“No Child Left Behind” Delusion Collapses in Chicago

The reality of race and IQ has undone more than a decade’s intensive efforts—costing the US taxpayers untold millions—in the greater Chicago area with the news that the latest National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) report has shown a widening racial performance gap.


According to the 2013 NAEP report, known in America as the “Nation’s Report Card” the performance gap between Chicago’s black and white students and between its poorest students and their wealthier classmates—continues to widen.

The George W. Bush presidency ordered the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001 which contained a special aid program for “disadvantaged students” based on the idea that “setting high standards and establishing measurable goals can improve individual outcomes in education.”

According to the new data, black Chicago Public Schools (CPS) students fell further behind whites in three of four key measures.

“To close the achievement gap, CPS will continue to invest our efforts in identifying and supporting students of all backgrounds who have fallen behind their peers, ensuring that every child in every community in Chicago is prepared for college, career and life,” CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett said in a statement.

The CPS has identified four priority groups that have become the focus for improvement: blacks, Latinos, students learning English and those with disabilities.

The gap in fourth-grade math test scores between black and white students in Chicago widened to 40 points—the largest gap since the national study began in 2003, and significantly wider than the 31-point racial gap in the average major US city.

Though the average white student was graded as “proficient” with “solid academic performance” in fourth-grade math, the average black student was just over the threshold for “basic” understanding, or a “partial mastery” at that stage, according to the report.

About 8,000 CPS students participated in the test, which is administered every two years.

According to all major studies, blacks in America have an average IQ of around 85, higher than for their racial compatriots in Africa (where the average IQ is 65). The higher black IQ in America is largely the result of white or Hispanic admixture, but is still more than a dozen points below the white national average.

Certain groups of Asians living in America have an even higher average IQ than whites, and this IQ hierarchy explains the differing scholastic achievements—and undoes all artificial attempts such as “no child left behind” to close it.

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  1. We need to send all the black in America back to Africa, beginning with blacks in prison. Let’s give them an opportunity to prove they can build a middle class civilization on their own initiative.

    1. The nation of Liberia was established by emancipated black slaves and failed dismally. The end of colonial rule in Africa has been a disaster for the majority of impoversihed blacks. The West has been replaced by the global and colonial UN. White governance in Africa was far better than anything falling out of the UN’s arse.

  2. Some children were left behind but others succeeded. I can think of one 52-year-old youth in particular by the name of Daykwandrius that can now read some words after graduating Junior High School.

  3. IQ is largely a function of education and socioeconomic status. Look at Japan, place is a homogenous, protective society with a large middle class–no child is left behind there; however, what was the last thing a Japanese person created? IQ only captures so much.

    The real reason IQ has been decreasing in the U.S. is the increase of poverty, third-world people, and decrease in jobs and the populations’ socioeconomic status. And, as an educator, I can tell you “No Child Left Behind” was a snack oil program to siphon-off tax dollars into private equity, yes many Jews behind it. However, the attack on public ed has resonance among the whole (very narrow) ideological spectrum of the ruling class, the Jews just being more rapacious and crass given it’s just Gentile kids, most Jewish kids in their social circle going to expensive, elite (former WASP) prep schools.

    1. You seem to be confusing several issues. [1] Getting a degree from a once-prestigious organisation is no proof of skill or competence. [2] Races can be considered as units, with their own internal distributions of various characteristics. There’s no particular reason that ‘socioeconomic status’ should be similar or analogous in different races, because they developed in different circumstances. Africa was a difficult environment in the sense it has an easy life in some ways (e.g. crops grow fast) but difficult in others (the warm climate encourages such things as locusts, tsetse flies, guinea worm, poisonous snakes). There was not much evolutionary pressure for brains in Africa, as a result. You are mistaken in considering yourself an ‘educator’.

  4. Blacks in all countries have a distinct genetic disadvantage. Their brains are 16%smaller than people of European descent. This leads to a larger proportion of people with subnormal IQ scores. The distribution is a bell curve as with all groups, but this subset of blacks has a deficit in abstract mathematics as well as problem solving skills. Add to these issues poverty and malnutrition and the outcome is quite dismal. Many young black Americans also have substance abuse issues that further damage the brain and encourage poor parenting of their offspring. All populations have their share of low and high member scores. While No individual’s potential can be identified by race alone, some groups do have a lower midpoint range and therefore a larger number of subnormal members. All positive supports are helpful but we can only boost iq levels to the degree the brain involved can accommodate.

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