured were treated at a local hospital, and the two nonwhites were arrested and charged with assault.

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    1. It was evident after the first election that Austria is split down the middle. That split corresponds to the people who have direct contact with the invaders and those (especially in Vienna) who still live in a socialist utopia dream world. The latter group do not understand the nature of the beast any more than they comprehend the scale of the problem.

      Events since the first attempt can only help Hofer’s side to win.

  1. And it is only going to get worse…

    159 MILLION to come to Europe by 2025, according to

    “Project white genocide the dark agenda of Count Coudenhave Kalergi ”

    Also worth reading

    ” The moronification of western man:are we becoming more stupid? ”

    Which quotes this website…

    1. The emasculation of Western man would be more accurate.
      There are still too many people who are looking towards so called leaders to solve this. Even those within the Nationalist movement are waiting for a leader to appear that will unite the various groups who will then direct the various groups. Many who comment on the Express online articles can see the Muslim being dangled in front of their eyes but (refuse) cannot see the Jewish hand that dangles him.
      Things will continue this way until European man realises that he must act decisively for his folk as all others have failed him or betrayed him, hoodwinked him and are now relying on him to continue waiting for help that will never come. Once that personal realisation has been swallowed and digested, then we may stand a chance.

  2. Most of the EU has been invaded and turned into a third world garbage dump. Law and order has broken down, trash in the streets, tent cities lining streets in Paris and other cities, is the norm. Crime rampant and out of control. Tourist revenue will grind to a stop if not already. Several I know cancelled last summer going over there. Jihadists will rise on command from their leaders and the EU will fall under Muslim rule some say this winter that people will be thrown out of their houses on the streets, and Muslims will move in with their relatives crammed into houses. Euro folks won’t react, even care or understand, because of the nihilism disease and not taught history or values from their elders..

    1. Good luck to all those struggling to get their children to understand the realities of mass immigration and the looming hideous future of the West.
      Children are indoctrinated from the very start at primary level, continuing through to leaving education.
      Goverment workers appear to be either oblivious or too scared to raise their head above the parapet.
      It`s an uphill struggle trying to engage them in debate. You`re either scoffed at or advised to stop using the internet because ` the info is rubbish ` or `you don`t understand` each item said in a patronising tone.
      The great and the good and the so-called elite have had years of preparation brainwashing our kids while we plebs were kept in the dark.
      We plebs are now reaping the Coudenhove-Kalergi whirlwind.

      1. My mom just said today that I could not trust the articles on this site. No… What I can’t trust is liberal leftists who are selling us out as much as “those who must not be named”! This site is great!

    2. ” Jihadists will rise on command from their leaders and the EU will fall under Muslim rule some say this winter that people will be thrown out of their houses on the streets, and Muslims will move in with their relatives crammed into houses. ”
      Its certainly something that can eventually happen and all it would take to make it really bad would be for some third party to bring in weapons for the invaders. Better start contemplating how your going to deal with that kind of scenario should it arise. Youve got a standing army of invaders in your countries.

      1. Bob: I think weapons are smuggled in (since no Euro nation has borders anymore) and hidden in mosques. Several mosques were invaded in France, weapons found awhile back. European nihilists let it get this far, they won’t do squat even if their women and girls are taken at the front door (males are cowards), a Muslim regime will be the end game with conversions or executions incl Euro leaders.( Legacy of Jihad by A. Bostom)

      2. Would of laughed at this a couple of years ago, not now there is every possibility of something like this happening we have been completely stitched up by our own governments .

  3. Is this the religion of peace in action again, when is the Austrian government going to stand up for its citizens and start deporting these thugs, the more they give to these illegals the more than think we are weak so they ask for more and more and always get what they ask for, its a disgrace.

    1. I agree with you 100% but I would say when is the whole of Europe going to wake up and put its citizens first Europe should be as one on this not fragmented.

  4. It seems even if muslims and africans rape and murder millions of whites, people would just continue to turn a blind eye and keep bringing more in. France is turning into a s/hole, will the french vote for Le Penn next year?

    1. Christine: Euro folks never taught their kids values or history for several generations, gov schools and gov controlled churches are used to spread the disease of nihilism and new age agendas. Euro folks cannot think critically if they even have a brain to think with, is the Q.

      1. Yes, completely agree with you and the schooling system is only focused on political correctness and training obedient working Euro-Folk slaves that uphold their slave system while it sucks the life energy out of them.

    2. Lets hope so, never classed myself as right wing but I must be as I seem to fit the agenda [shock, horror] you know vote for UKIP and all that, when all I want is hope for my grandchildren.

  5. Your government won’t help, they are completely brainwashed and living in some 1960s socialist fantasy. It’s up to the people.

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