Nice Terror: The Witches Brew

The latest terrorist attack in Nice, France, has been caused by the witches’ brew of radical Islam, mass Third World immigration into Europe—and the European establishment’s military interference in the Middle East.

The Nice terrorist has been identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a 31-year-old Muslim, born in Tunisia, but who had “moved” to France, taking advantage of the establishment’s decades-long pro-Third World immigration policies.

In common with large numbers of Third Worlders in Europe, this legal immigrant quickly turned to a life of crime, and was “well-known” to the police in Nice after several arrests for robbery and violence.


As the controlled media focuses on the shocking details of the attack, it is valuable to consider why these attacks are taking place.

The first ingredient in this volatile mix is Islam’s inherent nature.

Despite the controlled media—and the political establishment’s—insistence that Islam is a “religion of peace,” the historical facts show otherwise.

It is a simple fact that ever since its creation in the mid seventh century AD, violent Muslims have been trying to capture Europe for Islam.

In fact, even Mecca—the supposed capital of Islam—was seized by military force by Mohammed and his followers. Egypt, North Africa, the Middle East, Turkey—all the nations which today are regarded as “Muslim” were in fact Christian states which were overrun and invaded by violent Muslims over the course of centuries.

The Muslim hordes also militarily invaded Europe—Spain, Italy, and the Balkans. Muslim armies were only turned back from conquering all of Western Europe in the year 732 AD, when the invading nonwhite Islamic army was defeated by Frankish leader Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours.

Eastern Europe was occupied by the Muslim invaders for nearly 1,000 years after the Ottomans seized Constantinople, and were only prevented from invading all of Europe by their defeat at the battle of Vienna in 1683.

Today, however, the Islamic invasion is not being carried out with sieges, scimitars, or cannon, but rather by immigration, birth rates, and demographics—encouraged and supported by the current ruling European political class.

The secondary cause of attacks such as the one in Nice is the fact that the establishment politicians have actively promoted mass Third World immigration over a number of decades.

With particular reference to Tunisians, it is worth pointing out that according to the official statistics (Répartition de la Communauté tunisienne à l’étranger, 2012, OTE), there were at least 1,032,412 Tunisians living in Europe as of 2012.

Doubtless that figure has increased since then, and it does not include their descendants who were born in Europe, nor does it include the masses of illegal immigrants and other swindlers pretending to be refugees.

This is how the Nice terrorist entered France—through perfectly legal, establishment-promoted policies.


The third cause of these incidents is the fact that numerous Western European governments—all being directed by the ubiquitous Jewish lobby—have consistently interfered in Middle Eastern politics on behalf of Israel.

This policy has served to incite the entire Muslim world against Europeans, and has added “justification” to their already historically-proven desire to conquer the Kafir “unbelievers.”

In this way, France in particular has taken part in the “civil war” in Syria on the side of the “moderate” rebels (while supporting the European Union boycott of the only genuinely anti-terrorist state in the region—Syria).

In addition, France took part in the bombing of Libya and the destruction of the Gadhafi regime (which in turn opened the floodgates for the cross-Mediterranean seaborne African invasion of Europe)—and has consistently supported Israel in the face of that nation’s conflict with the Palestinians.

The insanity of thinking that Muslims in Europe will peacefully accept French and British military intervention—which has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of followers of Islam—is possibly the best indication of the mental instability and grand delusion of the European political ruling class.

Ultimately, attacks such as has happened in Nice can only be stopped by the halting—and reversal—of all Third World immigration.

Simply put, if there are no Third Worlders present in Europe, they cannot carry out terrorist attacks on the Continent.

Secondly, European nations will only avoid being blamed for Israel when they implement a neutral Middle Eastern foreign policy—something which will only happened when the Jewish lobby is overthrown in those states.

Once these two steps have been taken, the only remaining problem will be Islam’s inherently violent nature—and that is something which can be left to those majority Muslim states to deal with.

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  1. You nailed the truth when you said “Jewish lobby”. They are the not-so-hidden-hand who totally control the West. The USA, UK, France etc… governments are ALL under Zio control! The Zio’s are the REAL warmongers causing the chaos and WE take the blowback! Something MUST CHANGE, and VERY SOON!

