No Invader “2nd Economic Miracle”

The president of Germany’s largest economic research unit has admitted that the mass nonwhite invader invasion of Germany will not produce the oft-touted “second economic miracle”—and that the “refugees” cost far more than they ever will produce.

Speaking in an interview with the Bild newspaper, Clemens Fuest, president of the Leibniz Institute for Economic Research at the University of Munich (Ifo Institute) said that “refugee” employment now stood at 32,000 in Germany.

This means that around 2 percent of the 1.5 million nonwhite invaders who entered Germany last year are actually working—and the remaining 1,499,970 are parasiting off the German taxpayers.


This figure is barely changed from a few months ago when the German government’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) released similar figures.

As pointed out that the time, even these “jobs” were for the most part, artificially-created, meaningless “work” invented by the German government especially for the invaders.

Fuest admitted to the Bild that they “still do not know” if the invaders will ever be able to work at all.

“They often have no professional qualifications. The education systems in their countries of origin are often very weak, and they lack even basic knowledge. One should not expect too much, and it is not easy to get people into teaching and to keep them there,” Fuest said.

At the height of the 2015 invasion, many leftist German politicians—and even the head of the Daimler corporation, Dieter Zetsch—predicted that the refugee influx would spark off a “second German economic miracle,” or Wirtschaftswunder.

Second miracle

This phrase had its origin in the remarkable economic recovery of Germany after the end of the Second World War—and deluded Germans such as Zetsch  actually believed that importing 73-IQ Middle Easterners was going to “boost” the German economy.

Needless to say, the controlled media all repeated these Wirtschaftswunder claims ad infinitum in their campaign to justify the invasion—but now harsh reality has set in.

As Fuest told Bild, the “many optimistic predictions of last year have now been reviewed. There will be no ‘second economic miracle’ caused by the refugees.”

He added that it was difficult to put an exact figure on the “costs and revenues” of the invasion, but, he said, it was obvious that the “refugees are clearly receiving more benefits than they pay in taxes.”

The same Bild article also quoted German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière as admitting that the nonwhite terrorist threat existed even before the mass invasion of 2015—in other words, that the promotion of Third World immigration had already set the stage for the murderous destabilization of Germany.

De Maizière said that the “terrorist threat existed long ago, for example, in the so-called hit teams who have come from abroad to attack us.”

Furthermore, he pointed out, the refugee-terrorists who carried out the recent attacks in Würzburg and Ansbach came to Germany as “refugees” before the mass invasion of 2015.


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  1. ‘The president of Germany’s largest economic research unit has admitted that the mass nonwhite invader invasion of Germany will not produce the oft-touted “second economic miracle”—and that the “refugees” cost far more than they ever will produce.”

    And does this president of the economic research unit get paid to come up with this statement which we all knew from day one? Or is his job for the most part, artificially-created, meaningless “work” invented by the German government also.

    1. This whole exercise just proves that on the most part Germans are just plain stupid and need a desperate overhaul of their education system LOL

    1. These are not the German Intelligence but rather people in place approved by masonic/ Rotarian etc. networking. There are infected by the Jewish Frankfurt School Ideas.

    2. Why did people tick this stupid anti-French comment? The French has problems, like Britain and the rest of Europe, and it’s not obvious their efforts are any worse. They also have a layer of parasites ruining them. It’s disappointing that a serious site should attract clowns.

  2. When a leftist-liberal policy works out contrary to what was advertised, why does it never get repealed and undone?

    Back in 1965, when the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 was under debate in the US Congress, its sponsors and boosters (people such as Ted Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, William Proxmire and others) swore up and down that it would not alter the ethnic composition of the USA’s population. It has in fact brought about a massive change in the racial composition of the US – from white to nonwhite – and I am certain that is precisely what it was intended to do. My point is that it worked the opposite of what was promised, yet it remains in force.

    Hussein Obama promised us that his healthcare scheme would bring health insurance premiums for a family down by an average of $2,500 per year. I knew it was a lie. In fact it has caused premiums to skyrocket, with more of this forecast. By now it was forecast that there would be 24 million enrollees – in fact there are 11.1 million. Husseincare insurance exchanges, one by one, have been collapsing. Husseincare has not worked as advertised, and yet this curse is still with us.

    And now what we knew was coming in Germany – namely that this Middle-Eastern riff-raff have all the job skills of a monkey – has been clearly revealed. We knew they came to Germany for welfare, sex and jihad. Yet our intelligence was grossly insulted by all these leftists and beard-scratching professors telling us the Middle Easterners would cause the German economy to take off like a rocket. Will they be sent back since all the promises in their favor have turned out to be wrong?

  3. The fault lies with white merkill policy. She is importing extremism to destroy europe for her fourth reich project. Its a case of white against white using nonwhite as a tool. The whites in europe has never been united, not in history, now or in the future.

  4. What can one say to this report other than it was always obvious ,the plan was always to smash the white ethnic population of europe/britain/australia etc.Just listen to barbara spectre on youtube.Now this can only happen if the police /military serve with their usual blind subservience remember the ”leaders” are few in number and are in reality powerless without these people who are putting their own families in jeopardy by obeying.It remains to be seen how this will play out ,will the people of european descent fight or give in to a third world invasion…..terry

  5. I’m looking forward to the reaction when the taxes rise as a direct result or, as in the UK, public services are cut to the bone.

    1. It is always the fault of an “ageing population, living longer”, and never the rising immigrant problem, third generation ethnics breeding like flies, or the high number of mixed race black fathers, white mothers, eh. Always fudged. NHS stretched to the core because of all those old buggers, eh. Sickening.

      1. Apparently, Ste-G, immigrants/refugees don’t get ill and therefore don’t visit GP’s and Hospital Emergency departments (sorry, forgot – they do visit their own dedicated clinics to get FGM reversed/put right). Anyway, you’re right, it’s all down to the ‘old git’s’ like me and perhaps the.
        But I see it as a new phenomenon: ‘Dumbing Down’. Think of it this way – we know, see, feel the deterioration in public services particularly the NHS. We hear and some witness, the now regular closure of GP’s surgeries and hospital Emergency Units. We also know that the past thirty or forty years have seen a general slide in everthing to a Third World status within the UK. We complain. But put yourself in the position of one of the many immigrants arriving from Third World countries: they can’t believe their luck – as our experience worsens; theirs improves. Nothing like making the New ‘British’ feel at home. I’ll really start squealing when I have to walk 10 miles every day to fill my water containers!

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