New Wave of 300,000 Invaders Coming

European Union (EU) leaders and the controlled press have deliberately covered up a warning from the Greek foreign minister Nikos Kotsias that a brand new wave of over 300,000 nonwhite invaders has just started their trek from camps in Jordan and Lebanon—as the United Nations announced that a record official 218,000 invaders entered Europe in October alone.


Kotsias made the warning last week during a press conference with his German counterpart, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, held in Athens on Thursday October 29—but controlled media outlets blacked out his comments completely, with the sole exception of the Russian Sputnik News (the former Pravda news service).

As Sputnik News reported, Kotsias said that at least another 300,000 invaders from camps in Jordan and Lebanon had started moving two days previously (this means they started on their journey on October 26) after the United Nations (UN) aid agencies supplying the refugees with cash had effectively run out of money.

According to Kostias, there are three million “refugees” housed in temporary shelters who had each been supplied with US $150 per month upon which to live. The collapse of the UN financing scheme meant that this figure had now been cut to $13 per month.

Kostais’s warning came just three days before the UN’s High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) announced that the official number of “refugees” who have entered Europe via the Mediterranean Sea in October alone had reached 218,000.

This “official figure” is an underestimate, of course, as only a fraction of the invaders are actually registered as they storm over Europe’s borders in a rush to parasite off the welfare handouts promised by EU leaders such as Angela Merkel and others.

It is also another controlled media lie to refer to these invaders as “refugees.” According to the UN’s own definition of a refugee, as contained in the 1951 Refugee Convention, none of these invaders are “refugees,” because they are already in safe countries—and have been so for months, if not years.

There is therefore no justification for anyone entering Europe from Jordan or Lebanon to claim that they are “refugees” because they are already in “safe” countries.

This applies to genuine refugees from Syria—and most certainly also to the dozens of other nationalists (from Pakistanis to Nigerians) who are taking advantage of the Merkel “open doors” offer, who have zero claim to “asylum” under any rule.

For example, from Afghanistan comes a report that so many Afghanis are applying for passports in order to be able to leave their country, that the government’s passport office in Kabul has suffered mechanical breakdowns with its passport printing machines.


Passport application queue in Kabul, Afghanistan, October 2015.

A country that can actually still issue passports—which citizens need to leave the country and then to cross dozens of safe countries before invading Europe—is hardly a state which qualifies as a “refugee producing area.” In fact, most of these passports are thrown away by the Afghans as soon as they reach Europe, and they then claim to the “Syrians.”

The complete anonymity of these invaders has also opened the door wide for Islamist infiltration of Europe. A report in Die Welt newspaper, for example, revealed the German Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Police, or BKA), is currently on the trail of at least ten “asylum seekers” from Syria who are confirmed members of Islamist terrorist organizations or who were involved in war crimes in Syria, including murder and torture.

A BKA spokesman confirmed to that newspaper that they are currently investigating “around 100” other similar cases, including one of an invader who has already moved on to Holland, where his case has been brought to the attention of the Dutch authorities.

The BKA’s attempts to keep a lid on nonwhite invader criminality, violence, and now potential terrorists, is being serious hampered by the fact that only 40 or 50 percent of the invaders are registered after their arrival, as admitted today by German Deputy Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel.

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  1. Invitation from Mutti Merkel was received extremely well by all parasites and now this old bag is constantly repeating like mantra that “we have to solve this problem together” – I’m shocked that she wasn’t ousted yet … Germans are way too patient!

  2. I unDerstand that 50% of the German govt? is now against MUTTA MERKEL
    Also at least 70% of the Germans.
    Have you noticed she has gone quiet lately.
    Her days are numbered.

  3. Mainstream medias like to call them refugees but those: Eritreans, Jordanians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Afghans etc they did escape from what? Syria is war zone but not entirely so it can be understandable but other non whites are not refugee…they’re rapefugees.

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