    1. Gilad Atzmon warns another holocaust is coming. Because the Zionist lobby cannot change their behaviour. And the internet educates people as to their pernicious behaviour. Unlike earlier times it cant be hidden any longer.

  2. Supposedly, France ‘stopped’ ‘all primary immigration’ way way back in 1974, in the wake of the oil crisis and the general slowdown of economic growth.

    The terrorist was born in, Tunisia,1985 or 1984, at least a decade after the ‘ban’ came into force.

    Politicians lie and lie and lie about immigration.

  3. This deliberate infliction of terror and chaos was predicted in the notorious Protocols. Strong men faint at their mention and few people dare incur the predictable anti-semitism label – but I’m one female who doesn’t care about labels any more.

    Call me a raaacist, a homophobe, an islamophobe, a xenophobe – and I don’t care. In fact, I accept such labels as badges of honour. Why? Because my critics have no cogent arguments if all they can do is stupidly label me.

    The whole point of the Protocols is that there was an edition deposited in the British Museum well BEFORE the tsar was overthown. It really doesn’t matter who wrote them – Jews or Tsarists – the point is that a group hellbent on global government did write them and the plan IS being implemented. They talk about instigating economic crises; undermining religion; corrupting the young; controlling the press; distracting the masses with “amusements, games, pastimes, passions, people’s palaces”; pornography; countering both the Russian aristocracy and the Catholic Church (they’ve suceeded in the latter); and dumbing down education.

    They speak of implementing ‘terror’ via the capitals’ undergrounds. Surely no 19th century European would have had any understanding of what that meant.

    Tick, tick, tick … we’re almost there, aren’t we?

    Where? It’s up to you Europeans. Fight for your civilization or cede Europe to Islam. I wouldn’t wish the latter on my daughter.

  4. Once you become de-sensitised over this sort of murder by Muslims which now happens on a regular basis, you become more objective. Consider this, whilst all the leaders Worldwide are now broadcast condemning the actions of the Muslim terrorist “they (the terrorists) will never win”, they are themselves for sure, at exactly the same time, permitting more and more Muslims into their countries. Hypocrisy or lies or just plain stupidity? If they truly believed in their condemnation, they would quite simply, as Trump suggests, immediately ‘Stop allowing Muslims into the country until we figure out what’s going on’. The answer to ‘…what’s going on….” is in the Quran variously phrased. ONE example is:
    ‘And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter… and fight them until fitnah is no more, and religion is for Allah.’ — Quran 2:191
    Then ask yourself, ‘Why in God’s name allow these violent warmongers into the Western World?’ The only answer to that I’m afraid, is that your country’s leader, a puppet to the Globalists, and all the rest have already subscribed to the Islamification of the World, odd acts of terrorism is merely seen as, ‘bumps in the road’.

    1. Exactly EU elite, Hollande, Merkel, Junker, Torys etc all need to be purged and jailed, their ill gotten wealth confiscated to pay for the mess theyve made, followed by patriots put in their places, then repatriation of all the invaders and the dismantling of all mosques and banning of Islam

  5. Once again Hollande reassures us this was nothing to do with religion.
    How do such political halfwits get to hold high office? They`ve obviously not a brain between the lot of them if they imagine we swallow this bilge every time there`s another atrocity.
    Another case of “Tell a lie often enough and it becomes politics.”

  6. My condolences to the French people. Hollow head hollande, beserkel merkel junk head junckers etc should all be tried as war criminals to how they are
    destroying Europe. Make Victor Orban one of the few with any common as the EU’s head. What horrible tragedy. Think of all the white lives sacrificed to make Europe a great continent and slowly being destroyed. I’m calling for a white uprising.

  7. The Zionists control the script.Its all Hollywood to these deceivers.Power continues to gravitate to their control grid.Read Bryzynski book on Technocracy to see exactly where they are going with this project.

  8. Re: “Eastern Europe was occupied by the Muslim invaders for nearly 1,000 years after the Ottomans seized Constantinople…” Does the author mean places such as Ukraine, Russia (the European part), Finland and partly Sweden and Norway (the latter three in North-Eastern Europe) have been occupied by “Muslim invaders” since 1453 and will remain so until 2453?

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